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Welcome back snus lovers!You don't have to be a Northerner to Buy Snus at - We ship to all 50 United States !

Today we are going to review another snus that has just raised the bar on Nicotine levels in Swedish snus, V2's Thunder Extra Strong Original portion snus. I was a bit nervous about researching Thunder snus for our review simply due to the high amount of Nicotine in it but I knew there were probably snus lovers out there that felt the same way.  I owe it to them to not be a sissy about it! So I got up the courage and ordered a can.

"Snus Guy! You've taken us through high Nicotine snus before. Why were you nervous about Thunder snus?" Well, it's true that I've reviewed high Nicotine snus here before but Thunder snus has 16 mgs of Nicotine per portion which makes it the second strongest snus on earth to date! If that doesn't make a person nervous, nothing will!

Ok, enough about my phobias. Let's review V2's latest and boldest offering, Thunder Extra Strong Original portion snus!


General Onyx - is that a cool looking tin, or what?Welcome fellow snus lovers!

Today we'll be reviewing a pretty special snus, General Onyx portion snus by Swedish Match. I know what you're saying, "Hey Snus Guy! With all the new snus types coming out, why review General Onyx portion? It's not new!" Well, to us seasoned snus lovers, Onyx may not be new but it may surprise you to know that the majority of those new to snus will put a can of General Onyx in their first or second orders!

Why, you ask? The answer is simple really. When I think back to those early days before SnusCENTRAL was created, forums and blogs almost always recommended General Onyx to those new to snus. At that time, it was one of the strongest snus available and, you have to admit, the can was and still is pretty cool!

Welcome back fellow Snus Lovers!catch_chill_collection

Today I thought we'd review a brand new Swedish Snus to the snus world, Catch Chill Mint Vanilla mini portion. I decided to review this snus for a couple of reasons. First, it's a new snus flavor and a unique snus at that, but the main reason is that I've never had a mini snus and figured it was about time that I did!

The reason I picked Catch Chill Mint Vanilla mini portion as the snus mini to review is because of the unique way this snus will be portrayed over the year. You see, Catch Chill's flavors will change 4 times throughout the year!

Mint Vanilla will be the first flavor introduced and around April, the flavor will change to Peppermint and the Mint Vanilla will be discontinued. This will continue approximately every three months until the end of the year. So since we only have until April, let's review Catch Chill Mint Vanilla mini portion!

Before we begin though, let's review what a mini portion is. Mini portions are just what the name implies, a mini version of a regular sized portion. Mini portions tend to be about half the physical size of a regular portion. This also means there is less tobacco andnicotine in the portion as well. Mini portions tend to have between .3 grams and .5 grams of snus in each portion and, on average, 20 portions per can. The Nicotine levels vary between 3 mg and 6 mg per portion. There are even some that are classified as White Mini portions.


Tuesday, 03 February 2009 18:51

Thunder Snus: High Nicotine and Great Taste!!

Written by

Thunder Snus Extra High Nicotine SnusStrong Snus, Stark Snus, Sterk Snus: these are all Scandinavian snus's which are higher in nicotine than Regular snus. Until 2008, this almost always meant 11 mg/g. of nicotine instead of 8mg/g. of nicotine. Eight milligrams of nicotine is the equivalent of one cigarette absorbed orally instead of inhaled. The glaring exception was Skruf Stark which contained 14mg/g. of nicotine.

In 2008, a new snus category was introduced: the Extra Strong, Extra Stark, Ekstra Sterk high nicotine snus's.

Greetings fellow snus lovers!

This week, I thought I would do something a little different in the way of snus reviews. Instead of just reviewing one kind of Swedish snus, I thought we would do a review that shows the taste differences between American snus, specifically Camel SNUS, and Swedish snus in general.

There have been a ton of questions about the taste differences between the two lately that; I feel this is necessary to further your journey into the wonderful world of Swedish snus! One warning though, this review will not contain scientific data regarding TSNA levels, amounts of nicotine and guest speakers from the medical factions or anything like that.

We are going to review both types as we always do and compare the tastes, portion materials, mouth feel and their differences. My great friend and colleague Larry Waters, Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States,  has lots of articles here on SnusCENTRAL that will give you all the data his no-so-unbiased review of taste, materials, and mouth feel.  We're just concerned with a stoic look at the tastes, materials and feel! So, with that out of the way, let's begin our journey!


Welcome back fellow Snus Lovers!

I picked Offroad Icemint lössnus as this week's snus review for a lot of reasons but mainly because of all the questions I've received about it. I've also seen the taste compared to Jakobsson's Ice Fruit portion as well. That's when I said to myself "Snus Guy, you know the tastes are completely different! Maybe you should let the people know and do the review already!" Well, that and Mr. UNZ threatened to stop letting me do his laundry if I didn't do a review on it soon! ;>)

So with that being said, let's go and review V2's Offroad Icemint Lös!

Welcome back fellow snus lovers! Swedish Match - The Largest Snus Manufacturer in the World.

Before I go into the review of Claq Qui, I think it may be best to do a little explaining about the recent reviews on strong snus.

Since about the time I began my journey into Swedish snus there's been a clamor among snus users for a larger variety of snus with higher nicotine contents. I jumped on the bandwagon as well since there were only 4 brands with Nicotine contents above 11 mg per gram. The only one I liked was Skruf Stark portions which have 14 mg per gram!



Welcome back fellow snus lovers!

I figured since my liberator and, good friend, Larry Waters, did a review recently about General Ekstra Sterk (I couldn't sleep at all that night since, my closet is in his office and, his typing method is quite loud!), I would do a review on the snus that could be considered it's weaker little brother, General Sterk White portion snus.

I know what you're all saying, "but Snus Guy, we want to read your review on Ekstra Sterk as well!" and, I promise you, I will post a review on it soon but, for now, let's take a look at General Sterk White portion snus!


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