Smoking in the Ladies Room

When we received our Snus Day package yesterday, I eagerly opened the box in anticipation to try the Lungrens products. I saw the LG Mojito… My heart stopped! At LAST IT'S HERE!

I had high hopes for this snus. With the untimely demise of Gotebörgs Rapé White Large Lime, I was on the hunt for a lime-flavored snus to keep my taste buds at bay. Does LG Mojito disappoint?......

If you’re looking for a snus that will replace your menthol cigarettes, then this is your new go-to snus! All I can say before jumping into the review is if you're a menthol cigarette smoker (or used to be) buy a roll of this delicious Odens White Portion Mint snus.....

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 00:20

My General ONYX Strong Portion Snus Review

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General ONYX Strong Portion Snus: if you're looking for a great snus then this is the stuff to get! ONYX has been the flagship of the General Snus line since 2006 and it is quickly apparent why……

Jakobssson's Fläder Portion Snus is the reborn version of the old Gotlandssnus Fläder (nicknamed "Gotlandssnus Green") revived under the Jakobsson's snus brand by popular demand and for those who never got to try it....

Swedish Match has a snazzy new look for their Nick & Johnny brand. The can, as you can see in the picture, has raised lettering that looks as though it was sleekly brushed on by hand. I could see this snus can in James Dean's back pocket...

Thursday, 27 February 2014 02:08

Why Swedish Snus?

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I've never been a smoker. I did the whole social smoking thing when out at a bar with friends, but that is the extent of my smoking history. Even when I would have just one cigarette when out having drinks, it was enough to make me suffer with sinus issues. In fact, all I had to do was just get around someone else smoking, and I would wind up with a cold.

Although I was never really a true smoker, I married a man who was. My husband Jason smoked unfiltered cigarettes for twenty plus years. I, being concerned for his health, tried to get him to quit many times, but it just never worked out.

I also did not like the person he became when he started to go through nicotine fits. He tried using American smokeless tobacco products, but the chemicals in them made his gum line recede, so he couldn't continue using them. Then, one day by some great stroke of luck, he discovered Swedish snus.

Sunday, 26 January 2014 16:21

The Swedish Snus Diet

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Why does quitting cigarettes often result in weight gain?

Like the caffeine in coffee, nicotine is a stimulant and therefore affects the Central Nervous System. Nicotine can also suppress hunger to some degree. Therefore, why not a snus diet?

For me nicotine relaxes me. I could be bouncing off the walls but after a good strong snus or two? I calm right down. This dawned on me during my last Mom’s Gone Wild Weekend (MGWW), among a few other things. Such as why at almost one in the morning I was unable to sleep, and thought I would write.

Most people who quit smoking often become jittery, irritable, and generally unpleasant to be around due to the lack of, or craving for, nicotine. Many of these people then try to compensate for these jitters with food, often times these cravings are for some type of comfort food; something sweet or salty, with empty calories, and in turn gain weight.

The dirty little secret here is that beyond nicotine, cigarettes also contain sugar; as high as 11%.  Quitting cigarettes also means losing those spike increases in your blood glucose level and the corresponding increase in alertness and decrease in hunger.

For this reason many people who turn to these “comfort foods” tend to gain weight. Or in time go back to smoking, if only for something to do with their hands.

Never let it be said I have ever met a stranger.  New people or strangers are friends I have just not met yet.

A couple of weekends ago my husband dragged me to a pipe show along with our friend Chris. Yeah every now and then, once in a blue moon, I have been known to smoke a pipe. So sue me.

Sometimes on an overnight fishing trip… while I am standing there on the bank, just as the sun just breaks the hill on the far side, steam levitating off the lake and rising to greet the new day… campfire crackling behind me,
soft and smoky like the tasty smoke from my pipe swirling up around my head.

As I lay out other cast across the surface of the then still lake; hoping to drop my lure in that big bass’s mouth merely under the log slightly out of reach from the shore.

As much as I love my snus there is nothing like a good pipe in your teeth in the early morning on the bank of your favorite fishing hole while you try to get that one last cast in before you have to pack up and call it done. I am sure you fishermen know what I am talking about.

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