GR' Stark White Portion SnusThe release of the Göteborgs Rapé White Stark Portion Snus Limited Edition is significant in three ways.  However the flavor is not one of these.

Goteborgs Rapé White Stark (Strong) portion snus is just what it is named; a higher nicotine version of the classic Goteborgs Rapé White.  The taste is the same mellow tobacco flavor with notes of juniper, citrus and lavender.

It basically is a limited edition Rapé (150,000 cans)........ Read MORE...

Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion Snus circa 1996Back in the 1990's there was a snus called Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion.  In 1997, Swedish Match invented the white portion and introduced the now iconic Göteborgs Rapé White Portion Snus in 1998.

Today, Göteborgs Rapé exists in a variety of white portion versions from mini to slim to large as well as the classic loose snus version. 

Perhaps it was an oversight; perhaps the sales numbers of the new white portion version were so spectacular, but Swedish Match ceased production of Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion snus in 2000.

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New Cans: Same Great Snus!

We've known this was coming but our SnusCIA Agent in Sweden was on holiday.... Here are the pictures of the new cans for Goteborgs and Roda Lacket.  Note that the 's in Goteborg's has be changed to simply Goteborgs.  An effort by Swedish Match to save ink and help the environment?  An effort to become more search engine friendly?  Or did they run out of room on the label?  WHY?

As to the Roda Lacket White, what happened to the 1960's Hippy Woodstock Anniversary colors?  I guess all us Baby Boomers have grown up.

Reviews of all these products can be found in the Snus Review Section of

Snus Reviews by Mr. UNZ at SnusCentralHi Swedish Snus Fans!

I'm enjoying a Goteborgs Rape White portion as I write this. So far, it is maintaining its standing as my #1 favorite Swedish Snus. My second choice is still the General white portion, but I'm thinking of experimenting with something new with my next order.

Last order, I tried a can of the Elixyr Power Energy portion. I need that extra kick in the morning with my coffee I used to get from cigarettes and this looked like the most eye-opening snus I've ever seen. It contains strong portion snus which has a higher nicotine level, taurin and caffeine!

Combining this with my morning French Roast coffee, I admit I was a little concerned my heart would explode. I'm happy to report it didn't.

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Swedish Snus and Smokeless TobaccoIn my article, "Camel and Marlboro: When it comes to Snus, you LOSE", I described my discovery and love of Swedish Snus. I had tried the General-brand by Swedish Match and loved both the portion pack and the white portion. I figured I was all set: it was just a question of finding the best price and service.

While Google-surfing around in my quest, I came across a small Swedish snus forum that for some reason was closed to new posts but available for reading of the old posts "now that some posts had been removed". Very mysterious. While poking around the forum and reading the various posts, I learned two things new. According to a number of the posters, after a while of using your favorite snus, you get bored with it and need to change for awhile. Then when you come back to your favorite, it will seem fresh and exciting again. And most importantly, watch who you buy from.

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It's been almost 2 months since I wrote my first review of Swedish Snus. I've tasted A LOT of different snus's since then and am ready to present Part 2 of my Swedish Snus reviews.

First, the standard disclaimer: taste is subjective. If I speak poorly of a particular brand and you really want to try it, go may turn out to be your favorite. Conversely, you might not like one of my favorites. This is just my opinion and my taste.
>Buy Swedish Snus from


As to where to buy your Swedish Snus, my opinion remains unchanged: If you're a first-time buyer, use the Discount Code and get 10% off your first purchase: fresh snus,order processed within 24 hours, great customer service: They aim to please.

Now to the taste tests! I found some real surprises, some pleasant, some not, this go-around. I also re-affirmed my conclusion on the Offroad brand portion snus: it's horrible.....unless you've been using Camel SNUS,Marlboro snus, Skoal snus, Klondike snus, or any other American version of snus for any significant length of time.

If you're upgrading to Swedish Snus, you may find some taste too strong (because the American snus's taste is watered down and too sweet). Some people use Offroad as a bridge to the premium Swedish Snus brands. Others use Mini Portion Snus instead of Regular Portion Snus. Since most American Snus seems to be intentionally low nicotine to keep you smoking cigarettes, be aware that Swedish Strong Snus and Extra Strong snus has 2 1/2 to four times the nicotine you are accustom to.

The Offroad loose snus is supposed to taste much better, but I can't say from experience...for a future review.

If you're going directly from cigarettes to Swedish Snus, try a can of Offroad if you like but you can handle (and will love) Swedish Snus. With well over 100 different varieties to choose from, a little experimentation (with the help of our Snus Reviews Section and our Snus Forum), you'll quickly discover "your taste preference".


Published in Larry Waters Reports!


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