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Kaliber+ Extra Strong Snus coming soon

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Recognizing the popularity of higher nicotine Swedish snus, Swedish Match will be unveiling Kaliber+ Snus next week....

 Kaliber+ Snus brings great value plus extra strong nicotine to masses

Swedish Match will be releasing two new additions to their value-priced Kaliber Snus brand.  Kaliber+ Original Portion snus and Kaliber+ White Portion snus bring quality flavor and 1.4% nicotine content to the snus market.

Kaliber+ Original has a dark, spicy tobacco character with hints of berries and bergamot, as well as hints of cocoa and bitter orange.

Kaliber+ Vit is the White portion version.  It has a light and spicy tobacco character with clear hints of bergamot and tea as well as slight hints of rose and cardamom.

Kaliber+ pre-release graphicThe Kaliber+ can has been redesigned to include a full-sized catch lid and used snus storage compartment. 

Both Kaliber+ Original and Kaliber+ White will contain 20 portions with 0.9 grams of snus each.

Swedish Match's Kaliber/Kaliber+ line is a value snus product for the budget-minded consumer.  Regardless, the quality and production excellence is no different than the premium Swedish Match snus offerings.  Kaliber and Kaliber+ are made to the same GothiaTek standards as all other Swedish Match snuses are.

Kaliber+ Original and White portion snus is planned to be in limited availablility in some stores in Sweden in December, 2016.  It should be available by Week 4, 2017 at internet snus the legendary Snus Shop!


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