Today marks the Grand Opening of the latest Swedish Match snus store in Gothenburg. It joins the original in Stockholm and store in Strömstad as showcases of the Swedish Match snus experience.

Designer Marcus Carlsson has expanded his vision with each store. The most radical change to the Gothenburg store is that its called "Swedish Match". The other two are named Svenskt Snus.

Compliments of Maji Dahlberg of Swedish Match, here is a brief photo journey through the new Swedish Match Snus Store.

Moe Unz of was supposed to be our reporter on the scene but was banned by Swedish Match President and CEO Lars Dahlgren. Moe disrupted the Strömstad Grand Opening when he drunkenly knocked over the expresso machine. No one was taking any chances in Gothenburg today.

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no. 1 - Ettan Loose Snus Limited Release 2014

no. 1 Ettan loose snus limited edition 2014Ettan Snus is famous for a number of reasons.  Created in 1822 by snus factory owner Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf, Ettan is one of the oldest active brands of Swedish snus today.

Around 1830, Ljunglöf along with his friend JJ Berzilius (the father of modern chemistry) developed and began manufacturing Ettan snus using pasteurization instead of then-common fermentation.  Ljunglöf concentrated on the enhanced tobacco flavor and high quality of Ettan. 

Berzilius recognized pasteurization as a way of eliminating bacteria in the tobacco and significantly lowering TSNA levels. Today, practically all modern Swedish snus is pasteurized based on the principals of Ljunglöf and Berzilius.

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The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency (SnusCIA) has managed to smuggle out these photos of the now-under construction Swedish Match Snus Store and Lounge. 

The store is located along the Swedish border with least that's where the SnusCIA says it is.  As you can tell, it is very dark when these pictures were taken. This was not helped by our Agent using an iPhone 5 instead of a Nokia Lumia 1020 when taking this photos.

Monday, 13 May 2013 12:52

The Ettan Snus Event: 50% OFF!


Behind the Ettan Snus Event: 50% OFF; Three Days Only, at

50% Off All Ettan Snus at!The Ettan Snus Event at the Snus Shop began innocently enough. Moe Unz, Snus Legend and Manager of, decided to "invite himself" to the recent Sweden Match Snus Summit held in Chicago, USA. Moe had no intention of attending any of the briefings or round table discussions. He was only in Chicago for free snus and to attach himself to the Swedish Match bar tab. Having much practice at this sort of thing, Moe was successful.

At some point, Swedish Match North America realized that Moe was an uninvited guest and attempted to have him removed. Moe countered by challenging Swedish Match to a drinking contest; if they won, he would leave and give back the snus. If Moe won.....he would dictate his own terms.

After a quick huddle with their Swedish counterparts who knew Moe, the SMNA team realized they were out-matched. They selected Marcus Carlsson of SMAB as having the best chance of at least keeping up with Moe, if not beating him. Six hours later, Carlsson lay passed out on the floor as Unz call for more beer. The match was over.

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