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thunder_white_collectionA strange thing happened to me while I was sitting on the Oval chair in my office in the SnusCENTRAL Bunker. As you all know, Larry had graciously set up an office of the Snustopian Consulate in the famed, and and plausably denied by the SnusCIA, SnusCENTRAL bunker which I think is very nice of him.

Not to complain, but I really get alot of people asking me if this is the "Water Closet" or "Loo". I tell them that "No, this is the Office of the Snustopian Consulate" and make a long story short, the brass plaque on the door that reads "MENS" stands for "Main Entrance for New Snustopians"! Anyway, I'm off track. Lets talk snus.

I received a mysterious white bubble envelope with the only markings on it reading "Your wish has been fulfilled! M-U" When I opened the package, I was extremely excited to see four cans of what looked to be the Thunder Mint snus collection and Thunder Raw Ultra Strong snus.

After looking more closely, I saw that they were White Portion versions of the most popular Thunder snus flavors available! So, today I've decided to give you an overview of what Marc and Patrick at V2 Tobacco have created!

blagul120828Welcome back fellow snus lovers!

Over the past few years or so, it seems like anyone, with some knowledge of snus making in Sweden, can become a a snus manufacturer! Not that this is a bad thing,  it’s becoming similar to the way it was before the Tobacco Monopoly was formed back around the turn of the 20th century, we’re beginning to see more artisan type manufacturers, making snus for specific reasons and this is where Blågul original portion snus comes in.
New for 2012: Granit Strong White Portion Welcome back fellow snus lovers!

As I sit here in my office at the lavishly decorated Snustopian Embassy here at SnusCENTRAL; well, actually it’s the WC in Larry’s office and by lavishly decorated I mean there’s little soaps shaped like Moe UNZ’s head and a few clean towels, trying to decide on which snus we should review this week.

I found an old can of Granit Maxi portion in my desk from about 2 years ago. I asked Larry if F&L still made this snus and, to my surprise, they do but he also told me that Granit came out with a Strong White portion just before I came back to SnusCENTRAL and wondered if I would like to review it.

Since I really do like White portion snus and it’s been a long time since I’ve had Granit, I said “Brilliant! I was looking for something new to review here and I think that’s the one!” After a long reviewing process and quite a few cans of Granit Stark White, I think we can now start our review of Granit Stark White portion by Fiedler & Lundgren.

Greetings Snus Lovers!

It’s great to be back here at SnusCENTRAL again after almost 3 years. While it had been quite some time since I had seen by beloved Snustopia last time, I must admit that I missed the gang here at Snus CENTRAL during my hiatus. I even missed Moe UNZ and was both surprised and elated when I saw him at Snustopia International Airport last weekend. I guess Larry had told Moe to go get the Snustopian from the airport and Moe took that as come to Snustopia and get me in the airport!

Once we got here and in the bunker, Larry was ecstatic to see me again and furious at Moe for not understanding his orders but, unbeknown to Larry, I was glad to have the company on the flight back! Moe really knows his stuff when it comes to running the store and it was his request that the first snus review I write when I get back to the bunker should be on Taboca White Extra Strong portion.

That and it was the only snus he had on him for the trip so, let’s get started with our first review of 2012, Taboca White Extra Strong portion snus!

Thursday, 13 October 2011 13:49

Going Extreme: Odens EXTREME Snus by GNT

Written by

Odens Extreme Swedish Snus series was the first snus to break the 20mg/gram nicotine content barrier; taking snus users from Extra Strong to Ultra Strong. As of this writing, the Extreme snus series by GN Tobacco (GNT) reigns as the highest nicotine Swedish snus available at 22mg nicotine per gram of snus.

I haven't discussed Odens Extreme except in passing until now for a few reasons. While high nicotine snus is very popular in Norway and the United States, EXTREME seemed more a novelty more than a trend. While the number of Strong and Extra Strong snus offerings has continued to grow across the market, GNT had remained a solo player in the Ultra Strong snus arena.

Friday, 06 May 2011 14:49

Pioneer Snuff - Swedish Snus made in Laos

Written by

Two years ago, I came across a company called Viking Snus based in Thailand and founded by Göran Andersson, a Swedish expatriate. It turned out Viking Snus was only available in Thailand and Mr. Andersson's English was little better than my Swedish at the time. After another attempt to figure out why snus was being made in Thailand, I gave up.  I only write about things which interest me and a snus I could never taste or figure out was not interesting.

First Look: The Sleek New Aluminum Lid Box for Portion Snus by Icetool

Once again, our friends over at Icetool have heeded our call and come out with yet another awesome snus product!

Icetool Lid Box Portion Snus CanI present to you the Icetool Lid Box for Portion Snus Can.  Like the newly released Icetool Slim Box for Portion Snus Can, the Icetool Lid Box Series is made from a single piece of aluminum for maximum strength and durability.

The difference between the Icetool Lid Box and Slim Box series is a catch lid; the Icetool Slim Box series doesn't have one but is also slightly thinner than the Icetool Lid Box series.

First off, The fit and finish of this can is impeccable! From top to bottom it is just sleek and stylish. This is something that I have grown to expect from Icetool over the years, and once again, I was not disappointed.

Saturday, 05 February 2011 13:30

A Real Snus Review - 2011 Releases not all Great

Written by

Hello ladies and gents. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a column here at SC, but we’ve been busy as sin trying to get the new issue of the Ephemeris up and running. I’mGet the next issue of Snuff Taker's Ephemeris or you won't know stuff putting the finishing touches on it now, but I wanted to take a few minutes to comment on some of the new snus that has come out since my last column. I know that I normally don’t do reviews or anything, but I just had to get some of this off my chest.

First: the good. Jägarpris from AG Snus is the first new snus since Lucky Strike Bold to really make me excited. The portions are super comfortable, ultra-wet and have a cool pseudo-threaded design at the seam. The container is really comfortable sitting in your back pocket and the label is simple and classy.

The flavor of Jägarpris may be a touchy subject for some of you. I’m one of the three guys in the world that liked Level snus, which was sadly discontinued some time back. Level has a bad rep on most of the snus forums, but I could never understand why. It was reminiscent of General’s traditional bergamot, salt and citrus flavor, but the citrus was tweaked just a tiny bit and the salt & pepper spiciness was way more in-your-face than General. It never got bitter on me, even if I had it in for an hour. Best of all, Level was 2.49 a can when most name brand snus was 3.39 a tin. About the only thing I didn’t like about Level was that it didn’t feature a catch lid, which really didn’t matter much to me anyway.

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