In Q2 2016 the Swedish government took two major actions concerning Swedish snus.  At the time, the first seemed unnecessary and the second only confirmed the weakness of Stockholm when it came to their own free trade interests between Sweden and the EU.

On 1 July 2016 a third snus action was taken, this time not by the Swedish government but by Swedish snus manufacturing giant Swedish Match AB.  Looking at all three actions together begs the question: were these coordinated actions by Sweden and Swedish Match to finally eliminate the EU ban on Swedish snus or just an odd coincidence?

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Snus flavored with spirits is a tradition going back hundreds of years to the beginnings of snus itself.  Farmers in Sweden who made the first snuses for their own use often went beyond the basic tobacco, water, and salt recipe.  It comes as no surprise that wine and spirits were among the different ingredients added to home-made snus.

Mass-marketed Swedish snus flavored with alcoholic beverages have come a long way since Probe Whiskey Portion Snus was launched in 1994.  While Probe has been delisted this year, 2016 will bring forth new snuses flavored with whisky, rum, and bourbon....

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Saturday, 21 November 2015 15:37

Oden's Extreme Double Mint Snus Review

Oden's Extreme Double Mint is a snus which I find very interesting. When reviewing a snus, I look at five categories:  Flavor, Appearance, Longevity, Value, and Overall snus worthiness.

Here's how I rated Oden's Extreme Double Mint Portion Snus...

OK, so the president smokes.  Let's teach him about Swedish snus.Today the Washington Post asked the world to lighten up on President Obama for smoking cigarettes.  Really.  I'm not kidding.

Philip Bump's article entitled Let President Obama have a cigarette, already left me slack-jawed as did hundreds of the comments from the readers supporting this viewpoint.  I'm sure the closed-minded anti-all-tobacco zealots were equally as stunned.

Bump makes the argument, echoed by the majority of the commenters, that President Obama has a very stressful job and should be cut some slack on smoking.  Obama started in his youth and we all know it's very hard for long-time smokers to quit...

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To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of the death of the General Snus Reduced Harm Tobacco Product (MRTP) application have been greatly exaggerated. 

Friday afternoon, the anti-all-tobacco crowd and media immediately began reporting that the FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) had "turned down" the General Snus application; that "approval was denied", that the MRTP application had been "voted down" and in the case of Matthew Myers of Tobacco Free Kids, the Swedish Match application was "poorly written" and "full of holes".

As more information about the TPSAC deliberations began to trickle out, a different picture began emerging.....

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The battle for market share in the Swedish and Norwegian snus markets has been taking a toll on snus industry leader Swedish Match. Today SMAB announced their latest salvo in the Swedish snus market war with a new snus brand: XRANGE....

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XRANGE snus by Swedish Match: UNCENSORED

[UPDATED 30 March 2015]

Swedish Match has lifted the information embargo on XRANGE Snus so we're finally able to publish the uncensored version of the original article without getting our legs broken (hopefully).

Here it is with a new name:  Swedish Match XRANGE Snuses Released and Why?


[Edited 03:00 27 Feb 2015]

The article originally featured here has been removed at the very strong request of Swedish Match as the information it contained was not intended for public release until a date closer to the Week 16 projected launch of the XRANGE Brand.

Below is the XRANGE information authorized by Swedish Match from a press release they issued yesterday.  This will have to suffice until we approach Week 16.  I need a drink...

Mid-April will see the launch of a brand new snus series – XRANGE.

The products in this series have a long lasting taste experience and are less prone to drip, compared to other large pouches from Swedish Match.
The new range – XRANGE – from Swedish Match consists of five pouch products that all have the familiar taste experience from the Swedish Match collection of snus products.

At the same time four products will be discontinued from today's the snus collection: Catch Pure Mint Medium Slim, General Tailored White, Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Large and General Long Original.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:35

The LAB 03 Swedish Snus Review

The LAB 03 is the latest addition to Swedish Match's The LAB brand of snus.  It fills the regular nicotine strength hole left by the delisting of LAB 01 in 2014 but where 01 was a wet portion, LAB 03 is a white portion.

The difference between the two types of portions is that white portions forgo an addition drop of water during the production process.  This leaves the pouches dry to the touch and gives the pouches a whitish color, hence the classification "white portion".

All LAB series snuses are also slim portions which fit more comfortably in the mouth and boast a "non-drip" release when compared to traditional snus pouches.

Where LAB 03 breaks away from its other numbered brethren is something called "Strong Effect".  According to my Swedish to English translation software, Strong Effect essentially means although 03 is a regular strength snus, it gives you the feeling of using a strong nicotine snus. What the hell does that mean?

Having finished my first can of LAB 03, I'm ready to explore this unique concept for a snus with you.....

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 21:26

New Snus News for a New Snus Year!

 Snus News, New Snus for 2015, Swedish Snus Tax Increase

Swedish Snus Legend Moe UnzWhen the Unz Family Snus Dynasty launched the new and improved Snus Shop website a few months ago, they made the questionable choice of giving Moe Unz his own blog.

Swedish snus legend Moe Unz penned this piece for his blog, Moe Unz: The Blog! He did so prior to New Years Eve since he knew he would be stinking drunk by the time this article published.

You can read Moe's peek into Swedish snus 2015 and other 2015 snus news.  It is suprisingly coherent, at least for him.....

Click here to READ New Snus, New Snus Sales, and New Snus Taxes in 2015.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014 23:14

Snus Sales and Snus News for 31 Dec 2014

Final Day of the 2014 Snus Sale

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Imagine a 2015 where every month from January through December, 2 rolls (20 cans), of snus arrive at your door totally free.......

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God Jul och ett Gott Nytt Snus År / Merry Christmas and a Happy New Snus Year,

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