New Tougher Food Product Regulations for Undesirable Substances in Swedish Snus

The Swedish National Food Agency (think FDA in the US) is the authority that issues regulations for snus/chewing tobacco manufacturers in Sweden.

A revised regulation specifying the permitted content of any snus sold on the Swedish market was issued on 11 April 2016, specifying not only which additives may be used, but the permitted maximum levels for certain undesirable substances.....

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Snus causes cancer?  Here we go again.  Yvette Brazier writing for anti-tobacco Medical News Today published yet another biased article with cherry-picked data, gaping information holes, and fuzzy logic attempting to show snus causes cancer.

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Today, FDA issued a quite frankly poorly written press release entitled FDA issues first product marketing orders through premarket tobacco application pathway.

FDA News - General Snus gains PMTA approvalSince General Snus and the eight products Swedish Match sells over-the-counter (OTC) are involved, there has been understandable confusion.  Up until now, the focus on US General Snus OTC products has revolved around the Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application (MRTPA) made by Swedish Match over a year ago.

In their General Snus MRTPA, Swedish Match is asking FDA to eliminate and/or change three of the four mandatory warning labels required on all cans of snus sold in the US.  The most obvious are eliminating the cancer and tooth loss labels since they are so factually inaccurate.

Today's announcement concerns General Snus and the Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) pathway.  Confused yet?  I was after reading the FDA press release since they jumbled both PMTA and MRTP in a statement only a technocrat could love.

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Atakan BefritsIt is time for Karolinska, the Public Health Agency and the National Board of Health to do the right thing and explain how there are near zero snus-related negative health issues actually in Sweden. Inform and leave the adults free to make their own health decisions....

Sweden has a unique responsibility to the world to rectify a 40-year old mistakes and potentially save hundreds of millions of lives. It is neither the tobacco itself, or nicotine that kills. It is the fire gases from tobacco smoking, or poor tobacco mixed with other dangerous carcinogens, which kills and destroys health.

A notice on the Federal Register that indicates the Swedish Match General Snus Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application (MRTPA) will be published tomorrow.

Since accepting the General Snus application in August of last year, the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) has on several occasions asked for additional or clarifying information. These amendments will now be available for a second 30-day public comment period ending August 31.

After this comment period ends, FDA Tobacco Czar Mitch Zeller should be able to finally make a final decision on the fate of the General Snus MRTPA.

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Monday, 28 December 2009 18:21

Some love for Swedish Match

Mick Hellwig on SnusCENTRAL.orgNot long ago someone commented that I didn't like Swedish Match products.  I was shocked.  Firstly because I love a bunch of Swedish Match tobacco products: Snus and Nasal Snuff both. Secondly because I thought he knew me better than that. A quick count of my Stash o' Snus gives me 18 cans of SM snus and 11 cans of V2, with a 2 each of Gotlands and F&L. (I did not count Mrs Mick's collection of minis.) I also did not realize I was that low on snus...time to give SnusCentral some money.

Swedish Match makes 3 of my top 5 snus brands, Tre Ankare, Ettan and Nick & Johnny Black.  They make really cool stuff like the Carbon Fiber snus can and available in the very near future the Bullet-Proof can.  They also make the real subject of this article:

Wednesday, 02 December 2009 15:29

Ex-Cigarette Smokers have Swedish Snus to Thank

Swedish Snus IS effective in Smoking Cessation Programs

One of the things I find most annoying and offensive oft repeated by the Anti-All-Tobacco crowd is their insistence that if something contains tobacco, it's bad.  One of the things I find most encouraging of late is that more and more Anti-Cigarette advocates are open to, and even embracing, Smokeless Tobacco as a positive alternative for the nicotine-addicted.  The absolute least harmful smokeless tobacco product made today is Swedish Snus.

A cigarette smoker reduces their harm factor at least 98% by switching to Swedish/Scandinavian snus and is 99% more likely to stop smoking than someone using American Snus.  American snus was specifically designed and marketed to be a complement to cigarettes...when you can't smoke, snus.  Nicotine Gum and Patches have a documented 80% failure rate.  Swedish snus is designed to be a cigarette replacement product and has done just that for countless former cigarette smokers; in Scandinavia and now the United States.

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Friday, 26 June 2009 12:18

Dr. Brad Rodu on Reduced Harm Tobacco

Brad Rodu - Professor of MedicineDr. Brad Rodu is one of the pioneers in establishing that Reduced Harm products such as any form of smokeless tobacco including snus and Swedish Snus are, as he said to me recently, "virtually 100% less harmful than cigarettes".

He is also a very courageous man.  When he began advocating snus as a way to stop using cigarettes and even all tobacco products, the University he was associated with came crashing down on him for being so politically incorrect.  He survived but at a cost.

Dr. Rodu and the studies he published and/or participated in were the first concrete scientific evidence I discovered in my quest 3 years ago to learn as much as I could about Swedish Snus and it's affects on the human body.  He is a personal hero of mine and I confess to a little gushing when he first contacted me.brad_rodu_for_smokers_only

Virtually unknown is the fact that Brad Rodu's work is soon to be validated.  Phase III double-blind Clinical Trials on Swedish Snus began in 2008 and should conclude in 2010.  My next article will detail the Phase III trials in yet another of my humble string of exclusives.....OK, I'm not so humble.

Below are the contents of an email I received from Dr. Rodu recently and the contents of a letter he sent back in 1994.  I think you will find both fascinating.


Japan Tobacco International; maker of Swedish CAMEL SnusJoakim Nilsson is Communications Manager at JTI Sweden. He supplied me with the official information on JTI CAMEL Snus almost simultaneously with its release. We've developed a very pleasant relationship which has given me a new appreciation of not only JTI Sweden, but JTI America.

While I was attending Tobacco Plus Expo in New Orleans last week, the JTI America team was very friendly, very interested in seeing the Swedish CAMEL containers, and generally took the time to talk and answer my questions, even though I was a Journalist and not a prospective customer.


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The Proud Mast Head of the StarTribune.comAfter I published my article, How can the American Public be Educated about Snus when the American Press is so Lazy?  on that embarrassment to Journalism by on snus, Danger follows a camel on a small tin box.  and especially after browsing through the reader comments, I decided to leave a comment of my own.

I registered on the site and entered Comment #36. Unfortunately, either their server was overwhelmed by my brilliant commentary or they just have a lousy site. In either event, the comment wouldn't take. If anyone from stumbles across this humble post, please feel free to reprint the following as Comment #36 under the above article. You have my full permission!

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