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A Merry Christmas-Eve to all! While it is safe to snus and drive, drinking and driving definitely don't mix. Have a designated driver. Watch out for others who aren't as responsible as you, too.

In the Dallas area, many drunk drivers get on the highway going in the wrong direction. They stay in what they think is the right lane but is in reality the left lane for people driving the highway or tollway in the correct direction. So don't drive in the left lane tonight: we have too many fatal high-speed head-on collisions here between sober drivers driving in the correct direction in the left lane and drunk drivers going the wrong way in the left lane, thinking it's the right lane. Be safe!

But now lets talk about Snus, some Snus News, some surprising Snus Reviews on General Ekstra Sterk, Grovsnus Svart, Claq Qui; among others and!


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Tuesday, 02 December 2008 11:44

SAFETY: Swedish Snus versus American Snus

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General Sterk SnusFor those of you who prefer snus with a higher nicotine content (known as Strong, Stark, or Sterk snus), the two most popular brands available to date have been the Nick and Johnny Original or the Skruf Stark. Both come in regular portions although inside sources at both companies tell me a not to be surprised to see White Portions of each in the not too distant future.........

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1847 SnusThis month, I decided to mix things up a little bit. General White Portion has been my snus of choice for quite some time along with Göteborgs Rape'.

Lately, though, I've been finding myself a little bored. Unlike cigarette smokers, where (I at least) pretty much settle on a brand and stay with it for years, snus users have the occasional need to switch off to something new. Then when they ultimately come back to their former favorites, it's a new experience again.

Instead of the General White Portion, I bought a roll of Philip Morris 1847 White Portion (that's right, Philip Morris: makers of Marlboro "snus"...and don't think that didn't make me a little nervous!)


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Friday, 24 October 2008 16:56

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From the USA to the EU and beyond, strategies and legislation are in play which will DRAMATICALLY change YOUR RIGHT to use discreet, extremely "reduced harm", containing no nicotine up to high nicotine Swedish Snus. (all regulated for over 30 years as a Food Product under Swedish Law).

The Anti-All-Tobacco Zealots are not stopping with cigarettes
.  They're going after ALL Tobacco products (except cigars).  They don't care if you like the taste of tobacco.   They don't care that you're nicotine addicted (nicotine is more addictive than heroin, you know). They don't care that Big American Tobacco not only manipulates nicotine levels to keep you addicted to cigarettes and "American Snus", but.....sugar!

They don't care that DOCTORS are using Swedish Snus as a Smoking Cessation tool!  No, they hate everyone who uses ANY tobacco product (except cigars) even when, in the case of Swedish/TRUE Swedish Style Snus, it has no effect on them whatsoever and, again, is 98% safer than cigarettes for current smokers!

You'd know that if you were a Member of You'd know in detail the Why's, the How's, and the Motivations of all parties involved. You wouldn't wake up one morning and suddenly discover not only cigarettes, but SWEDISH SNUS was Banned in the USA like other uninformed, or misinformed (often deliberately) tobacco users.

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