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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 15:30

Kaliber+ Extra Strong Snus coming soon

Recognizing the popularity of higher nicotine Swedish snus, Swedish Match will be unveiling Kaliber+ Snus next week....

GR' Stark White Portion SnusThe release of the Göteborgs Rapé White Stark Portion Snus Limited Edition is significant in three ways.  However the flavor is not one of these.

Goteborgs Rapé White Stark (Strong) portion snus is just what it is named; a higher nicotine version of the classic Goteborgs Rapé White.  The taste is the same mellow tobacco flavor with notes of juniper, citrus and lavender.

It basically is a limited edition Rapé (150,000 cans)........ Read MORE...

The Lab 13 Extra Strong Slim Portion Formula+ SnusThe Lab 13 Extra Strong Slim Portion Formula+ Snus will be available later today or early next week.  

I've known about Lab 13 for a few weeks now but couldn't discuss it.  Nothing much escapes the SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency's (SnusCIA) notice, especially at the Stockholm field office.

Lab 13 is noteworthy for it's flavor profile:  Energy Drink.  This is a first for Swedish Match but since Lab 13 was designed for the Norwegian market, it is not shocking.  The modern Nick and Johnny brand is also very popular in Norway and boasts some pretty unusual flavors.

Since the Lab Series brand; now called The Lab; called by me Lab, was introduced in 2009, it has quickly risen to the 3rd most popular brand of snus in Norway.  In the last year alone, the sales volume of The Lab brand snuses has grown an astonishing 50%!

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

N&J Green Spyke Xtra Strong Snus: Is Cactus really a Swedish Snus flavor?

EXCLUSIVE:  A SnusCIA source in Sweden sent us this patent application Swedish Match recently filed. We were cautious at first; a cactus flavored snus? Who is the target market? Is this a hoax?

The Nick and Johnny snus brand is not sold over the counter within the United States. Cactuses or Cacti (either one is a correct plural) are certainly not native to Sweden. They are really only are native to the Americas, except for one variation that also grows in Africa and Sri Lanka.

Why would there be a craving for cactus snus within Sweden or Norway (or other European or Asian markets where snus is legal)?

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Back in September of 2009 when I wrote First Review: 0102 Lab Series Snus, I predicted every snus manufacturer in Scandinavia would be lining up to buy and copy this revolutionary new longer and thinner version of Portion snus.  I was partially correct in that they all bought some....and pretty much stopped at that point.

Unlike other snus manufacturers, the Vogel brothers of V2 Tobacco actually decided to do something.  Last month, their intent to produce their own version of the long, thin portion pouch came to the attention of the SnusCIA.  At great personal risk, one of our Agents "borrowed" two of the prototype cans and delivered them to me last week at the SnusCENTRAL Bunker.

The new V2 pouches are now officially named Long +.  I couldn't have thought of a better name to describe them myself.  This below picture shows a Thunder Original portion at left, a Thunder Mini Portion at the right, and in the center is the new Long + Portion.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Swedish Match Lab Series 0102 Snus Breaks the Snus Mold!

In the beginning, there was Swedish Snus with its centuries long history, recipes, and traditions. Then one dark day in 2006, RJ Reynolds Tobacco (according to the Camel SNUS website, version 23 I think) visited Sweden, "loved" Swedish Snus, and decided to bring it back to the United States as a bastardized, cynical attempt to keep Camel cigarettes users smoking AND using Camel SNUS when they couldn't smoke. RJRT's plan was to re-define 'snus' as an overly sweet, under-nictotined companion to cigarettes; not a replacement for them.

Philip Morris USA had introduced Taboka snus which tried to keep something of a tobacco taste and failed miserably. They (and the rest of American Big Tobacco), either followed RJRT's plan like lemmings or just sat on the sidelines wondering what to do.

Since then, the Swedish and Nordic Snus manufactures have responded with flavored snuses; trying to out-Camel Camel SNUS with a huge assortment of flavored snuses and flavored snus brands. Even Swedish Match introduced new flavors such as General Mini Mint, General Wintergreen, and refined the Catch Collection line. All have proven very popular with new US snus users and many moved up, using those as bridge products to the more traditional snus products of the Swedish Match product lines.

But now, instead of REAL Swedish Snus being the benchmark in taste and size; American style snus was setting the standard for new American snusers. The Nordic response was more flavors and more nicotine. Until now.....

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Did the Soviet Union have a Tobacco Czar in 1937?Here is a great example of how Big Tobacco loves the Press.  Though this one was a bit obvious, keen observers should begin watching for more articles like this.  It's like the old art of "Kremlinology."  Read between the lines, and watch where the leaders are standing on the podium.

Here's one about how tobacco companies' 'high hopes' of helping smokers quit with snus may be dashed due to the results of an 'authoratative' study.

In this morning's Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch, there is an article by David Ress called "Study: New products may not curb smokers' cravings."

It is quite clear that US Big Tobacco is interested in keeping smokers hooked on cigarettes.  I have discussed this in a previous article.  In a nutshell:  They want you to smoke, but also are offering snus products for when you can't due to local laws, restrictions, or out of consideration for others. "Your cigarettes may get jealous" according to Camel SNUS's website.

Now, with the FDA on board, and snus poised to be submitted under the 'Reduced Exposure' categorization, what a great time for a paper in PM's hometown to say snus is already a failure in that category?  Why?  Smokers can only be satisfied by smoking!

The study cited, conducted by a team of specialists from Virginia Commonwealth University, and funded by Philip Morris is linked in the article.  Subject a group of smokers to an overnight of

Introduction by Larry Waters:

Paul Richter wrote this review while a newbie to snus.  It is not only an excellent review of General Ekstra Sterk / Extra Strong Portion Snus, but shows beautifully how snus users tastes evolve.

Using Swedish Snus is not like smoking cigarettes - you don't stick to one brand or one flavor profile exclusively for life.  With well over a hundred different choices, why should you, anyway!  Swedish Snus isn't just the least harmful option for cigarette smokers.  It's one that tastes great and still delivers as much or as little nicotine as anyone would want! Using Swedish Snus is fun!  Now to Paul's review,

Snus Review of General Ekstra Stark Portion Snus


Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Phantom Classic White Portion Snus For the last two days, I've been using a snus I'm pretty confident most of you aren't:  Phantom Classic White Portion Snus by V2 Tobacco.  The reason for my confidence?  The official release date for Phantom Classic White Portion Snus is still more than a month away as of this writing!

Not only do I have the first review of Phantom White Portion Snus on the planet, but more on the new products and brand names V2 will be releasing over the next few months!


Published in Larry Waters Reports!

NOTE:  This is Part 2 of this series on Lorillard Tobacco.  Be sure and read Part 1; Lorillard Tobacco: living in the past; ignoring the FUTURE, first.

lorillard-logoWhen I spoke to Ronald S. Milstein; Senior VP, General Counsel, and former member of the Lorillard Tobacco Board of Directors in 2008, in addition to refusing to deny or confirm that Triumph Snus was now low nicotine, asked that I send him any further questions in writing and the Board of Directors will decide whether to answer them or not.

As flattering as that was, it was disappointing as well.  Since Swedish Match AB was making Triumph Snus for Lorillard, I was a big fan of, if not it's taste and lack of nicotine, it's real reduced harm aspects.  Even the taste was something I could get used to.  It would never replace the Swedish/Scandinavian Snus Brands I loved, but I was considering Triumph as a backup bedtime snus.  The undenied nicotine manipulation bothered me though.  Typical Big American Tobacco.  What also bothered me was that the LATEST Press Release on Triumph Snus was dated October 25, 2006.


Published in Larry Waters Reports!
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