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After 2 and a half years of fumbling the Swedish Match application for Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) status on their General Snus products sold in US convenience stores, the FDA announced on Dec 14th they had taken "action".

After a careful review of the entire MRTPA process concerning General Snus and FDA's eventual ruling, a fair-minded person can only conclude that NO tobacco product will ever win MRTP status, regardless of the merits, from this FDA Center for Tobacco Products. 

This begs the question, Congressional mandate notwithstanding, why does FDA perpetuate this cruel, expensive, and time consuming farce?  Simply make the MRTPA process a one page form, hold the required public comment period, and then deny the application.  That would save both the government and the manufacturer huge amounts of money while delivering the same outcome as the current process...minus the hypocrisy.

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Snus causes cancer?  Here we go again.  Yvette Brazier writing for anti-tobacco Medical News Today published yet another biased article with cherry-picked data, gaping information holes, and fuzzy logic attempting to show snus causes cancer.

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American snus users, close your eyes and visualize the Swedish snus selection (if any) at your local tobacco store or convenience store today.  Then imagine one day having a snus store like this at your local mall......

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FDA Tobacco Czar Mitch Zeller:  Swedish Snus Friend or Foe? FDA Tobacco Czar Mitch Zeller, Ruler of the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), has announced the first tobacco products to move through the long-awaited substantial equivalence (SE) process. Two new cigarettes from Lorillard, Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box 100s and Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box, were found by FDA to be substantially equivalent to predicate products and blessed with approvals. Four other unknown tobacco products were denied and put to the sword.

Of the 4000 tobacco products submitted to FDA for SE approval, all but about 500 are currently on the market in a provisional awaiting review status. Understandably, the manufacturers of those provisional products are rather anxious how they will fare when under review.

It would be helpful if FDA could have at least released the types of tobacco products rejected if not their manufacturers as well. That's probably why Congress forbid FDA from publicly sharing any information on rejected SE applications.

Swedish snus; particularly those introduced in the US after the enactment of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009, have pending substantial equivalence applications. Swedish Match does have an advantage as a number of their snuses were grandfathered since they were available prior to the Tobacco Control Act cut-off.

If Lorillard's two new cigarettes were approved on the basis that they are equally (but not more) dangerous than their pre-Tobacco Control Act predecessors, logically the same would hold true for the extremely less harmful than cigarettes Swedish Match snuses created both before and after Tobacco Control Act took effect .

By not being able to tell us even what category of tobacco products the four rejected products fell under, Swedish snus and other reduced risk tobacco products continue to circle in a rather frustrating FDA holding pattern in the US.

Mitch Zeller: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Appointed in March 2013 as Tobacco Czar after the rather hasty departure of Dr. Lawrence 'Bopper' Deyton, Zeller has kept the tobacco community walking on egg shells.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010 13:33

Snus Warriors

Mick_Hellwig317x434First off I’d like to apologize to my faithful readers for such a long absence from these pages. Launching The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris magazine and working full time has kept my life a bit overwhelming.  I’m slowing down now so I can get back to my writings here.

I titled this “Snus Warriors” as snus is merely the Swedish word for snuff, and the word snuff covers most forms of non-smoked tobacco. I don’t much like the term smokeless, being a compound word formed of “smoke’” and “less”. That is not the point of non smoked tobacco. We don’t use it to smoke less, we use it to smoke none. Sure some of us still smoke a pipe or cigar occasionally, when 90% of our intake doesn’t involve lighting tobacco I say that other 10% doesn’t count.

Monday, 04 October 2010 01:00

Update on the PACT Act - October 4th 2010

The US Congress may be leaving Washington for more important getting re-elected; the Government bureaucracy is proudly doing its best to ruin the country by continuing the War on Tobacco.

While the USPS runs $3BB in the red, Congress has refused to increase the price of stamps, and as more of our mail mysteriously never makes it to the final destination, FDA's Tobacco Control Act (TCA) and BATF's Prevent all Cigarette Trafficking Act (PACT) continue to fight to keep all tobacco (including Swedish Snus but not Cigars) from being shipped via USPS.  Did anyone at the Congressional Budget Office run the numbers to see how massive the amount of revenue this ban is costing the US postal service?  It seems that cigarette and smokeless tobacco smuggling terrorists only use the USPS:  they have never heard of UPS, FedEx, DHL, or even U-Haul.   READ COMPLETE ARTICLE....

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This Week in CTP -- Updates from the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)

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Thursday, 24 June 2010 00:13

The Latest FDA Propoganda on Tobacco

Daily Updates by FDA on Tobacco Control Act

Your tobacco tax dollars are at work! The FDA Minister of Propoganda has developed this widget to keep you informed of why they are right and Swedish snus experts are wrong. Isn't it great how we Amerikans are paying for anti-all-tobacco extremist and special interest advertising?

WARNING: Rational people with true knowledge of this subject may suffer the following side affects from using this FDA widget: nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, sudden anger, and depression. If any of these symptoms occur, stop reading and open a can of Real Swedish Snus immediately.

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Attention Citizens of Amerika!  Today is the first anniversary of the signing of the Tobacco Control Act into law.  FDA is spending tobacco tax money for a huge celebration of this Great Day.  There will be a large parade through Washington by FDA personnel and anti-all-tobacco extremists.  Large piñatas in the form of evil tobacco users will line the parade route for the children.  Lucky children will be given a Teddy Roosevelt Big Government Stick to smash open the piñatas which are full of tobacco tax money IOU's.

FDA Officials at the Tobacco Control Act ParadeThe parade will end at the White House where a lavish dinner party will commence.  A replica of the late Senator Edward Kennedy carved from a block of ice will be the centerpiece for the jubilation!  Cigar smoking will be encouraged and cigarette smoking is permitted out of view of the cameras.  Since President Obama is a cigarette smoker, the smoking light is always on at the White House.  Just no pictures.

No smokeless tobacco and especially Swedish Snus is permitted since products significantly safer for smokers than cigarettes would send the wrong message; that FDA and Congress really care about the health and lives of the 45MM remaining cigarette smokers in the USSA and not just their wallets.

Below is Formal Announcement commemorating this Great Day from the FDA.  You will read it and believe every word of it.......or you may find yourself stuffed into one of next year's piñatas.  All Hail the Politicians and Bureaucrats!   May Big Government bless the United Socialist States of Amerika!

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While the PACT Act has been getting most of attention in the tobacco world this month, the Tobacco Control Act which goes into effect Jun 22, 2010 is far and away the greater danger.  While the PACT Act will slash Internet availability of all tobacco products including Real Swedish snus and will cause significant price increases, these products will at least still remain available for those of the legal age and means to purchase them.

The Tobacco Act, which falls under FDA, is more insidious.  Through a series of advisories and opinions, FDA seems bent on make all tobacco products so unpalatable and nicotine-poor as to be useless.  FDA issues so-called Draft Guidance documents which give a clear look at how FDA intends to interpret the Tobacco Act; often far beyond the language of the law itself.

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