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Once again, the Swedish government caved to EU interference concerning Swedish snus.  On May 20, 2016 the EU's Tobacco Products Directive was implemented in Swedish legislation, which among other things means new health warnings on snus cans.....  

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 Snubie-podcast-logo-smThe General Snus Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application to FDA was the subject of this call to action for snus users in the USA.  Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States Larry Waters was the guest on this Snus Podcast

Larry and Chad discussed what the General Snus MRTP application means for the future of Swedish snus in the US and why every single American snuser must weigh in with FDA very quickly.

Moe Unz, legendary Manager of the Snus Shop was also a scheduled guest. 


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Thursday, 27 February 2014 02:08

Why Swedish Snus?

I've never been a smoker. I did the whole social smoking thing when out at a bar with friends, but that is the extent of my smoking history. Even when I would have just one cigarette when out having drinks, it was enough to make me suffer with sinus issues. In fact, all I had to do was just get around someone else smoking, and I would wind up with a cold.

Although I was never really a true smoker, I married a man who was. My husband Jason smoked unfiltered cigarettes for twenty plus years. I, being concerned for his health, tried to get him to quit many times, but it just never worked out.

I also did not like the person he became when he started to go through nicotine fits. He tried using American smokeless tobacco products, but the chemicals in them made his gum line recede, so he couldn't continue using them. Then, one day by some great stroke of luck, he discovered Swedish snus.

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Vicki McKenna - the Bill Godshall interviewVicki McKenna of WIBA interviewed Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania on November 15th 2010.  Bill does not hold back in blasting Big Pharma, FDA, tobacco ban advocates, and their fellow travellers for foregoing common sense and embracing personal/political agendas.     Hear for yourself Bill Godshall's case against cigarettes but for nicotine and tobacco users.

Bill's argument is brilliant and factual.  All smokefree tobacco and cigarette users need to hear this.  I also recommend forwarding this recording to your Representatives in Washington and to your State, and Local officials.  It might also be instructive to forward this to your Anti-All-Tobacco friends.  Just tell them it's "for the children".

Thursday, 07 October 2010 21:07

New Snus and Snuff Magazine coming in October

Larry Waters or a hired actorAs part of my duties as Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States, my portfolio includes spreading the good news about Swedish snus and encouraging others to do the same. This recently brought me to the swank Last Chance Motel and Truck Stop outside Tobaccoville, North Carolina.

In a noisy, crowded press conference, RW Hubbard and Mick Hellwig unveiled the launch of a revolutionary new magazine for snuff, snus, and smokeless tobacco fans. The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris will release its first issue the end of October 2010. Foregoing the internet route and conventional wisdom, The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris is a print magazine; each issue running between 80 and 100 pages long.

Later that day while Mick Hellwig was still answering questions for the press while consuming copious amounts of snus and nasal snuff, I sat down with Mr. Hubbard in his luxurious penthouse suite and discussed The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris. Like all great ideas, this one started innocuously. "I was in Barnes and Noble looking for a magazine I could read at the doctor's office, and I found myself in the "Men's Health" section. It was strewn with cigar magazines, and I was lamenting the fact that there exists no publication about snus and snuff. I got home that day and called Mick, and within a week we had the whole thing up and running."

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) members flaunt conflicts of interests

Citing a lack of scientific evidence, drug industry funded consultants (including three members of FDA's TPSAC) advocate more research so FDA can vastly increase drug industry share of nicotine market by taking it away from cigarettes, which also would create a huge untaxed and unregulated cigarette black market, and cause many smokers to inhale more smoke and increase cigarette consumption (due to nicotine compensation)

This Week in CTP -- Updates from the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)

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While the PACT Act has been getting most of attention in the tobacco world this month, the Tobacco Control Act which goes into effect Jun 22, 2010 is far and away the greater danger.  While the PACT Act will slash Internet availability of all tobacco products including Real Swedish snus and will cause significant price increases, these products will at least still remain available for those of the legal age and means to purchase them.

The Tobacco Act, which falls under FDA, is more insidious.  Through a series of advisories and opinions, FDA seems bent on make all tobacco products so unpalatable and nicotine-poor as to be useless.  FDA issues so-called Draft Guidance documents which give a clear look at how FDA intends to interpret the Tobacco Act; often far beyond the language of the law itself.

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R.R. "Feck" HubbardThe "Age of Enlightenment" was a time in world history that was characterized by massive revolutions in thought, government, religion, arts, science, economics, and humanity. Beginning roughly with the publications of philosopher René Descartes philosophical and mathematical rationalizations of the 1630's, and ending with the French Revolution in 1789, the movement was a general call to arms from a world escaping the "dark ages" of European Middle History.

The movement could best be summarized by one word: "rebellion". The people questioned, and subsequently rejected, the authority of their kings and governments. The "rationalists" (as they were known) pondered the authority of the Church in presiding over God's laws. Science was elevated into something beyond the blasphemous alchemy that it was viewed as previously. Philosophy was seen as something important and potentially dangerous, and not just as something that homosexual poets wrote to impress one another. The poor rebelled against the rich ruling class, and the "bourgeois" were put to death in violent, public coups.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009 00:00

Swedish Match Snus Rocked by ANOTHER Scandal!

Swedish Match Under Siege!Swedish Match AB, the largest snus manufacturer in Sweden, is about to get hit with its second scandal in less than 30 days.  Most communications from Stockholm have been cut off.  SnusCIA Agents in Stockholm and Gothenburg report panic among SMAB executives who are drinking fine alcoholic beverages and passing around a couple boxes of Kardus.  Our agents discount their laughing and good spirits to nervous breakdowns.  This behavior is quite understandable considering the pounding Swedish Match has taken over the last month.

The First Scandal was revealed on October 25, 2009. The Swedish hard-hitting news show Kalla Fakta on TV4 released an explosive broadcast which proved that Swedish Match snus has nicotine in it!!!  Aside from reading the label, Kalla Fakta raided Swedish Match with investigative journalists.....who were given total access, all information requested, an an inordinate amount of Swedish Match's Executives time without even asking for it.

Kalla Fakta's blockbuster conclusion:  Swedish Match used a 'secret ingredient', E500, to boost the bio-availability of the nicotine in all Swedish Match snus!   Somehow, the fact-checkers at Kalla Fakta missed the fact that E500 (sodium carbonate) is used as acidity regulator in not only Swedish Match snus, but virtually all Swedish Snuses.  More shocking was Kalla Fakta missing the fact that E500 has been used by Swedish Snus makers for years and is an approved food additive by the Swedish Government's equivalent of America's FDA.


Published in Larry Waters Reports!
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