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When we received our Snus Day package yesterday, I eagerly opened the box in anticipation to try the Lungrens products. I saw the LG Mojito… My heart stopped! At LAST IT'S HERE!

I had high hopes for this snus. With the untimely demise of Gotebörgs Rapé White Large Lime, I was on the hunt for a lime-flavored snus to keep my taste buds at bay. Does LG Mojito disappoint?......

GR' Stark White Portion SnusThe release of the Göteborgs Rapé White Stark Portion Snus Limited Edition is significant in three ways.  However the flavor is not one of these.

Goteborgs Rapé White Stark (Strong) portion snus is just what it is named; a higher nicotine version of the classic Goteborgs Rapé White.  The taste is the same mellow tobacco flavor with notes of juniper, citrus and lavender.

It basically is a limited edition Rapé (150,000 cans)........ Read MORE...

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Greetings fellow snus lovers!

The safer, Swedish replacement for Camel SNUS!  Coming to in April 2009!The snus we'll be reviewing today is one that most of you may have ever heard of or seen in the SnusCENTRAL Snus Shop, General Dry Mint mini white portion snus. I say this because not only is it a new snus, it's a snus that's only available in America! How did I find it? Well, while I was out and about last week, I stopped in at the local Pipe and Tobacco shop and saw something new.

My tobacconist has always carried General Snus but this time, there was a snus called General Dry Mint mini. I asked him about the new snus and he really couldn't tell me more than "it's from Sweden" and "it is Mint flavored"! In reality, that's the most common response I get from a lot of tobacconists here in the states!

Since I wanted to know more about General Mini Mint than what he told me, I decided to get a couple of cans and do the research myself. What I found was pretty exciting! So now that I have your interest, let's get started with the review of General Dry Mini Mint portion snus!

General Dry Mint Mini is a Dry, white mini portion snus manufactured in Sweden by the fine folks at Swedish Match. "Hold it, Snus Guy! Back up. Dry, white, mini snus? We need a bit of explanation on this!" You're right! Since we've only reviewed one other white, mini portion snus, let's run through the basics first.


While I was sitting in my cozy room here at SnusCENTRAL last week, pondering which snus I would review next, a mysterious, brown padded envelope was slipped under my door! The only markings on it were the words "To: TSG - From: UNZ. Please review!" Being the inquisitive type, I opened the envelope and a can of Oden's Kanel portion snus fell out! Larry likes to be covert! He did the same thing to me a awhile back with a can of SPAM! (That's a story for another day!)

So as not to have a repeat of "SPAMergate", today we'll be reviewing the latest leader in the Extra Strong / Ekstra Sterk / Extra Stark snus race, Oden's Kanel (Cinnamon) Extra Stark portion snus by Gajane!

Larry was not the only reason I decided on Oden's Kanel to review though. I wanted to get a review out on it while it was still new to most snus lovers! The other reason I'll divulge at the end and it will surprise you!


Welcome back fellow Snus Lovers!catch_chill_collection

Today I thought we'd review a brand new Swedish Snus to the snus world, Catch Chill Mint Vanilla mini portion. I decided to review this snus for a couple of reasons. First, it's a new snus flavor and a unique snus at that, but the main reason is that I've never had a mini snus and figured it was about time that I did!

The reason I picked Catch Chill Mint Vanilla mini portion as the snus mini to review is because of the unique way this snus will be portrayed over the year. You see, Catch Chill's flavors will change 4 times throughout the year!

Mint Vanilla will be the first flavor introduced and around April, the flavor will change to Peppermint and the Mint Vanilla will be discontinued. This will continue approximately every three months until the end of the year. So since we only have until April, let's review Catch Chill Mint Vanilla mini portion!

Before we begin though, let's review what a mini portion is. Mini portions are just what the name implies, a mini version of a regular sized portion. Mini portions tend to be about half the physical size of a regular portion. This also means there is less tobacco andnicotine in the portion as well. Mini portions tend to have between .3 grams and .5 grams of snus in each portion and, on average, 20 portions per can. The Nicotine levels vary between 3 mg and 6 mg per portion. There are even some that are classified as White Mini portions.


Greetings fellow snus lovers!

This week, I thought I would do something a little different in the way of snus reviews. Instead of just reviewing one kind of Swedish snus, I thought we would do a review that shows the taste differences between American snus, specifically Camel SNUS, and Swedish snus in general.

There have been a ton of questions about the taste differences between the two lately that; I feel this is necessary to further your journey into the wonderful world of Swedish snus! One warning though, this review will not contain scientific data regarding TSNA levels, amounts of nicotine and guest speakers from the medical factions or anything like that.

We are going to review both types as we always do and compare the tastes, portion materials, mouth feel and their differences. My great friend and colleague Larry Waters, Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States,  has lots of articles here on SnusCENTRAL that will give you all the data his no-so-unbiased review of taste, materials, and mouth feel.  We're just concerned with a stoic look at the tastes, materials and feel! So, with that out of the way, let's begin our journey!

police-riot-squadIf the below article had appeared in a California newspaper, it wouldn't have surprised me or even really held my interest. Google "crazy, insane, fascist, wacky laws and ordinances" and a picture of California comes up.

But this article was in the Business Section of the Dallas Morning News. Not to say that the City of Dallas is not anti-smoking; far from it. But the tone of the article, especially the quotes, is what really took me aback.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!


Welcome back fellow Snus Lovers!

I picked Offroad Icemint lössnus as this week's snus review for a lot of reasons but mainly because of all the questions I've received about it. I've also seen the taste compared to Jakobsson's Ice Fruit portion as well. That's when I said to myself "Snus Guy, you know the tastes are completely different! Maybe you should let the people know and do the review already!" Well, that and Mr. UNZ threatened to stop letting me do his laundry if I didn't do a review on it soon! ;>)

So with that being said, let's go and review V2's Offroad Icemint Lös!



Welcome back fellow snus lovers!

I figured since my liberator and, good friend, Larry Waters, did a review recently about General Ekstra Sterk (I couldn't sleep at all that night since, my closet is in his office and, his typing method is quite loud!), I would do a review on the snus that could be considered it's weaker little brother, General Sterk White portion snus.

I know what you're all saying, "but Snus Guy, we want to read your review on Ekstra Sterk as well!" and, I promise you, I will post a review on it soon but, for now, let's take a look at General Sterk White portion snus!


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