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 Snubie-podcast-logo-smThe General Snus Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application to FDA was the subject of this call to action for snus users in the USA.  Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States Larry Waters was the guest on this Snus Podcast

Larry and Chad discussed what the General Snus MRTP application means for the future of Swedish snus in the US and why every single American snuser must weigh in with FDA very quickly.

Moe Unz, legendary Manager of the Snus Shop was also a scheduled guest. 


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Snubie-podcast-logo-smSwedish Snus Ambassador to the United States Larry Waters was the guest on the latest Snus Podcast today.  A wide range of snus related topics were discussed from the EU lawsuit against Denmark to stop snus sales to the future of snus in the US. 

Moe Unz, legendary Manager of the Snus Shop was also a scheduled guest. 


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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 20:07

Skruf Snus Launches Xtra Stark snus in Sweden

Stockholm - The Swedish snus challenger Skruf Snus AB increases its range with the launch of Skruf Xtra Stark portion in Sweden. The snus - that is the strongest amongst the company's products - contains more nicotine than most regular snus and targets consumers who want a stronger snus experience.  Skruf Xtra Stark will initially only be sold in limited quantities at selected stores.

“With Skruf Xtra Stark, we are further expanding our Skruf family with a product designed for consumers who look for a stronger snus experience" says Nils Fehren, Marketing Manager at Skruf.

Thursday, 17 December 2009 17:52

EXCLUSIVE: Two NEW Thunder ES Portion Snuses!

Two NEW Thunder Extra Stark Snuses from V2 Tobacco

December 17, 2009.........Confirmed......Top Secret........Preliminary Announcement

The SnusCIA Copenhagen Office has obtained one can each of two brand new Thunder Extra Stark Portion snuses from a V2 Tobacco insider with a gambling problem. These products are post-Thunder Berry.  The cans arrived at the SnusCENTRAL Bunker this morning.  Both the cans and the snus were carefully hand-crafted and reported to have been produced in very limited it Thunder's version of Swedish Match's Kardus. This is the first V2 snus under any brand with strong historical ties to early snus history.

Thursday, 17 December 2009 16:45

General Maxi Portion Snus to be De-Listed

Are American Snus Users too Thin-Lipped?

Last week, Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States Larry Waters received a small package from Markus at SMAB containing a single can of General Maxi Portion Snus.  The SnusCIA immediately became suspicious.

As of 01:35 (GMT-6) Swedish Match has confirmed that General Maxi Portion Snus will be discontinued in mid-February 2010.  General Maxi Portion is the largest portion packed snus in the entire Swedish Match collection of Snus Brands; each holding 1.5 grams of GothiaTek Swedish Snus.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:20

A Lifetime of Nicotine Addiction

I still have an occasional pipe or cigar now and then. I went a long time without wanting them once I gave up cigarettes. I was afraid that the mere act of burning tobacco would drive me back to cigarettes, but it isn't like that at all. Even when I smoked cigarettes I never inhaled pipes or cigars, but my tastebuds were still wrecked and I never really got to appreciate the nuances of premium tobacco like I can now thanks to snus.

The Second new Columnist This Week is Revealed.

On September 29th at the monthly SnusCENTRAL Press Conference, it was announced among other exciting news that two new Columnists were joining in it's mission to further the true and factual news about the value of reduced harm tobacco products.  The first Columnist revealed was Lars-Erik Rutqvist, MD, PhD.  Dr. Rutqvist is currently serving as Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match AB and one of the world's leading authorities on tobacco and reduced harm tobacco products.

Today, the name of the second new Columnist was disclosed.  Mick Hellwig is a Founding Member of SnusCENTRAL and a prolific writer.  His well over 1000 posts on the  SnusCENTRAL Forum demonstrate how much he loves helping those new to snus and anyone else with questions and information.

He wrote a review on Discreet Snus worthy of the Larry Waters and Friends Snus Review Section a while back.  He truly is an excellent and engaging writer.

Mr. Hellwig is also known for his opinions, his passions, and not being shy about expressing them.  You may not agree with him or you may become one of the Legion of HELLwigers.  One thing you will not be is bored or misinformed.

Big Mick, as we lovingly call him here, is meticulous in his research and has been a go-to for me on areas I'm not familiar with or if I need an objective second opinion.

Mick will writing on Snus, both Swedish and American, Nasal Snuff, and "stuff ".  Other than tobacco politics, I'm frankly not quite sure what the other "stuff" is but it will tie into tobacco somehow...or maybe not.  Big Mick is a loose cannon and I'm excited to have him firing away (as long as he doesn't hit my snus fridge!).   Welcome aboard Mick, and God save us all.

Larry Waters

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Tuesday, 06 October 2009 19:37

Snus, Snuff, Stuff, and Me

Welcome to Snus, Snuff and Stuff. First of all, a Thank You to Larry who, after some severe negotiations, has granted me a section of SnusCENTRAL to share my thoughts on tobacco, politics and other things that capture my ADD-riddled attention for more than a few seconds.

I found snus in May of 2008. I learned my daughter has asthma and that spelled the end of my smoking in the house.  Instead of giving up nicotine, I decided to see what this new “spit-less dip” was. Triumph Original was my first, followed by Camel SNUS. They were just enough to whet my appetite, and caused me to search the Internet to find out what this snus stuff was all about.

Sunday, 20 September 2009 10:40

First Review: Lab Series Snus by Swedish Match

0102 Snus - A New Brand, Concept and Snuses from Swedish Match has pre-arrived!

Lab Series 01 Snus by Swedish MatchIn my first snus-world shattering pre-release article on Lab Series 0101, Swedish Match Attacks!, I talked about the 0102 concept, how Swedish Match came up02 snus by Swedish Match with it, what their goals seem to be, released the first pictures, and of course provided the insight and analysis I'm world-famous for.  Hmmm...still no Pulitzer Prize for some reason.  I suspect a conspiracy or a greatly enhanced ego on my part.

In this second 0102 Lab Series Snus pre-release review, we're going to talk taste, mouth-feel, nicotine, pouches and cans.  Although 0102 has not been released yet, as Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States, I received cans of 01 and 02 in my Diplomatic Pouch from Sweden last week.  After exhaustive round the clock chain-snusing and comparisons, it's time for the snus to fly!

The 0102 cans look as good in person as the do in the pictures.  Both have easy to open non-hinged used snus holders on the top.  The side graphics on both are on the clear plastic label  The top lid graphics are only on the used snus cover and appear adhesive-applied as will.  In other words, same cans-different graphics.  What is note worthy about the cans is the bottom sticker:  it's in Swedish with the European date format.  That would indicate to me this is not an over-the-counter-only US product, but will be available via Internet Snus Stores such as my favorite, (intentional plug).

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Swedish Match Lab Series 0102 Snus Breaks the Snus Mold!

In the beginning, there was Swedish Snus with its centuries long history, recipes, and traditions. Then one dark day in 2006, RJ Reynolds Tobacco (according to the Camel SNUS website, version 23 I think) visited Sweden, "loved" Swedish Snus, and decided to bring it back to the United States as a bastardized, cynical attempt to keep Camel cigarettes users smoking AND using Camel SNUS when they couldn't smoke. RJRT's plan was to re-define 'snus' as an overly sweet, under-nictotined companion to cigarettes; not a replacement for them.

Philip Morris USA had introduced Taboka snus which tried to keep something of a tobacco taste and failed miserably. They (and the rest of American Big Tobacco), either followed RJRT's plan like lemmings or just sat on the sidelines wondering what to do.

Since then, the Swedish and Nordic Snus manufactures have responded with flavored snuses; trying to out-Camel Camel SNUS with a huge assortment of flavored snuses and flavored snus brands. Even Swedish Match introduced new flavors such as General Mini Mint, General Wintergreen, and refined the Catch Collection line. All have proven very popular with new US snus users and many moved up, using those as bridge products to the more traditional snus products of the Swedish Match product lines.

But now, instead of REAL Swedish Snus being the benchmark in taste and size; American style snus was setting the standard for new American snusers. The Nordic response was more flavors and more nicotine. Until now.....

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
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