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Ettan Snus by Swedish MatchWelcome back snus lovers!

I recently took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to take a walk in my favorite gardens to figure out which snus we should discuss next. While I was taking my constitutional, a colleague of mine had asked why I hadn't reviewed a loose snus lately. As I reflected on the question, I realized not only haven't we discussed a loose snus brand in a couple of months, we also haven't discussed a brand family either!

So I asked myself, which family should I review? Since it had been quite some time since we've done a family review, I wanted a snus that not only had all three varieties, loose (lös), white and original portion, I wanted it to be a snus that not a lot of Swedish Snus users had heard of or tried and one that had a bit of history behind it. That's when I thought of the Ettan family of snus.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Snus Guy! All Swedish snus has some history behind it! After all, snus was invented in Sweden over 200 years ago. What makes Ettan so special?" I'm glad you asked. Let's get into the review and you'll see what makes the Ettan family of snus so special!

Saturday, 18 July 2009 21:16

Discreet Snus: An American Snus Review

Written by

While perusing the latest FS&S catalog I saw a blurb for Discreet snus. I wasn’t looking for snus; I was shopping for whole tobacco leaves (which are another topic). Discreet snus, I thought, great another Americanized bastardization of my beloved Swedish snus. Do these arrogant Americans have no shame?

I freely admit my first taste of snus was one of those “Americanized bastardizations” of snus. Namely Camel SNUS (RJR version 1). I do have a soft spot in my heart for those mini, tasteless, overpriced, sugary treats. Without them I would still be a cigarette smoker and never have known the wonderful goodness of true snus. Said soft spot is not soft enough to buy more of them, but still…

Phantom Classic White Portion Snus For the last two days, I've been using a snus I'm pretty confident most of you aren't:  Phantom Classic White Portion Snus by V2 Tobacco.  The reason for my confidence?  The official release date for Phantom Classic White Portion Snus is still more than a month away as of this writing!

Not only do I have the first review of Phantom White Portion Snus on the planet, but more on the new products and brand names V2 will be releasing over the next few months!


Skruf Cranberry portion snus by Skruf AB! A great beginner's snus!Greetings fellow snus lovers!

This week, I thought we would review another fruit flavored snus that really threw me when I was beginning my foray into the wonderful world of Swedish snus, Skruf Cranberry or Tranbär.  Why did it throw me, you ask? The answer is simple really.

Japan Tobacco International; maker of Swedish CAMEL SnusJoakim Nilsson is Communications Manager at JTI Sweden. He supplied me with the official information on JTI CAMEL Snus almost simultaneously with its release. We've developed a very pleasant relationship which has given me a new appreciation of not only JTI Sweden, but JTI America.

While I was attending Tobacco Plus Expo in New Orleans last week, the JTI America team was very friendly, very interested in seeing the Swedish CAMEL containers, and generally took the time to talk and answer my questions, even though I was a Journalist and not a prospective customer.


Tre Ankare regular and mini White portion snus! Available at the SnusCENTRAL Snus Store!Welcome back Snus Lovers!

I thought this week we would journey into "Value Priced" snus by reviewing the first low priced brand in the Swedish Match family, Tre Ankare. I know you're all saying "Snus Guy, what's up with the low priced snus reviews?" Basically, I wanted to review this lower priced snus brands for two reasons. The first one is that I want to make sure Tre Ankare, as well as other value priced snus, doesn't get the branding that value priced foods and merchandise get which is, that they are typically subpar in taste and quality.

The second reason is that Tre Ankare is a relatively unknown snus brand. I don't mean that nobody knows that Tre Ankare is a snus brand, just that it's not as popular as its well known siblings in the Swedish Match family like General and Röda Lacket! So, with that information in hand, let's begin our journey into Tre Ankare White and Mini White portion snus.



Jakobsson's snus by Gotlandssnus!Greetings fellow snus lovers!

Well, it's been a pretty quiet weekend here at SnusCENTRAL Headquarters my friends!  Mr. UNZ decided to take a sanity weekend so I was able to get a few things on my to-do list done! That kept me in my office most of the weekend so I figured it was a perfect time to go through my snus fridge. I usually have about 10 to 15 cans of snus open at any given time and while I was arranging them, I came across a snus that was one of the first that I tried! No, it hasn't been in there since June of '08 (although there were a few in there that have been a month past the best before date!), it is one, however, that is always in there. That snus is Jakobsson's Ice Fruit portion snus! Before we go into the review though, let's review something about the best before dates on the bottom of snus cans.


Greetings fellow snus lovers!

I was browsing around on the site this week and noticed that Larry Waters had posted a shocking article on Nick and Johnny East and West. After reading it, I figured that perhaps a review on the taste of these two unique snus brands would be in order so, you can judge for yourselves on the taste of Nick & Johnny East and West before they're gone forever! So, with that in hand, let's begin the review on these two very unique snus brands!

Nick & Johnny East and West are truly very unique, from their Nicotine contents to their tastes to their cans! I know what you're thinking, "Snus Guy! Why are you doing a review on just two of the Nick & Johnny family when there are a total of three? " True, there are three in the Nick & Johnny family but, like I said in the beginning, there is a big reason why I want to only focus on these two for now. I promise it'll all become clear towards the end! So, on to the review!


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