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Thursday, 02 April 2009 09:27

Tobacco Regulation: A Deal with the Devil?

Nonsmoking Nation is not a blog name you would associate with tobacco friendly nor should you.  Her article, "Tobacco Regulation:  A Deal with the Devil?" is an ominous look at current tobacco control legislation from the anti-tobacco side.

Mr. UNZ felt compelled to respond (of course) but the articles matter-of-fact discussion of FDA regulating the amount of nicotine which can be in a tobacco product is chilling.  This article is a reality-check for all Scandinavian Snus lovers who are ignoring current US legislation as they believe it only affects cigarettes.....which we all quit when we took up real snus.

Current "tobacco control" legislation including regulation by FDA is something snus users in the United States can't afford to ignore any longer.  It's becoming time for us to make our voices heard.

Tobacco Regulation:  A Deal with the Devil?

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Wake Up, tobacco users of all kinds (except cigars):  the Tobacco War of 2009 has already begun.  It's going to get bloody too.

It's a shame, the on-line version of the Dallas Morning News, believes only short stories will bring visitors to the site.  This article on leaves out many of points relevant to tobacco users in general.  Fortunately, I'm here to fill the missing blanks.

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Wednesday, 04 March 2009 18:55

FDA Tobacco Regulation is Back Already

American Tobacco BanThe United States Economy is crumbling.  Unemployment is now projected to reach 8% in 2009: Translation; it will be a lot higher than 8%.  Millions of Americans are out of work, losing their medical benefits, their homes, and those still with jobs live in constant well-founded fear that their jobs will be the next ones to be eliminated.  America is not in Recession:  We are already suffering the Second Great Depression.  The stakes?  America itself and the World economy by extension.

None of that is important enough to capture the attention of myopic Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA).  In the midst of America's worst economic crisis in 90 years, Waxman is laser-focused on his own personal agenda.  He has already resurrected his 2008 attempt to   place all tobacco products under FDA Control.

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Camel PosterAnd now we come to the part of the this series that I have really been dreading.

You probably suspected something was odd since Part 2 came out very quickly after Part 1. Well, I admit it: I've been purposefully been putting off writing Part 3. While I would rank Camel SNUS above Marlboro (not snus), it's still sub-standard, over-priced, and doesn't last long at all. It doesn't come anywhere near the taste of even 4th tier Swedish Snus.

No, my two reasons for dreading writing this last article has nothing to do with Camel SNUS. The first and main reason I'm saving for the very end of this article. The second reason is actually personal.

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