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Say Goodbye to menthol cigarettes with Odens Mint White Portion Snus!

Written by Jennifer Campbell
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If you’re looking for a snus that will replace your menthol cigarettes, then this is your new go-to snus! All I can say before jumping into the review is if you're a menthol cigarette smoker (or used to be) buy a roll of this delicious Odens White Portion Mint snus.....

Odens White Mint is the best menthol flavored snus I've ever tried

Starting off with the flavor, WOW! does it pack a punch! Odens Mint offers a great menthol flavor using mint crystals and Xylitol for a slight sweetness.

Oden's Mint White Portion snus brings a whole new flavor profile to the mint category. It has hints of light sweet tobacco flavors in the back ground and a blast of soothing menthol! I’m mostly a mint snus user so when GNT came out with this product I was more than stoked to test this one out.

The first time I popped a portion in my mouth I fell in love with this snus. Now that being said I’m still a fan girl of The LaB 22 (in my opinion it is the best) which is my go-to mnt portion snus.  The LaB 22 also uses xylitol for sweetness which may also explain my love for these two snuses.

Odens Mint White Portion Snus has a great menthol taste!GN Tobacco made a great menthol option that breaks up the mundane day to day available mint snuses. Every time you pop a portion in you are suddenly taken to a place that feels like sitting on a beach with the cool air at your face.

The portion is soft but the menthol flavor so bold it adds a little “burning” sensation in the lip that is pleasant but can be irritating if you use this back to back. The portions are very plump in the upper lip leaving you little to be desired.

Odens Mint White offers a bold mint flavor leaving a fresh taste in your mouth that is very clean tasting.

Cracking this can open for the first time, I was greeted with a great rush of fresh air with mint tingling your nose. The very pleasant smell in my opinion more along the lines of Menthol rather than a “mint”.

The can contains about 14 portions which is kind of a down side but this is also a very inexpensive value snus which sort of offsets that.  The nicotine is standing at a solid 0.9%.

GNT hits another mint snus home run

If you’re looking for that great Nic hit without getting hit over the head, then Odens Mint white portion is not going to fail you lasting about a solid 40 min. Then the flavor disappears gently letting you know it’s finished, with no stale aftertaste.

The can design is really nice with a green and white checkerboard fade that reminds me of chess, and the GN Tobacco logo on the top very clean and sleek!

If you’re looking for a snus that will kick the menthol cigarette habit, then buy a roll; you won’t regret it.

I love this one and Odens Mint white portion will probably be a regular in my purse for some time!  GREAT JOB GNT!

Catch you on the snus side!

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