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SnusCENTRAL.org is fortunate to have a number of talented writers among our Members.   Also deserving to be heard are a number of distinguished authors, scientists, and leaders on the front line fighting for our right to enjoy safer alternatives to cigarettes which deliver nicotine and great taste.  Other breaking or notewothy industry news is included here as well.


April 14th 2010 - The US House Health Subcommittee is now holding a hearing entitled:  Smokeless Tobacco: Impact on the Health of our Nation's Youth and Use in Major League Baseball, You can view the hearing by clicking on the preceding link and then and clicking on the Live Webcast at the bottom right column.

As expected, several witnesses and many Democrats on the Subcommittee have greatly exaggerated the well known health risks of smokeless tobacco use, and have claimed that smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.  As I write this, Deborah Winn just inaccurately claimed that "smokeless tobacco is not a safer alternative to cigarette smoking".

EDITOR's NOTE:  Bill Godshall checked in with some (amazingly) positive news on  Reduced Harm Tobacco as a way to cut cigarette smoking.  If only the rest of the EU would start thinking rationally...

We are off to a positive start in 2010 on cigarette replacement solutions in the EU.  In an historic first for public health, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) of the UK's National Health Service overwhelming approved tobacco harm reduction as a key component in England's ten year plan to reduce cigarette smoking by half. The US FDA should follow the UK's lead. The announcement and a news excerpt are below and you can read the full report "A Smokefree Future".

Bill Godshall

Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania to FDA Tobacco Czar Lawrence Deyton

There are just days remaining (December 28 is the deadline) to submit public comments to the US FDA on tobacco regulations.   Here is where you can find more information about FDA tobacco regulations.  In public comments submitted on September 28, Smokefree Pennsylvania urged the FDA to:

Sunday, 08 November 2009 15:10

Xobeloot takes on Big Danish Snus!

Written by

V2 Tobacco: The Interview

In the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson, I suddenly realized I was interviewing Marc and Patrick Vogel; founders of Denmark's largest snus manufacturers, V2 Tobacco. Why was I here again? Shuffling through my notes, I realized they were both staring at me. My mind went blank. I turned quickly to Patrick in an attempt to throw him off-guard and asked him the age old question "Cake versus Pie"?

“Wienerbrød... It is a traditional Danish desert like what you would call Cake" he replied.  Fog clearing from my mind, I responded "I don't know Patrick! I prefer pie, but I am always open to trying new things."  He smiled.  "Try some wienerbrød, I think you will like it".

...The origin of Xobeloot...

I remember it vividly...  I was about 14 years old, it was 2 AM, and I just couldn't sleep.  I walked to my 2nd-story bedroom window and quietly opened it.  Hanging out the window as far as I could, I stared out into a cold and snow covered New Jersey winter night, smoking a Camel Wide and wishing that I could sleep.  I finally flicked the cigarette butt out into the darkness and climbed back into bed.

Friday, 26 June 2009 12:18

Dr. Brad Rodu on Reduced Harm Tobacco

Written by

Brad Rodu - Professor of MedicineDr. Brad Rodu is one of the pioneers in establishing that Reduced Harm products such as any form of smokeless tobacco including snus and Swedish Snus are, as he said to me recently, "virtually 100% less harmful than cigarettes".

He is also a very courageous man.  When he began advocating snus as a way to stop using cigarettes and even all tobacco products, the University he was associated with came crashing down on him for being so politically incorrect.  He survived but at a cost.

Dr. Rodu and the studies he published and/or participated in were the first concrete scientific evidence I discovered in my quest 3 years ago to learn as much as I could about Swedish Snus and it's affects on the human body.  He is a personal hero of mine and I confess to a little gushing when he first contacted me.brad_rodu_for_smokers_only

Virtually unknown is the fact that Brad Rodu's work is soon to be validated.  Phase III double-blind Clinical Trials on Swedish Snus began in 2008 and should conclude in 2010.  My next article will detail the Phase III trials in yet another of my humble string of exclusives.....OK, I'm not so humble.

Below are the contents of an email I received from Dr. Rodu recently and the contents of a letter he sent back in 1994.  I think you will find both fascinating.


Xobeloot and his letter; Dear Snus:  Kevin Toole confesses his infidelity.Xobeloot's obsession: Phantom Blue<

Dear Snus,

I am writing you this letter to let you know that I have strayed. For a couple of years now, you have been my trusty companion. You have kept me away from cigarettes, and you have made me feel healthy again.

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