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It's great to finally be back at the Snustopian Embassy here in the SnusCentral bunker. Although it took some time and a bit of bribery before Moe remembered where he'd put the keys, I'm really looking forward to reviewing all the new Swedish snus brands that have been released during my hiatus.

The first set of snus brands we'll be taking a look at arrived at the embassy by carrier UNZ meaning that when Moe finally gave me the keys, he handed me a box with a message scribbled on it saying "First". When I opened the mystery box, a snus brand I've never seen before greeted me, or so I thought. That snus brand is General G.3 Extra Strong Slim White portion snus. So, let's dive right into the review and you'll see what I mean by "or so I thought"...

Swedish Match has a snazzy new look for their Nick & Johnny brand. The can, as you can see in the picture, has raised lettering that looks as though it was sleekly brushed on by hand. I could see this snus can in James Dean's back pocket...

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Heather Schable

Heather Schable-C235x274My name is Heather Schable, and I hail from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I live with my husband, my family, and our three dogs here in the southern swamps, an hour from New Orleans,  also known as the Crescent City. My interests are  science, history, European culture, ancient Norse spiritually,  delicious cuisine, and of course good tobacco and Swedish snus. I'm also an animal lover, and a nature lover with a wild spirit.

I have been using Swedish snus going on four years now. My husband initially introduced me to the wonderful world of Swedish snus.  I was never a smoker, but Swedish snus helped my husband kick a twenty-two year smoking habit. I'm very grateful for that. I hope to bring you fun and enlightening reading about Swedish snus products. Skål!

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ABOUT The Experience


In 2007, a Blogger writing under the pen name of Mr. Unloadingzone discovered Camel SNUS. He had long been searching for a way to reduce the risks of his 30+ year cigarette habit. A loyal R.J. Reynolds customer since the 1970's, Mr. Unloadingzone first forced himself to switch from Camel Lights to Eclipse Cigarettes. It was a struggle but Eclipse did not leave him reeking of the cigarette smell which has become so socially unpopular in the United States.

Eclipse's Reduced Harm Benefits (if any) are yet to be fully disclosed but Mr. Unloadingzone wrote numerous articles praising Eclipse for its valiant attempt to make a more discreet cigarette on his general subject blog, The Unloading Zone. These articles receive a large number of page views to this day.

Camel SNUS was not really to his liking but if he could use it anywhere with complete discretion and it would curb his nicotine cravings, he was up to the challenge. Since he had to chain-snus to keep his nicotine levels up and Camel SNUS was so expensive, Mr. Unloadingzone again jumped onto the Internet looking for on-line stores which sold Camel SNUS at a discount. Google searched away under the keyword "snus" and an odd thing happened. While virtually no results on Camel Snus appeared, large numbers of results did concerning "Swedish Snus". Like most Americans, Mr. Unloadingzone never heard of Swedish Snus.

What he read intrigued him. Reynolds and Philip Morris USA had not invented snus in 2006; the Swedes had over 200 years ago. And fortunately for him, Up In Smoke, a tobacco store 5 minutes from his house carried a very limited selection of genuine Swedish Snus.

Within moments, he was at the tobacco store staring in wonder at the contents of a container of General Portion Snus. There were a lot more portions of General snus than Camel SNUS provided. Each was much bigger, and they were moist. He was confused but inserted a portion into his mouth. It was like going from flavored sawdust to Fillet Minion!

Returning home, he wrote an article about his experience entitled " Camel and Marlboro: When it Comes to Snus, You LOSE! ". Today, this is the most widely read article on snus on the Internet.

The response to the article was overwhelming. Visits to The Unloading Zone quadrupled in a matter of days. Seeing the reader interest and wanting to know more about Swedish Snus himself, Mr. Unloadingzone spent months in a frustrating attempt to separate Internet fact from fiction; marketing from genuine information; politically motivated Research Studies from objective Research Studies, and focused his growing snus knowledge into articles and reference lists for his readers. His snus interested readership continued to grow as did his knowledge and compilation of facts.

In 2008 he became frustrated. The Unloading Zone had originally been designed as a personal/stress relieving blog about what interested Mr. Unloadingzone at the time. It was too under-powered to easily categorize all his snus information and there was more functionality he wanted to include but was simply unable, being limited by The Unloadingzone's technical limitations. His other readers which were more interested in other topics were expressing their displeasure too.

On a fateful day in May of 2008, Mr. Unloadingzone asked himself a question: "What type of snus informational website would HE have wanted to use during his infuriating searches for real information on Swedish Snus and American Snus back in 2007?"

And thus the concept code-named Über-Snus was born: a Single Website Solution which would contain anything and everything those interested in learning the facts about Snus and a place for Snus Users to share information and make friends with like-minded people. Mr. Unloadingzone contacted a number of his readers privately for their input and added his own desires. The scope of the Über-Snus project kept growing and growing.

On December 5thof 2008, was beta launched. In less than four months, it had become the most comprehensive Snus information site on the planet. And this was only the beginning....

He really loved that SnusCENTRAL Members took and active interest in the site; offering suggestions, ideas, reporting bugs, and generally adopted the SnusCENTRAL as their own.

While Mr. Unloadingzone was the sole author on The Unloading Zone, actively and very carefully screens new columnists for their own sections. Member participation is also actively encouraged through Member Reviews of both Swedish Snus and American Snus, and the SnusCENTRAL Forum.

Guest Columnists and Snus Reviews appeared on the site as well and in an industry first, Swedish Match AB, the largest producer of Swedish Snus in the world, was given their own section on to directly respond to Member questions, unsolicited advice, and generally interact with their consumers and the snus curious. V2 Tobacco A/S soon followed. continues to grow and Mr. Unloadingzone's dream of the ultimate, all-encompassing, everything snus website is now a reality. His determination to ensure that the remaining 46MM+ American Cigarette Smokers are not deceived into using dangerous, overpriced, products self-described as Snus without knowing all the facts first, lives on.

People of legal age are (still) free to use any type of product they like in America; but SnusCENTRAL is determined that they be Educated Consumers and know exactly what they are putting into their mouths. That was and is the mission of SnusCENTRAL and as it continues to grow and become even more powerful, into new area including tobacco legislation.

Welcome to and we're glad you are here!

It's a new day in America.


The SnusCENTRAL Office of Information

Founding Member of

Office of the Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States

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SnusCENTRAL News Letter - August 2010


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SnusCENTRAL - YOUR Source for Everything Snus
The PACT Act: Dazed and Confused

The war against tobacco and especially REAL Swedish Snus hammered Americans with both  the Tobacco Act and the PACT Act this summer.

Confusion; especially for Internet snus stores with no physical presence in the United States, makes compliance challenging.

No shock the Federal government didn't work out the details with the State governments before they hit the off-shore eStores with the phone book of new rules. 

We pay the appropriate duties and government fees up front for you by using the UPS DDP (Delivery and Duty Paid) service.

Unfortunately, it seems with tobacco taxes and especially sales taxes, none of the states have any framework or ability to give off-shore retail eStores the ability to collect and pay these taxes for the consumer.

Until this is ironed out, all good Americans should pay these taxes directly to your State as you do with other Internet purchases.

Moe Unz and the Attorneys for the in Sweden are complying with everything applicable and working with the appropriate agencies to bridge this bureaucratic swamp. Here is the current status regarding US Sales.

The Latest News from
Julls has returned from his trip to Hollywood with some great new videos!

Word is that Julls is up for 2 Oscar Nominations:  Best Short Snus Film and Makeup in a Short Snus Film.  Good luck!
SnusCENTRAL YouTube: Broadcast Your Snus!


August Snus Specials!

Moe UNZ; Manager of the Snus Store, bought some amazing deals in August just for you. 

These Specials are only good until midnight, August 31st, 2010 GMT+1! - YOUR Snus Store*

*at least until Government thugs or Anti Tobacco Extremists kick down our door and torch the place


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Larry Waters

mr_unz_primary-small1Much about Larry Waters is shrouded in mystery.  In 2009, he was appointed Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States.  He's the top snus investigative reporter in the world

He is also known to certain members of the US Congress and Anti-Tobacco Zealots as The Snus Lord of the SnusCENTRAL SmokeFree Tobacco Cartel.

He lives with his wife, 4 dogs, and an unknown number of security personnel deep within the SnusCENTRAL Bunker somewhere in Texas, USA.

Larry Waters; former cigarette smoker/now born-again Swedish snuser,  is a man on a Mission to educate the 45MM remaining American cigarette smokers that there is a better, safer, (99% safer for smokers than cigarettes) and much more discreet way to enjoy great tobacco taste and nicotine pretty much anywhere and at any time...with no spitting!  It's called Swedish Snus.

Why and how this is all he really does anymore is also a mystery never revealed.   More insight into Larry may be gained by reading the About Us page at and see if you can figure it all out.!  We can't and frankly, we're a little frightened.

Read Larry's Column

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Kevin Toole

Kevin Toole is something of a legend among snus users world-wide.  Under the pseudonymn of Xobeloot, he is credited with being a major factor in popularizing Danish Snus Maker V2 Tobacco and their brands around the globe.  His own personal purchases of V2's Phantom Blue Snus alone financed the latest state-of-the-art expansion of the V2 Tobacco Snus Factory.

Mr. Toole was also an early adopter and strong advocate of the "IceTool", a product which allows loose snus users to make an excellent Pris (pinch) of snus.

Kevin Toole writes an exclusive column for SNusCentral entitled,"Xobeloot's Toolebox: Memoirs of Kevin Toole" and is also a Forum Host on the Member Forum. Larry Waters, Founder of the SnusCENTRAL empire and Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States, stated the Kevin Toole/Xobeloot's column brings an entirely new dimension of writing to

"The importance of creativity, a fresh point of view as well as expertise are essential elements I look for when searching for a new columnist to bring on board.  I provide in-depth analysis, legislative, breaking news, snus industry news, opinionated snus reviews, and commentary in my column.  Rob Jarzombek brings an outstanding unbiased snus reviewing style much needed to offset my own style.  Andrew Romeo brings years of executive experience in the smokefree, cigarette, and CPG industries."

So what was the appeal of having Kevin Toole aka Xobeloot join the SnusCENTRAL Team? "He is an outstanding author, and has a Hunter S. Thompson style of writing with a dose of the supernatural and beer.  Kevin has the ability to emotionally involve the reader in his stories in a way very few columnists can match." Waters stated simply.  "He also has a vast amount of practical knowledge which is why we're so excited having him as a Forum Host.  Mr. Toole is a huge value-add for our Members."

Read Xobeloot's Toolebox: Memoirs of Kevin Toole.

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Sunday, 09 August 2009 11:26

That Snus Guy

World Renowned Swedish snus reviewer, Rob Jarzombek, is known throughout the snus world simply as "That Snus Guy"! Rob writes his uniquely unbiased reviews in an informative and fun way, so that anyone, from the snus curious to the seasoned user, can make informed decisions when ready to make a purchase. He has a guest column at SnusCentral which is That Snus Guy's home away from home.



It is rumored that, persecuted for his Snus Beliefs in his native Snustopia and under assault by political extremists who wanted
to erect a statue of Joe Camel in Snustopia's legendary Skruf Square, That Snus Guy sent an urgent message to his old college roommate, Mr. UNZ.

At great personal risk, expense and with the aid of Halliburton and a 1966 Chevy (don't ask), Mr. UNZ and rebel Snustopian Tobacco War Veterans rescued That Snus Guy from certain death!

You can enjoy That Snus Guy's unbiased and insightful Swedish and American Snus Reviews direct from the closet Mr. UNZ generously gave him to live in here at Snus That is, of course, unless he's changing the oil in Mr. UNZ's car or the Snustopian Death Squad finally catches up with him!

Read his reviews

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Skruf Cranberry portion snus by Skruf AB! A great beginner's snus!Greetings fellow snus lovers!

This week, I thought we would review another fruit flavored snus that really threw me when I was beginning my foray into the wonderful world of Swedish snus, Skruf Cranberry or Tranbär.  Why did it throw me, you ask? The answer is simple really.

general_wintergreenWelcome back snus lovers!

You all might be wondering why I picked General Wintergreen portion snus to do a review on this week. Well, during my weekly meeting with Larry Waters  and the rest of the SnusCENTRAL team, it was revealed that both General Mini Mint and General Wintergreen should be available in the SnusCENTRAL Snus Shop around the first or second week in April 2009. Knowing this, I decided that since the date is fast approaching, it may be a good idea to review it so you all will have an idea of what it tastes like!

"Snus Guy, this isn't going to be one of those reviews on the web that reads like a commercial, is it?" Now I would hope you all know me better than that! This review will be just like the rest, an unbiased, fun review on taste, feel and my recommendations. So, knowing this, let's get right into the review!



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Really good snus!

Chris M. , Saturday, August 22, 2015 General Snus is the only real snus I can buy in American ...

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