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American Moist Snuff versus Swedish Snus

The Difference between Copenhagen Dip and Real Swedish Snus

There exists the misconception within the United States that American Moist Snuff/Dip is little different than Swedish Snus except you don't have to spit with Swedish snus.  I decided to delve into the history of dip and snus to find the true differences.

I'm working through an excellent history of snus right now written by Janne Sundling. It is in Swedish, and I am constantly pulling out my Svenskt/American dictionary or calling my Swedish neighbor all hours of the day to clarify certain passages, but there's a lot in there about the differences between American snuff and Swedish snus.

Wednesday, 02 December 2009 15:29

Ex-Cigarette Smokers have Swedish Snus to Thank

Swedish Snus IS effective in Smoking Cessation Programs

One of the things I find most annoying and offensive oft repeated by the Anti-All-Tobacco crowd is their insistence that if something contains tobacco, it's bad.  One of the things I find most encouraging of late is that more and more Anti-Cigarette advocates are open to, and even embracing, Smokeless Tobacco as a positive alternative for the nicotine-addicted.  The absolute least harmful smokeless tobacco product made today is Swedish Snus.

A cigarette smoker reduces their harm factor at least 98% by switching to Swedish/Scandinavian snus and is 99% more likely to stop smoking than someone using American Snus.  American snus was specifically designed and marketed to be a complement to cigarettes...when you can't smoke, snus.  Nicotine Gum and Patches have a documented 80% failure rate.  Swedish snus is designed to be a cigarette replacement product and has done just that for countless former cigarette smokers; in Scandinavia and now the United States.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!, the most comprehensive snus website on the planet,  revealed today that two high-ranking Swedish Match AB Officials have accepted sanctuary at the SnusCENTRAL Command Bunker which is located at an undisclosed location somewhere in the United States.  Swedish Match AB is the largest manufacturer of Swedish Snus in the world as well as being an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of cigars, American smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, and matches/lights.


Published in Press Releases

Welcome back snus lovers!You don't have to be a Northerner to Buy Snus at - We ship to all 50 United States !

Today we are going to review another snus that has just raised the bar on Nicotine levels in Swedish snus, V2's Thunder Extra Strong Original portion snus. I was a bit nervous about researching Thunder snus for our review simply due to the high amount of Nicotine in it but I knew there were probably snus lovers out there that felt the same way.  I owe it to them to not be a sissy about it! So I got up the courage and ordered a can.

"Snus Guy! You've taken us through high Nicotine snus before. Why were you nervous about Thunder snus?" Well, it's true that I've reviewed high Nicotine snus here before but Thunder snus has 16 mgs of Nicotine per portion which makes it the second strongest snus on earth to date! If that doesn't make a person nervous, nothing will!

Ok, enough about my phobias. Let's review V2's latest and boldest offering, Thunder Extra Strong Original portion snus!


Since February 3rd, 2009 I've been investigating the shocking yet exciting announcement from Swedish Match and Philip Morris International that they were entering into a joint venture to market snus and smokeless tobacco products. Lets start with the Official Press Release from Swedish Match:

Swedish Match and Philip Morris International announce global joint venture to commercialize smokefree tobacco products

Published in Larry Waters Reports!


I talked about the General Ekstra Sterk and went into detail, not only on the Ekstra Sterk, but the other recent releases and comswedish-match-logopareda number of the new Extra Strong / high- nicotine snus's which appeared and continue appearing on the market in my December Snus News and Snus Reviews article.

But after the well-deserved pummeling I gave the very disappointing earlier released General Sterk, I found it only fair and appropriate to comment just on the new General Ekstra Sterk. In three words: it's a winner.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

A Camel - It's pretty obvious, isn't it?I was tinkering with The Unloading Zone's underbelly the other day and ran a report on the Keywords that were bringing my readers here. I was Amazed and Saddened by the amount of times "camel snus" came up!

Fellow Swedish Snus Lovers, it worse than you thought out there in America! I googled Camel SNUS and was horrified by the numbers of articles praising it and the incredible amount of misinformation about snus on the internet!

And the comments: They were enough to make you cry. Look at what these misbegotten naive souls are saying about Camel SNUS:

Published in Larry Waters Reports!


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