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Sunday, 14 June 2009 18:54

Is Big Tobacco Selling Harm Reduction?

No and Yes.Famed columnist and tobacco industry veteran, Andrew Romeo

One thing must remain clear.  Big Tobacco wants its legal consumers to smoke as many cigarettes as possible.  The bulk of their marketing, where it is allowed around the world, is dedicated to "YAS," Young Adult Smokers, who 'party smoke' when they go out, or have a few drinks.  The marketing emphasizes night-life and independence, blah-blah-blah.

Yet, "party-smoking" is going the way of the dodo all over Europe and North America.  So are many other opportunities to smoke. Bars, restaurants, workplaces, one's own home if there are children or a hostile co-habitant. Hell, the Poles tried to ban smoking in parks and at bus stops.

Some eating and drinking institutions manage to develop outdoor seating alternatives for smokers.  Sweden and Norway almost totally reversed the effect of their bans by making their summer seating year-round with huge heat-lamps and blankets.  One bar in Ireland, it was said, removed it's roof so that patrons could smoke 'in' the bar.

general_wintergreenWelcome back snus lovers!

You all might be wondering why I picked General Wintergreen portion snus to do a review on this week. Well, during my weekly meeting with Larry Waters  and the rest of the SnusCENTRAL team, it was revealed that both General Mini Mint and General Wintergreen should be available in the SnusCENTRAL Snus Shop around the first or second week in April 2009. Knowing this, I decided that since the date is fast approaching, it may be a good idea to review it so you all will have an idea of what it tastes like!

"Snus Guy, this isn't going to be one of those reviews on the web that reads like a commercial, is it?" Now I would hope you all know me better than that! This review will be just like the rest, an unbiased, fun review on taste, feel and my recommendations. So, knowing this, let's get right into the review!



Greetings fellow snus lovers!

This week, I thought I would do something a little different in the way of snus reviews. Instead of just reviewing one kind of Swedish snus, I thought we would do a review that shows the taste differences between American snus, specifically Camel SNUS, and Swedish snus in general.

There have been a ton of questions about the taste differences between the two lately that; I feel this is necessary to further your journey into the wonderful world of Swedish snus! One warning though, this review will not contain scientific data regarding TSNA levels, amounts of nicotine and guest speakers from the medical factions or anything like that.

We are going to review both types as we always do and compare the tastes, portion materials, mouth feel and their differences. My great friend and colleague Larry Waters, Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States,  has lots of articles here on SnusCENTRAL that will give you all the data his no-so-unbiased review of taste, materials, and mouth feel.  We're just concerned with a stoic look at the tastes, materials and feel! So, with that out of the way, let's begin our journey!


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