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Thunder Snus News for October 2015!

Written by SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
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New Thunder Snus products are coming and we have word on which of the five 2015 Limited Edition snuses survived the cut. 

Our SnusCIA agent in Denmark sat in on a recent marketing meeting at V2 Tobacco in Silkeborg, Denmark.  No one from V2 knew our agent was sitting in; the meeting was held in Marc Vogel's cathedral-sized office.  She just sat in the back and no one noticed her although V2 Uber Director Patrick Vogel kept looking in her direction for some reason. 

It was a little hard to hear sitting that far in the back, but she was able to glean the following information....

Thunder Extra Strong Slim Portion Snus

Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry Portion SnusThunder Slim Extra Strong Portion Snus should be in-transit to fine internet snus shops as we speak.  They are packed in stylish grey cans.

We don't have any pictures of the portions yet since our agent's camera flash may have been noticed, but she managed to grab a few samples and an ad slick as she left.  They will arrive at the Bunker somewhere in Texas in the next diplomatic pouch.

Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Slim Portion Snus will be the first of the new Thunder Slim products to be released.  More will be released in the coming months.

How are Thunder Slim Portions different than the Longer+ pouches V2 has been using?  We don't know; I told you we don't have pictures and the cans coming to us are still sealed.  We will let you know and post pictures as soon as our diplomatic pouch arrives.


More Thunder Ultra Strong White Dry Portion Snus Flavors are coming

With 42mg/g nicotine @ 18% moisture, the current Thunder Ultra Strong Frosted White Dry Portion Snus gives you a serious wake-up call.  Later this year, V2 will be adding Wintergreen, Original, and Cool Mint to the Thunder Ultra Strong WD portion lineup. 

Availability beyond that is unknown at this time.  We are already working on "borrowing" a copy of the Q4 2015 V2 Tobacco production schedule.  We will share that information with you assuming our SnusCIA agent is caught and killed in the process.

Thunder Limited Edition 2015 Survivors

Each year, V2 releases a Limited Edition series of 5 different snuses.  This year, those releases were:

  1. Thunder Extra Strong Limo G'N'M LE snus
  2. Thunder Extra Strong Nilla Shock LE snus
  3. Thunder Extra Strong Kickass LE snus
  4. Thunder Extra Strong Gold LE snus
  5. Thunder Extra Strong Prima Lima LE snus

Based on customer feedback and sales numbers after a period of time, V2 decides which of the Limited Edition snuses will join the Thunder Snus family.

This year, of the 5 Limited Editions......none are going to become permanent Thunder Snus products.  This has not happened in a while but Thunder snus fans have spoken.

If any of these are favorites of yours, we would advise stocking up while you still have time.  If you click on any of the above links and are taken to a "Page Not Found" message, that means there is no stock left.

For an Extra Strong snus, especially Thunder brand, all of these are priced less than 2.50 USD per can currently and are an excellent deal.

Covertly yours,The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency knows snus stuff you don't

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't

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