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Skruf Snus in 2015: Buyer Be Aware

In April 2015, Skruf AB made a radical change to the snus they sold in Sweden.  The tobacco used in the six Swedish market Skruf products was changed to 100% organic tobacco from Brazil and the United States.  This is the new Skruf Ecological line.

At the same time, Skruf makes a lot more than six different snuses.  These snuses are for the Norwegian and International markets including eSnus Shops.  They are made from the same tobacco Skruf had been using prior to Ecological being released.

This is especially important for snusers buying from internet snus shops as some carry both lines.

If you are a Skruf snus fan living outside of Sweden and can't tell the difference between the Ecological and International version cans, you could be taken advantage of and/or disappointed.  This is not a consumer beware situation as much as a consumer be aware. 

Be aware of what Skruf snus you are buying and you will get what you're paying for.  Here's how......

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010 16:58

Obama Hears a Help

Obama Hears a “Help!”

A satirical poem by R.R. Hubbard

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

On the fifteenth of May, in the County of Cook,
Swimming in the green pool of money he took,
He was splashing…concocting more ploys …
When Barack Obama heard a small noise.

Monday, 26 April 2010 05:22

The PACT Act: The Calm before the Storm

Larry WatersAs I write this, we are less than a week away from May 2010.  Swedish Snus users in America (or Amerika, as it has now become) are smiling, laughing, and enjoying our snus bravely.  Behind the frozen smiles, we frantically order mass quantities of our favorite snuses and discuss home snus making techniques before The PACT Act kicks in June 30th.  Or maybe it's July 1st.   Since the Presidential bill signing of PACT was kept so quiet, I'm really not sure when the 90 day period is over.

Meanwhile, FDA keeps making the rules up as they go concerning The Tobacco Act.  Uncertainty prevails.  While some huge Swedish Snus manufacturers seem paralyzed by lawyers and indecision, sleeping giants are awakening and may stomp into the US Market as early as this year or 2011.

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There are currently two major trade shows for the tobacco industry. One of these is Tobacco Plus Expo. This years TPE was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 3rd and 4th. They say that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". As far as snus and reduced harm/modified risk tobacco products go, this show should have never happened at all; in Las Vegas or anywhere else.

Attendance was down at Tobacco Plus Expo in 2009 compared to 2008. This was blamed by some on the show being in New Orleans which despite the scars of Katrina, is still a beautiful and haunting city to me.

Since Las Vegas is still the convention capital of the United States despite President Obama's pleas to Americans to "stop wasting their money in Las Vegas" (or even on vacations in general), the hosting city could not be blamed for the low turnout of both exhibitors and attendees.

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Saturday, 16 January 2010 01:14

Tobacco, Guns, and Money

My other passions in life, beyond nicotine, my lovely wife and kids, are firearms and the politics involved.  I am a certified gun nut. I vote mainly based on where a candidate is on the Second Amendment. I have been involved in the political battle for gun rights since I was a child.  My father was great at math but bad with words, so he would have me spell words that he was actually writing in a letter to his Congress critters. For those of you old enough to remember that would have been Howard Metzenbaum.

I am well acquainted with politicians ignoring us and how that particular fight has gone over the years. I will not go meekly. I have seen these same tactics before and know how they are being beaten. Unfortunately I also know how they are being used against us.   There are many parallels between the War on Tobacco and the War on Guns.

Today we learned that Senator Ted Kennedy has died of a brain tumor.  He was first elected to the Senate in 1962 and only two Senators in the history of the United States have served in the Senate longer.  Politically, it was rare that I would agree with Sen. Kennedy on much of anything.  That's water under the bridge now and I send my heartfelt condolences to his family.

How Sen. Kennedy was used; better said, abused, by Senate leadership and others in his final year, however, I find disgusting, unforgivable and in my opinion, criminal elder abuse.

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Swedish Match Logo

WHY the Swedish Match South Africa sale to Philip Morris International is a win for SMAB, PMI, and their Joint Venture Partnership on Swedish Snus.

On the morning of July 2nd 2009 (GMT 1), both Swedish Match AB (SMAB) and Philip Morris Swedish Snus Ambassador Larry WatersInternational (PMI) had issued press releases confirming that SMAB had agreed to sell their South African operations in the form of  Swedish Match South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (SMSA) to Philip Morris International [NYSE/Euronext Paris: PMI] for a purchase price amounting to 1.75 billion ZAR (the South African Rand.)

According to Forex Rates on July 3, 2009 11pm GMT, this would translate into $226,390,500 USD, slightly more than "roughly $222MM most often quoted in the press.  Regardless; in either Rand, Dollar, or Krona, not a small chunk of change.

In browsing follow up articles to the Press Release on both the wire services and in other media, I was disappointed to find they provided little more than rehashes of the SMAB and PMI press releases.

The all-important WHY would SMAB sell SMSA, WHY would PMI be interested in buying SMSA, and most importantly to me, HOW does this affect Swedish Snus.....they were never addressed or even speculated on in the canned wire reports.  More lazy journalism.


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Sunday, 28 June 2009 17:33


Joe Camel before he became extinct.Just what happened to Joe Camel?

Joe Camel celebrates the brand's 75th anniversary. The anti-tobacco book-burners have made it difficult to get accurate information on exactly when he was created.  An early form of Joe Camel appeared in a 1963 poster so he as at least that old.

Current history states that RJR Nabisco apparently grabbed “New Joe” Camel off of some French, and then-international ads from the late 1970s as a way to commemorate the brand’s 75th anniversary worldwide in 1988.

“Old Joe” has been strutting his ‘stuff’on the Camel packs since 1913. All legal. Traditional CPG marketing.

In 1991, it was recognized by the Journal of the American Medical Association that more American five and six-year olds knew Joe Camel than knew Fred Flintstone and Mickey Mouse.

They didn’t evaluate “Wacky Racers,” “Davey and Goliath,” or “Tennessee Tuxedo,” because, if they had, they would have been caught assuming that kids born in the mid 1980’s knew lots about cartoon characters from the ‘30s and the late ‘60s. They didn't.

Mickey was fresh off a 30-year creative hiatus, and Fred and Barney were canceled for good in 1966. And guess who the Flintstones’ target audience was back then? Not kids.  Check out this commercial flashback of the past.

or, other than Philip Morris, did anyone in Congress or the White House even READ Kennedy/Waxman before it became the Law of the Land?

Ted KennedyAny rational person reading the Kennedy/Waxman legislation President Obama recently signedHenry Waxman - Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor; what's Waxman's excuse? into law would be aghast at how poorly written it was.  The so-called Family Smoking Protection and Tobacco Control Act accomplishes neither.

It is no secret that Black Americans who smoke are overwhelming menthol cigarette smokers.  By keeping menthol legal as a flavoring for cigarettes, FDA is not only mandated to save Lorillard Tobacco and Newport Cigarettes from extinction, but to condemn more Black Children to cigarette addiction.

The joke may be on Lorillard though, as Altria Group's Philip Morris USA; yes the same Philip Morris USA whose lobbyists wrote a large piece of Kennedy/Waxman,  introduced a brand-new Marlboro menthol cigarette just days before President Obama signed the bill into law.  This cigarette is specifically targeted against Newport and Reynolds Tobacco's Camel Crush.


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The President implies that he quit cigarettes a long time ago.  This is from last year.

President Obama today signed the Kennedy/Waxman so-called Family Smoking Prevention and tobacco Control Act into law.  The new tobacco law neither helps family smoking prevention or controls tobacco.  This law is an embarrassment of favors to Philip Morris USA, other tobacco special interests groups, and an attempt to pander to the anti-tobacco zealots.  It's very flawed; it didn't have to be; and we will pay the price.

The following is from the Official White House Website.  Normally, we would just post a link to the article but since the Government doesn't advertise on their sites and our tax dollars pay for the US Government Websites, We're bringing the White House to you.....

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