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You will never see published a letter from a cigarette smoker thanking Altria or Reynolds American for addicting them to nicotine through cigarettes.  Likewise, a short note saying "I'm a life-long smoker.  So happy today to learn I have lung cancer!" is even more unlikely.

In the case of nicotine-addicts now cigarette-free because of Swedish snus, thank you letters and testimonials are more the rule than the exception.....

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Sunday, 26 January 2014 16:21

The Swedish Snus Diet

Why does quitting cigarettes often result in weight gain?

Like the caffeine in coffee, nicotine is a stimulant and therefore affects the Central Nervous System. Nicotine can also suppress hunger to some degree. Therefore, why not a snus diet?

For me nicotine relaxes me. I could be bouncing off the walls but after a good strong snus or two? I calm right down. This dawned on me during my last Mom’s Gone Wild Weekend (MGWW), among a few other things. Such as why at almost one in the morning I was unable to sleep, and thought I would write.

Most people who quit smoking often become jittery, irritable, and generally unpleasant to be around due to the lack of, or craving for, nicotine. Many of these people then try to compensate for these jitters with food, often times these cravings are for some type of comfort food; something sweet or salty, with empty calories, and in turn gain weight.

The dirty little secret here is that beyond nicotine, cigarettes also contain sugar; as high as 11%.  Quitting cigarettes also means losing those spike increases in your blood glucose level and the corresponding increase in alertness and decrease in hunger.

For this reason many people who turn to these “comfort foods” tend to gain weight. Or in time go back to smoking, if only for something to do with their hands.

Study: Snus more effective and prevalent than NRT for quitting smoking among Norwegian men

A new study (abstract below) found that snus (despite being demonized by anti-tobacco extremists and government health agencies worldwide) has helped far more Norwegian men quit smoking than have NRT products, and that snus has been more effective for smoking cessation than the use of NRT products (despite drug industry funded anti-tobacco groups and government health agencies aggressively urging smokers to use NRT products to quit smoking).

Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:20

A Lifetime of Nicotine Addiction

I still have an occasional pipe or cigar now and then. I went a long time without wanting them once I gave up cigarettes. I was afraid that the mere act of burning tobacco would drive me back to cigarettes, but it isn't like that at all. Even when I smoked cigarettes I never inhaled pipes or cigars, but my tastebuds were still wrecked and I never really got to appreciate the nuances of premium tobacco like I can now thanks to snus.

Saturday, 22 August 2009 17:40 Launched World-Wide!

Snus Gear for the Snus Enthusiast and Activist!

Larry Waters; Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States and Snus Lord of the SnusCENTRAL empire, announced the launch of their latest website: "Like most of the great ideasSnusGEAR incorporated into and, the concept for SnusGEAR came from our Members." Waters explained.

"The SnusCENTRAL Members wanted clothing, mugs, keychains, bumper-stickers, hats....all related to Snus. Our Members are passionate about Swedish/Nordic snus (we call it REAL Snus) and wanted to show their passion publically. Member-Designed product are among the SnusGEAR offerings."

"Since snus is a completely discreet way of enjoying tobacco and nicotine with no spitting or mess, even someone pressed up against you in a crowded bus or subway would have no idea you were using REAL snus. Same goes for airplanes!"

Waters continued "That's the whole point of Swedish Snus....over 98% safer for smokers than cigarettes and so discreet it can be used anywhere. That makes it tough to visibly brag you're a snus user. And so SnusGEAR was born."

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Saturday, 18 July 2009 21:16

Discreet Snus: An American Snus Review

While perusing the latest FS&S catalog I saw a blurb for Discreet snus. I wasn’t looking for snus; I was shopping for whole tobacco leaves (which are another topic). Discreet snus, I thought, great another Americanized bastardization of my beloved Swedish snus. Do these arrogant Americans have no shame?

I freely admit my first taste of snus was one of those “Americanized bastardizations” of snus. Namely Camel SNUS (RJR version 1). I do have a soft spot in my heart for those mini, tasteless, overpriced, sugary treats. Without them I would still be a cigarette smoker and never have known the wonderful goodness of true snus. Said soft spot is not soft enough to buy more of them, but still…

Dr Lars Erik Rutqvist

Swedish Match AB to pursue FDA 'Reduced Harm Product' Designation

Andrew Romeo recently wrote a column 'Philip Morris says Snus will not Help Smokers Quit.'  I'm not going to repeat it here but encourage you to read it if you have not done so already.  He eviscerates the nature of the PMUSA-sponsored study, the quality of the study, and in doing so demonstrates how the Study was pre-destined to produce the results Philip Morris USA desired: that  snus was a complimentary product; not a replacement for cigarettes.

In short, the PMUSA Study was designed to support their marketing strategy; not the facts.  At least their motivation is transparent.

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Monday, 25 May 2009 11:35

Thank You for Chewing our Gum!

It's well known that all big tobacco players are researching non-tobacco nicotine delivery systems. 

Gum and patch manufacturers, with their 12-week dependency regime products will soon have to compete with similar products that provide "the spike" vs. theirs, which simply frustrate the nicotine addict by under-delivering low, steady levels of nicotine.

Website, most likely an anti tobacco, pro-pharma site, reads like a Fox News Cigarette Fanboy's dream. Loads of official cig/dip company visuals, tar and nic content info, and the latest articles from around the world. It can also be unintentionally hilarious.

One example, a critique of "Camel No.9" describes the marketing campaign, implying that it evokes "Chanel No. 5" and stilettos, and thus attracts female minors who read Vogue and Marie Claire.   Dude?  Where's my demographic?  Whatever happened to Pokemon?

The one ‘bright’ spot for is encouragement of the use of the gums and patches with their “30-80% success rates over placebos.”

Thursday, 12 March 2009 01:00

He Sells Snus at the EU Parliament

SNUS MISSIONARY Cristofer Kjellner wants the EU Commission to review the tobacco directive so that snus would get same treatment as other tobacco products.





The following is a translation of an article which appeared in HBL Strasbourg compliments of SnusCENTRAL's SnusCIA Agent in Finland.  A link to the original article appears at the bottom for those of you who speak Finnish.
 applauds the efforts of Swedish EU-Parliamentarian Cristofer Fjellner and his blunt comments concerning the EU Snus Ban in general and Finland's plans for a total ban on snus within Finland in particular.

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Saturday, 28 February 2009 19:54

Europe needs to snuff sense

 This article appeared in the March 1st 2008 edition of the Gotlands Allehanda

The Swedish tobacco industry has been producing snuff in its present form since the 1800s and the industry has annual sales in the current situation billions.  Today, the Swedish snus is in principle only for Swedes and Norwegians. Health hazards surrounding snuff are under constant debate, but researchers have long agreed that the risks of snus is substantially less than for smoking.

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