The battle for market share in the Swedish and Norwegian snus markets has been taking a toll on snus industry leader Swedish Match. Today SMAB announced their latest salvo in the Swedish snus market war with a new snus brand: XRANGE....

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Swedish Match AB, the worlds largest manufacturer of high quality Swedish Snus, has sent a sign of solidarity and support to Swedish snus users in both the EU and the USA. In a bold move showing true Viking spirit, a new limited edition version of Göteborgs Rape' in camauflage was created to commemorate the globe-spanning, extremist war against the least harmful and best tasting source of nicotine on the planet: Swedish Snus.

The official reason for the Battle Snus was made public today: "Exclusive Göteborgs Rapé camouflage can in limited edition.........In connection with the Swedish Armed Forces final military exercise “Joint Challenge” in May 2010 Göteborgs Rapé was sold in a unique camouflage design. This limited edition, totaling 3500 cans, was developed in cooperation with Scandinavian Facility Management AB.

In reality, Joint Challenge 2010 is the code name for the war being waged against Real Swedish snus by the United States and the European Union!

Monday, 07 June 2010 07:46

Snus Price Increase Goes Into Effect

Swedish Snus users in America have more pain coming

Once again, consumers pay the price in punitive tobacco taxation.  In light of the high tobacco taxes, the price of Swedish snus has increased during the last few years.   Monday, June 7th 2010, the leading snus manufacturer in Sweden, Swedish Match, will raise its prices an additional 4 percent, Henrik Brehmer, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, says. This time, the raise is due to an increase in the price of raw materials.

EU Member of Parliament Christofer Fjellner, representing Moderaterna, sees a potential risk of more people taking up smoking as the price of snus goes up. "It would be wrong for the price of snuff to be higher than that of cigarettes", Fjellner says. The last time this occurred, cigarette use, which is only at 11% currently in Sweden, jumped dramatically.

Competitor to Swedish Match, Granit, increased its prices with SEK 2.00 recently and manufacturer Skruf will during the summer decrease the amount of snus per portion from 24 g to 22 g. None of the snus consumers asked in the article think the price increase will affect their habits significantly. Jon Mether from Eslöv is too hooked on snus to not buy it, he says.

The PACT Act and FDA smokeless tobacco regulation under the Tobacco Control Act

The Big Government Bell will toll three times for Americans in the next three weeks.  The first was today with the manufacturer price increases/snus decreases mentioned above.  On June 22nd 2010, the smokeless tobacco component of The Tobacco Control Act will take affect.  Snus Manufacturers who have not registered with FDA and supplied ingredients/process information will no longer be allowed to have their snus products sold in or into the United States.  As of today, the most high profile of these is skruf AB, manufacturers of the popular skruf and Knox Swedish snus brands.

On July 1st, 2010 the infamous PACT Act will go into effect.  PACT will prohibit all tobacco deliveries (except cigars) via the United States Postal Service.  The other common carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx will have the option of choosing to deliver tobacco products or not without penalty.  All packages must be identified as tobacco products, must state that all Federal, State, and Local taxes were collected at time of sale, and require a delivery receipt signature from a person of legal age to purchase tobacco products.

For Americans, this will mean a very large increase in the price of snus and other tobacco products and a reduced selection; especially of Swedish snus.

From Wire Services and SnusCENTRAL Staff

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 01:00

Snus News: Snus Prices on the Rise

BREAKING SNUS NEWS....................

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency office in Stockholm just wired critical information concerning yesterday's rumors of an increase in the wholesale price of Swedish Snus. The source of the rumors had proven unreliable in the past so the snusing public both in the United States and abroad was taking in the information with a health dose of skepticism. Unfortunately the old adage about a broken clock showing the correct time twice a day turned out to be true: Price increases are coming and soon.

Hysteria has also been growing as to the the future availability (or lack thereof) of skruf Snus in the United States after June 22nd. We now have an answer. Combine all this with The Tobacco Control Act kicking in on snus and smokeless tobacco June 22nd 2010, The PACT Act kicking in on July 1st banning US postal delivery of all tobacco products (except cigars...for now), severe restrictions on delivery of tobacco products in general, the addition of sales and often insane State tobacco taxes... this is not a happy day for Real Snus users and those who want to be across America.

All the manufacturers are being somewhat tight-lipped at this point. While the SnusCIA has officially never been involved in water-boarding or other non-conventional forms of interrogation, they have already smuggled a small quantity of Marlboro Snus into Sweden. Since force-feeding Swedes American pseudo-snus is not specifically addressed by the Geneva Convention (yet), we hope to have more complete information in the days ahead.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Bad snus timing on my part. I took a call from Joakim Blom of Swedish Match AB (SMAB) before I checked my email. Refreshed and in good spirits after the call, I opened my email and was greeted by a horrifying message: 1847 By PM, will be discontinued from week 22 (1th of June)! Just one line on this momentous event. Joakim had left for the evening Stockholm time by this point. Not wanting to interrupt his few non-working hours, I fired off an email but knew I couldn't reasonably expect a response before 2 AM my local time.

Of course I forgot that Markus Ersmark of Swedish Match never (allegedly) sleeps. He responded that low sales volume condemned 1847 by PM to an untimely death. Stupid accountants. Didn't anyone tell them 1847 White portion was one of MY personal favorites? Apparently not.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 00:00

Snus and Nicotine

Some help understanding Snus and Nicotine

Swedish Snus produces a nicotine “kick” that habitual consumers find satisfying. The flip side of the coin, however, is that it is precisely this “kick” that explains the risk of nicotine dependence with snus. Most snus brands have a nicotine content of 0.8% corresponding to 8 mg in a standard 1.0 gram pouch. Brands with somewhat higher nicotine content, about 1.1-1.3%, have been recently introduced on the Scandinavian market as a response to consumer trends. On average, snus users expose themselves to roughly the same total nicotine doses as cigarette smokers. However, the patterns of blood nicotine levels are quite different.....

NJ-Black-SM1Swedish Match announced the long-awaited Nick and Johnny Black Portion Strong Snus will be released in November.  The SnusCIA Stockholm office learned two weeks ago that for unknown reasons, Nick and Johnny Black was being held back until the 0102 Lab Series was released.

Sources at Swedish Match AB, who spoke on condition we didn't tell anyone they did,  had no idea why LS-01 and LS-02 were released first.

Back on August 7th, SnusCIA released the first look and review of Nick and Johnny Black.

More information to follow.............................

SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't


The Second new Columnist This Week is Revealed.

On September 29th at the monthly SnusCENTRAL Press Conference, it was announced among other exciting news that two new Columnists were joining in it's mission to further the true and factual news about the value of reduced harm tobacco products.  The first Columnist revealed was Lars-Erik Rutqvist, MD, PhD.  Dr. Rutqvist is currently serving as Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match AB and one of the world's leading authorities on tobacco and reduced harm tobacco products.

Today, the name of the second new Columnist was disclosed.  Mick Hellwig is a Founding Member of SnusCENTRAL and a prolific writer.  His well over 1000 posts on the  SnusCENTRAL Forum demonstrate how much he loves helping those new to snus and anyone else with questions and information.

He wrote a review on Discreet Snus worthy of the Larry Waters and Friends Snus Review Section a while back.  He truly is an excellent and engaging writer.

Mr. Hellwig is also known for his opinions, his passions, and not being shy about expressing them.  You may not agree with him or you may become one of the Legion of HELLwigers.  One thing you will not be is bored or misinformed.

Big Mick, as we lovingly call him here, is meticulous in his research and has been a go-to for me on areas I'm not familiar with or if I need an objective second opinion.

Mick will writing on Snus, both Swedish and American, Nasal Snuff, and "stuff ".  Other than tobacco politics, I'm frankly not quite sure what the other "stuff" is but it will tie into tobacco somehow...or maybe not.  Big Mick is a loose cannon and I'm excited to have him firing away (as long as he doesn't hit my snus fridge!).   Welcome aboard Mick, and God save us all.

Larry Waters

LARRY WATERSSnus Central has the facts, the studies, the snus reviews, snus, a forum....everything you could possibly want.
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Press Contact:

Larry Waters or whomever answers the phone.
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Published in Press Releases

Andrew Adam NewmanToday, Andrew Adam Newman, an Advertising/Marketing columnist for the New York Times, published an article, A Different Camel is Back in the Glossies .

What is remarkable is that the New York Times, well known for editorializing Big Tobacco to the cleaners on a regular basis,  has painted a fair and balanced look at whether or not cigarette branded snus products in the US are meant as reduced-harm products or complementary products to cigarettes.


Thursday, 10 September 2009 16:29

New Secret General Snus? UPDATE!!

General Snus Limited Edition?

UPDATED !!!  Sept. 11, 2009

On September 10th 2009, the SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency @ release the below information, speculation and clandestine photographs.  Today we uncovered the earth-shattering "rest of the story".  Short answer: is Swedish Match releasing a new line of snus?  YES! Are the below pictures the first published of the new line?  NO.

First our original report; then the fascinating and shocking TRUTH!

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