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Swedish Match North America (SMNA) is dramatically expanding the availability of ZYN nt tobacco-free nicotine pouch products into the western United States.  Three questions come immediately to mind:  1) What the hell is ZYN, 2) If ZYN is tobacco-free but has nicotine, why is Swedish Match making it? and 3)  As a Swedish Match snus user, why should I be interested in ZYN nt?

Fortunately, I am now in position to answer those questions and more.....

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Snus causes cancer?  Here we go again.  Yvette Brazier writing for anti-tobacco Medical News Today published yet another biased article with cherry-picked data, gaping information holes, and fuzzy logic attempting to show snus causes cancer.

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Tuesday, 08 September 2015 10:14

Snus Shake-up at Swedish Match!

Swedish Snus giant Swedish Match is making some major changes to it's snus line-up for 2015.  There will be new snus products starting this week and some current snuses will be delisted.  Here's what we know so far.....

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Today marks the Grand Opening of the latest Swedish Match snus store in Gothenburg. It joins the original in Stockholm and store in Strömstad as showcases of the Swedish Match snus experience.

Designer Marcus Carlsson has expanded his vision with each store. The most radical change to the Gothenburg store is that its called "Swedish Match". The other two are named Svenskt Snus.

Compliments of Maji Dahlberg of Swedish Match, here is a brief photo journey through the new Swedish Match Snus Store.

Moe Unz of was supposed to be our reporter on the scene but was banned by Swedish Match President and CEO Lars Dahlgren. Moe disrupted the Strömstad Grand Opening when he drunkenly knocked over the expresso machine. No one was taking any chances in Gothenburg today.

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 Snubie-podcast-logo-smThe General Snus Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application to FDA was the subject of this call to action for snus users in the USA.  Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States Larry Waters was the guest on this Snus Podcast

Larry and Chad discussed what the General Snus MRTP application means for the future of Swedish snus in the US and why every single American snuser must weigh in with FDA very quickly.

Moe Unz, legendary Manager of the Snus Shop was also a scheduled guest. 


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- About Moe Unz (biography in progess)

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UPDATED 27 Aug 2014:  Two months ago, Swedish Snus giant Swedish Match presented FDA with a formal application that the General Snus products sold over-the-counter (OTC) in the United States be reclassified as Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTP).

I wrote an article back in February 2009 entitled The Tobacco Control Act: Wasted Taxpayer Dollars and the new Tobacco Black Market.  In the article, I previewed the first view of snus can labeling with the four now-required smokeless tobacco warning labels. 

I also went on something of a rant as to how 3 of the 4 warnings did not apply to Swedish snus and drove away cigarette smokers looking for a safer nicotine alternative.  Ignoring my arguments, FDA went forward with enacting the inaccurate (for Swedish snus) smokeless tobacco warning labels effective 22 June 2010.

In their MRTP application to FDA, Swedish Match made the same a 100,000 page long application.  Such is the challenge of justifying General Snus to FDA as being deserving MRTP status.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Today, FDA announced it was authorizing the sale and marketing of eight Swedish Match smokeless tobacco products in the US. 

These first eight are not in the snus category but their approval would seem to indicate that all Swedish Match snus falling within the qualifying date range should easily win approval.

Swedish Match as of last month had 195 product applications on file with FDA.

FDA's traditional "safe and effective" standard for evaluating medical products does not apply to tobacco. Instead, FDA regulates tobacco products based on a public health standard intended to reduce the toll that tobacco use causes.

To legally market a new tobacco product in the United States, a manufacturer must receive a written order from FDA permitting the marketing of the new tobacco product under one of three pathways. These three pathways are:

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

This is not Swedish Snus.....

Mick Hellwig; tobacco daredevil and authorSince the PACT Act forced NicotineRush to stop delivering nicotine, my new non-snus supplier is MrSnuff.(Late Breaking News. NicotineRush is back in business, shipping is UPS, but Tom is still back!)  MrSnuff’s warehouse is based somewhere inDon't let the Malka El Kantara can scare you. It's pronounced El Kantara; not Al Qaeda. the United Kingdom and shipping times are quite reasonable. Not the 2-3 days I was used to in the past, but one must adapt.

Recently MrSnuff received a shipment of Makla. Makla is a traditional North African tobacco similar to snus or dip. Meaning it is a ground tobacco with lots of moisture, meant to be used orally. I know it’s a bit odd for a nasal snuff store to sell oral tobacco, but Dave, the owner of MrSnuff, tries to keep us interested and procure oddities that we might never find otherwise. The information on Makla is sparse. Most of the search results I found went back to two web stores that sell it. Basically it is popular in North Africa, Algiers, and Moracco. Currently only one company in Belgium makes it for sale on the Internet. I don’t know if there are local North African companies producing it or not.

I purchased 3 of the 5 available varieties of Makla; El Kantara 25gram, Ifrikia 20 gram and Rouge 20gram. Prices were $4-5. The smaller tins were actually metal, the larger 25 gram tin was plastic. Really cool looking tins, and honestly I purchased them more to have the tins in my collection than any true desire to test the tobacco.
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 13:33

Snus Warriors

Mick_Hellwig317x434First off I’d like to apologize to my faithful readers for such a long absence from these pages. Launching The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris magazine and working full time has kept my life a bit overwhelming.  I’m slowing down now so I can get back to my writings here.

I titled this “Snus Warriors” as snus is merely the Swedish word for snuff, and the word snuff covers most forms of non-smoked tobacco. I don’t much like the term smokeless, being a compound word formed of “smoke’” and “less”. That is not the point of non smoked tobacco. We don’t use it to smoke less, we use it to smoke none. Sure some of us still smoke a pipe or cigar occasionally, when 90% of our intake doesn’t involve lighting tobacco I say that other 10% doesn’t count.

FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) members flaunt conflicts of interests

Citing a lack of scientific evidence, drug industry funded consultants (including three members of FDA's TPSAC) advocate more research so FDA can vastly increase drug industry share of nicotine market by taking it away from cigarettes, which also would create a huge untaxed and unregulated cigarette black market, and cause many smokers to inhale more smoke and increase cigarette consumption (due to nicotine compensation)

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