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Submitted by: hwagner
Manufacturer: UST
Product Description:

Skoal has introduced a new "snus" in 2011.  The two flavors are Mint and Smooth Mint.  I opened the Mint and the first impression is, these things are huge.  Much larger than Camel SNUS portions. [Editor's Note:  Skoal Snus pouchs are large but only contain 1.1 grams/snus per pouch as compared to 1 gram for the General Original PortionEach can of Skoal Snus contains 15 pouches.]   Here's the pouch size compared to General Original Portion:

At left, Skoal Mint Portion.  At right, General Snus regular one gram portion.  Isn't the maxi portion dead?The portion is uncomfortably large.  In the can it smells very strongly of mint.  Almost a candy mint.  Not a good sign.

It's a very dry portion also.  I've had it in for about 20 minutes and the taste isn't too bad.  Not as sweet as Camel, but still a lot sweeter than even General Mint.  As far as nicotine content, I'm not sure how much is in here, but I don't think it's anywhere close to General.  Probably closer to Camel's level.

Kind of tastes like if you took a mint snus and added some molasses.  A lot of molasses.

If I had to say, this comes closer to Swedish snus than Camel or Marlboro, but it's still a long ways off. 

I'll let you know how the other Mint flavor tastes when I try it tomorrow.  Though I can tell you in the can it smells like gum.  Again, not a good sign.

I tried the Skoal Snus Smooth Mint and it's definitely my least favorite of the two. It smells exactly like Wrigley's Spearmint gum.  This one, like the Mint flavor, has an overwhelmingly sweet taste.  Though unlike the Camel, the flavor did seem to last longer.

I would recommend the Skoal Snus over Camel but that's not exactly a compliment.  American snus still has a long way to go. 
Luckily, we don't have to wait on them to catch up.  We can just keep using our REAL Swedish snus and be happy.  :D

Submitted by Harv Wagner, Proud Member of

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Brand: Skoal
Located in: American Snus
I'm not getting Skoal's thinking 

On 30 Nov -0001, LarryWaters wrote:
My Skoal Mint and Smooth Mint samples are on the way so I can't comment as to taste yet. Here's what I don't get:
Why is one called Mint and the other Smooth Mint? Does this mean the Mint is a harsh mint? Otherwise, why call the other Smooth Mint?
The size of the portion is huge which is not a good thing. Almost all Swedish Maxi Portion snuses have been discontinued do to poor sales in 2010.
For those new to snus, the Skoal portion is going to be very uncomfortable and obvious when under the upper lip.
At first blush, the 2011 Skoal products seemed targeted strictly at dip users who will no doubt place them in their lower lip. Hope Skoal mentions spitting (should be) unnecessary with a snus.

On 30 Nov -0001, snusjuice wrote:
The new Skoal Mint Smooth - I am no expert but I thought it was terrible. I only bought it to see if it was worth using as a back up while I waited on an order of snus. If I want that experience again i can just crush up candy canes and put them in a tea bag while I chew a piece of nicorette. Disgustingly sweet ridiculous portion size and still not enough nicotine. "It's getting better" just isn't good enough. So I guess I just have to stay on top of ordering enough snus to last and maybe by a roll of something cheap like Off Road to throw in the freezer and forget about until I need it.
better than 

On 30 Nov -0001, chinstar wrote:
I gotta tell you it's alot better than camel but still not as good as swedish. It's portions are waaay too big. The taste is too sweet and it's more of a dip than a snus. For an american brand.. good try. Maybe it'll get better.

On 30 Nov -0001, RWBonner wrote:
Skoal snus is by far the closest to real snus it can get. The problem is that the portions are just too big! Now that General is available here in the USA, it is my snus of choice.
its good for one thing 

On 30 Nov -0001, joshuaprotheroe wrote:
i work in a warehouse.... and while im waiting on my first order from jakobsson itll do.... i of course am no expert and new to this industry ( i specialize in cigars) so i guess ill get my first taste of real snus soon
If you judge consumer! 

On 30 Nov -0001, bdawg82 wrote:
I believe this product is a step in the right direction, but here it is in my opinion. I don't think American snus has to be or necessarily should be judged in comparison to Swedish stuff. We can have our own style, but the thing with this, it is just too damned sweet and the pouches are too damned big. I like the nicotine content; it is fine. I smoke heavily and dip occasionally and I was hoping this product would provided a neat solution to both. I fails because of the fact that as a non-menthol cigarette and straight dip guy, the candy flavor is nauseating. I took one of these the other night, got excited because it satisfied the nicotine craving, without the overkill I get from some other snus and brands of snuff. Perfect nicotine. So, I have been trying to increase night by night, cutting out the smokes, and tonight, the flavor got out of hand and forced me to worship the porcelain god. I dip Grizzly Straight. It has never made me vomit. The flavor is just too much. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...if you are with Skoal, cut back the syrupy sugar, make a straight flavor, make the pouches a bit smaller. The nicotine will hit the spot with the American consumer. Just dial it back on the candy a bit. We are grownups. We can't deal with that much sweetness anymore.


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