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Dear Tobacco Sirs and/or Madam(s),

If you are considering making a product called “snus”… Don’t! Please do not follow the path of RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris USA and the rest. Do not market a product called snus altered to fit American tastes and Marlboro Snus isn't even close to being REAL Swedish Snus.intentionally very low in free nicotine.

Many hundreds of thousands of Americans like snus as it has been made for over 200 years. If we wanted sweetened, flue cured, oral tobacco we already have a wonderful thing called dip, snuff, or more accurately American smokeless tobacco.

Snus should not be sickly sweet. Snus should be either a tad salty or a lot salty depending on other flavorings. If you want to make American style smokeless tobacco, then do that and call it what it is. What I have seen from you on the American market so far is not real snus, regardless of the name on the can/tin/stupid plastic envelope.

If you plan to make “snus” at least buy as much advice, training and equipment from people in Sweden who have been making pasteurized real snus since 1822.  Denmark is a good role model too.  Then follow through and don’t screw it up in practice as is the case today.

Did the Soviet Union have a Tobacco Czar in 1937?Here is a great example of how Big Tobacco loves the Press.  Though this one was a bit obvious, keen observers should begin watching for more articles like this.  It's like the old art of "Kremlinology."  Read between the lines, and watch where the leaders are standing on the podium.

Here's one about how tobacco companies' 'high hopes' of helping smokers quit with snus may be dashed due to the results of an 'authoratative' study.

In this morning's Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch, there is an article by David Ress called "Study: New products may not curb smokers' cravings."

It is quite clear that US Big Tobacco is interested in keeping smokers hooked on cigarettes.  I have discussed this in a previous article.  In a nutshell:  They want you to smoke, but also are offering snus products for when you can't due to local laws, restrictions, or out of consideration for others. "Your cigarettes may get jealous" according to Camel SNUS's website.

Now, with the FDA on board, and snus poised to be submitted under the 'Reduced Exposure' categorization, what a great time for a paper in PM's hometown to say snus is already a failure in that category?  Why?  Smokers can only be satisfied by smoking!

The study cited, conducted by a team of specialists from Virginia Commonwealth University, and funded by Philip Morris is linked in the article.  Subject a group of smokers to an overnight of

NOTE:  This is Part 2 of this series on Lorillard Tobacco.  Be sure and read Part 1; Lorillard Tobacco: living in the past; ignoring the FUTURE, first.

lorillard-logoWhen I spoke to Ronald S. Milstein; Senior VP, General Counsel, and former member of the Lorillard Tobacco Board of Directors in 2008, in addition to refusing to deny or confirm that Triumph Snus was now low nicotine, asked that I send him any further questions in writing and the Board of Directors will decide whether to answer them or not.

As flattering as that was, it was disappointing as well.  Since Swedish Match AB was making Triumph Snus for Lorillard, I was a big fan of, if not it's taste and lack of nicotine, it's real reduced harm aspects.  Even the taste was something I could get used to.  It would never replace the Swedish/Scandinavian Snus Brands I loved, but I was considering Triumph as a backup bedtime snus.  The undenied nicotine manipulation bothered me though.  Typical Big American Tobacco.  What also bothered me was that the LATEST Press Release on Triumph Snus was dated October 25, 2006.


Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Lorillard Tobacco CompanyIn October of 2008, I spoke to Ron Milstein; Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Lorillard Tobacco Company. A SnusCENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENT in Sweden had provided bomb-shell information.  According to the sources, after the Free Triumph Snus giveaway was over in the two Triumph test markets,  Lorillard Tobacco instructed Triumph Snus manufacturer Swedish Match to significantly lower the nicotine levels in Triumph Snus.  My report was published on October 29th, 2008.

With Lorillard's Annual Shareholder Meeting taking place soon, I decided in mid-March to follow up and see where Lorillard and Triumph Snus were today. To my dismay, I found a company not looking forward, but still living in the past when Big Arrogant American Tobacco could do no wrong and cigarettes were king.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!


Yes, Virginia, there ARE significant differences in the levels of Nicotine in Swedish Snus and American Snus. It has to do with profit and greed on the part of Big American Tobacco, versus giving consumers what they are asking for by Swedish Snus manufacturers. You can read why in a number of my articles, but THIS ONE boils it down if you're interested....and you should be.


Swedish/Scandinavian Snus comes in 5 levels of Nicotine:

  • None: This is Swedish Snus without any Nicotine
  • Low: Usually found only in Mini-Portion sized snus, they generally contain 4-5 mg/g. of Nicotine.
  • Mini Strong: Found only in Mini-Portion sized snus, this new category is designed for Mini-Portion Snus fans who want more nicotine. They generally contain 6 mg/g. of Nicotine.
  • Standard: This is Swedish Snus that contains 8 mg/g. of Nicotine. This is the orally absorbed equivalent to one cigarette but will last longer in your bloodstream than inhaled nicotine.
  • Strong/Stark/Sterk: This is Swedish Snus that generally contains 11 mg/g to 13 mg/g of nicotine.
  • Extra Strong/Extra Stark/Ekstra Sterk: This is Swedish Snus that generally contains between 12 mg/g to 22 mg/g of Nicotine.

Ironically, Swedes prefer the Standard 8 mg. nicotine snus. It was the results of studies and consumer focus groups in Norway and the United States which led to the creation of the Strong and Extra Strong Swedish Snus's.


Very little is known about the Nicotine Levels of American Snus as the FDA does not require American Snus manufacturers to disclose it.  As of April 1st, 2008, here is all we do know and none has been independently confirmed:

  • Camel SNUS: R.J. Reynolds has both asserted by email and telephone to me that Camel SNUS contains 8 mg. of nicotine.  Since Camel SNUS only contains 0.6 gram of total weight, we don't know if the 8 mg of nicotine Camel claims is per pouch or per gram.  If per gram, that would put Camel SNUS in the Low Nicotine category.  Either way, since the flavor only lasts, according to Camel, 10 to 30 minutes, you will need to use more of it as Swedish Snus lasts between 45 minutes to over 2 hours.  How much nicotine can be orally absorbed in 10 to 30 minutes is only estimated to be 20%, especially since Camel is a dry snus.
  • Marlboro Snus was originally revealed by researchers to contain at least 20% less nicotine than Swedish Regular Snus. Marlboro's website said 3.5mg per pouch to 3.9mg/pouch.  Recently, the have upgraded that amount claiming approximately 7.75 mg per...pouch or gram, we're not sure.  If by gram, that's just another way of saying 3.5 mg/g to 3.9 mg/g since Marlboro snus pouches only weigh 0.6 grams like the Camel's.
  • Triumph Snus, in an exclusive story by my humble self,  inside sources at the Triumph Snus Manufacturer say that Lorillard had the nicotine reduced to 4-5 mg. once the initial offering of "Free" sample cans were depleted and Lorillard began charging for it.  Ronald Milstein, SVP and General Counsel of Lorillard Tobacco, in a one on one phone interview with me, refused to confirm or deny the allegation.  He stated he would not comment on the nicotine levels of the two Triumph Snus offerings.
  • Some American Snus companies are releasing their nicotine figures such as PMUSA, R.J. Reynolds, and American Smokeless Tobacco.  Others like Nordic American Smokeless, Liggett/Vector, and Skoal do not.

What is emerging is a trend and very different marketing philosophy between America and Scandinavia on the purpose of snus.

American snus manufacturers are concentrating on making 1/2 gram products which are sweet, mild in flavor, low in nicotine, and short lasting which forces the consumer to use many more of their portions than they would of Swedish Snus.  The American marketing drive currently is that snus is for when you can't smoke; not to replace cigarettes.  The sell them as complimentary products since most of American Snus Companies also make cigarettes as well.  The ones that don't are just following along.

Scandinavian Snus; rich in taste, high in nicotine, long lasting; is designed to replace the need for cigarettes.  With pouches of most Scandinavian snuses now lasting over 2 hours as compared to the 10 to 30 minutes American snus manufacturers claim for their products, you will have to use considerably more American Snus to maintain your comfort level and will less likely to be able to give up cigarettes complete.

THE ARTICLE mentioned above gives you a quick, but thorough understanding of American Tobacco's motives.  Also read the FAQ on TASTE. Drug cartels could learn from Big American Tobacco.

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EXCLUSIVE Breaking SNUS News!  mr_unz_primary

triumph_snusIt appears that the second of the Top Three US Tobacco Companies has been caught intentionally cutting nicotine levels in their snus products to keep their brand loyal cigarette smokers from being able to stop smoking and switch to snus exclusively...or even possibly use snus to quit tobacco altogether.

The first attempt was by Phillip Morris USA and Marlboro snus. The second appears to be the third largest American Tobacco Company, Lorillard Tobacco Company and Triumph Snus.


Published in Larry Waters Reports!


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