Dear Tobacco Sirs and/or Madam(s),

If you are considering making a product called “snus”… Don’t! Please do not follow the path of RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris USA and the rest. Do not market a product called snus altered to fit American tastes and Marlboro Snus isn't even close to being REAL Swedish Snus.intentionally very low in free nicotine.

Many hundreds of thousands of Americans like snus as it has been made for over 200 years. If we wanted sweetened, flue cured, oral tobacco we already have a wonderful thing called dip, snuff, or more accurately American smokeless tobacco.

Snus should not be sickly sweet. Snus should be either a tad salty or a lot salty depending on other flavorings. If you want to make American style smokeless tobacco, then do that and call it what it is. What I have seen from you on the American market so far is not real snus, regardless of the name on the can/tin/stupid plastic envelope.

If you plan to make “snus” at least buy as much advice, training and equipment from people in Sweden who have been making pasteurized real snus since 1822.  Denmark is a good role model too.  Then follow through and don’t screw it up in practice as is the case today.

Thursday, 21 January 2010 10:40

A New American Snus Brand?

During their daily operations briefing, the SnusCIA Confirmed a new brand of American snus is being test-marketed.  No other information is being released at this time.  An article by Larry Waters will be appearing soon with all the details.

The SnusCIA has been unable to locate the rumored two new "mystery flavors" of Camel SNUS.  An RJR Sales Rep, when questioned about the two new Camel SNUS offerings, stated that we must be thinking of the Camel Snus "they" had released in Europe.  Our source for this information considered telling the RJR Rep that JTI owned the brand rights to Camel outside the US and RJR had/could not use the Camel Brand name in Europe.  In the end, he decided it would just confuse the poor fellow and ended the conversation.

The US Camel SNUS website makes no mention of any other SNUS flavors except Frosted and Mellow.  That makes two too many flavors of Camel SNUS than necessary but at least the product line has not grown to four.  At least, not yet.  The Doomsday Clock was recently moved back one minute to reflect the current lack of new Camel SNUS products.

............................END OF REPORT.................................



QUESTION: what do Red Seal American Snuff and Röda Lacket Swedish Snus have in common?  ANSWER: At one time, they were one and the same!

RedSeal and Roda Lacket: The missing link in Swedish to American SnusTo kick off my new column, I wanted to take a look over the course of the next couple of articles at the long history of snus in America. That's right- snus in America. You may be surprised to learn that snus has been here almost as long as it has been in Sweden, and it didn't just pop up overnight when RJR dropped the Camel SNUS bomb. The Swedes have been immigrating here, off and on, steadily for the last two hundred years, and they've always brought their snus with them.

Let's flash back a bit to my last article, American Moist Snuff versus Swedish Snus. In it, I outlined the difference between snus and dip, with a focus on Copenhagen and Ettan, which were both introduced in 1822. If you'll recall, Copenhagen was the first "dipping" tobacco manufactured in this country. It was derived from an old Scandinavian snus recipe. Unlike American dry snuff, the moisture content was pretty high in Copenhagen. The Swedes preferred their snuff "wet" since they wadded it up and put it under their lip.


Sunday, 14 June 2009 18:54

Is Big Tobacco Selling Harm Reduction?

No and Yes.Famed columnist and tobacco industry veteran, Andrew Romeo

One thing must remain clear.  Big Tobacco wants its legal consumers to smoke as many cigarettes as possible.  The bulk of their marketing, where it is allowed around the world, is dedicated to "YAS," Young Adult Smokers, who 'party smoke' when they go out, or have a few drinks.  The marketing emphasizes night-life and independence, blah-blah-blah.

Yet, "party-smoking" is going the way of the dodo all over Europe and North America.  So are many other opportunities to smoke. Bars, restaurants, workplaces, one's own home if there are children or a hostile co-habitant. Hell, the Poles tried to ban smoking in parks and at bus stops.

Some eating and drinking institutions manage to develop outdoor seating alternatives for smokers.  Sweden and Norway almost totally reversed the effect of their bans by making their summer seating year-round with huge heat-lamps and blankets.  One bar in Ireland, it was said, removed it's roof so that patrons could smoke 'in' the bar.


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