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Swedish Match acquires snus maker V2 Tobacco

Swedish Match acquires Danish snus manufacturer V2 Tobacco!

In a surprise announcement this morning, V2 Tobacco announced they had been aquired by Swedish Match AB.  V2 Tobacco is a privately held smokeless tobacco company, primarily active in Europe. V2 Tobacco is headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark.

To snus users around the world, V2 is most famous for their Thunder Snus line of high nicotine snuses.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Happy New Year snusers,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that 2014 brings you everything you desire! As I am now starting to come out of a 2 week alcohol haze that would embarrass even Moe, I thought it time to do something else with my time other than drink.

Fans of General Snus will no doubt have heard about the new General Variation snus being released very soon.  Larry has written an excellent article with all the info you need to know.
I, for one, am excited about it but due to the snus ban remaining in effect following the TPD revisions (nothing set in stone just yet from what I know), the Swedish government not standing up and demanding the EU snus ban be lifted and instead simply accepting no ban on flavours (a very, well if it doesn't affect us then I don't care attitude), I won't be trying it anytime soon.  A long weekend in Sweden is called for.

Gajane Blows the Dust off Olde SnusAB Factory for Olde Viking Snus

Olde Viking snus by Gajane and GN TobaccoJust when we thought we had heard the last of bankrupt third-tier SnusAB, former makers of the American Grand Prix Snus for Liggett-Vector. The The Gran Prix snus can SnusAB used now is the Olde Viking snus canmysterious marketing company known as Gajane has purchased the old (bankrupt) SnusAB factory for a new snus product line called Olde Viking.

Olde Viking uses the ugliest and least functional snus cans ever made; formerly used for Grand Prix and the earlier Tourney. These cans are made of obviously cheap plastic, are the size of hockey pucks, and have no used snus compartment. Just the graphic has changed. I visited with Liggett-Vector at the 2009 Tobacco Plus Expo where they asked my opinion of these cans. I was brutally honest. You can read my remarks to them as chronicled in my riveting article SnusAB Bankrupt? Is the race over for Liggett Vector's Grand Prix? from last year's Tobacco Plus Expo.

When it comes to snus, Gajane is best known for the Oden's brand of snus which is manufactured for them by a noted Scandinavian Snus Manufacturer. A brand new Oden's snus will be available in January 2009. I'd show a picture of it, but Gajane has yet to make that or other info available; even to those snus stores like which carry the Oden's product. Since Gajane is not a snus company but a large distributor of convenience store accessories like cups, assorted tobacco products and apparently now snus, you would think the marketing people would be more proactive. On the other hand, I doubt convenience stores get more than a price list when it comes to cardboard coffee cups, Atherthons Snuff, napkins, straws and the like, so maybe this is just their nature.

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Sunday, 20 December 2009 07:44

Merry (Bah! Humbug!) Christmas

Can't even afford Bah Humbug Beer I am not a huge fan of the holiday season. The shopping, the expectations, the bad food,the family members that I tolerate once a year just to keep Grams happy.  I have never really been into Christmas, except when my kids were little. The look of joy on my eldest's face when she unwrapped a toy vacuum cleaner at the tender age of 2 was priceless. She played with that thing more than the, shall not be named, expensive, giggling puppet she got that same year. I don't put up lights on my house.I don't wear goofy sweatshirts with festive motif's. I have been known to wear a used bow on Christmas day, but only under protest.

This has been a tough year at the Hellwig household. Medical issues, job problems, car problems, teenagers... all conspire to make me forget what "The Holidays" are all about. Leaving aside any religious connotations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are about our loved ones. Up until about a week ago there were going to be no presents under the tree for anyone in my family. The last week of November my car died, to the extent of needing a new engine. It was cheaper to junk it and buy a beater to get us through, well the beater needed more repairs than I thought. There goes the Christmas fund, snus and snuff fund and a few other meaningless funds. Back to Bah! Humbug!

In honor of V2 Tobacco's decision to commemorate Swedish Snus Pioneer Lars Unz, this article is dedicated to the legendary Unz Family Snus Dynasty

Thunder UNZ VERY, VERY Limited Edition Snus:  a Commemoration Long Over-Due.

The generally accepted history of Real Snus goes back to 17th Century.  The oldest recognized brand still in existence is Ettan, first marketed in 1822.  But a very special journal secretly purchased by a member of the Nordic Museum in Stockholm challenges accepted Swedish/Scandinavian snus history. 

It covers the year 1587 and was written by a gullible yet brilliant Swede by the name of Lars Unz.  Based on his journal and folklore passed down through the centuries, many believe Lars Unz is the true inventor of modern snus.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
Thursday, 17 December 2009 17:52

EXCLUSIVE: Two NEW Thunder ES Portion Snuses!

Two NEW Thunder Extra Stark Snuses from V2 Tobacco

December 17, 2009.........Confirmed......Top Secret........Preliminary Announcement

The SnusCIA Copenhagen Office has obtained one can each of two brand new Thunder Extra Stark Portion snuses from a V2 Tobacco insider with a gambling problem. These products are post-Thunder Berry.  The cans arrived at the SnusCENTRAL Bunker this morning.  Both the cans and the snus were carefully hand-crafted and reported to have been produced in very limited it Thunder's version of Swedish Match's Kardus. This is the first V2 snus under any brand with strong historical ties to early snus history.

Sunday, 08 November 2009 15:10

Xobeloot takes on Big Danish Snus!

V2 Tobacco: The Interview

In the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson, I suddenly realized I was interviewing Marc and Patrick Vogel; founders of Denmark's largest snus manufacturers, V2 Tobacco. Why was I here again? Shuffling through my notes, I realized they were both staring at me. My mind went blank. I turned quickly to Patrick in an attempt to throw him off-guard and asked him the age old question "Cake versus Pie"?

“Wienerbrød... It is a traditional Danish desert like what you would call Cake" he replied.  Fog clearing from my mind, I responded "I don't know Patrick! I prefer pie, but I am always open to trying new things."  He smiled.  "Try some wienerbrød, I think you will like it".

Saturday, 03 October 2009 11:35

OffRoad Limited Edition Snus - 5 New Flavors!

Confidential sources who are cousins of friends who know people at V2 Tobacco have confirmed the upcoming release of Offroad Limited Edition Snus. Those of you who have been wondering whatever happened with all the new flavors V2 presented at focus panels and blind tests in the past will now have your answer.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

v2_logoCan V2 Tobacco do no wrong these days? The buzz about the new flavors they are testing has been overall very positive. The elusive V2 Brown Snus which is being test marketed in Sweden right now should, according to SnusCENTRAL's SnusCIA, have its flavor finalized and be available for world-wide sale in roughly 30 days. And then there is the newest entry to the Thunder Snus line: Thunder Frosted Extra Stark Portion Snus.

Thunder Frosted amazed me before I ever opened the can: the Best Before Date was January 19th, 2010!


Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Welcome back snus lovers!You don't have to be a Northerner to Buy Snus at - We ship to all 50 United States !

Today we are going to review another snus that has just raised the bar on Nicotine levels in Swedish snus, V2's Thunder Extra Strong Original portion snus. I was a bit nervous about researching Thunder snus for our review simply due to the high amount of Nicotine in it but I knew there were probably snus lovers out there that felt the same way.  I owe it to them to not be a sissy about it! So I got up the courage and ordered a can.

"Snus Guy! You've taken us through high Nicotine snus before. Why were you nervous about Thunder snus?" Well, it's true that I've reviewed high Nicotine snus here before but Thunder snus has 16 mgs of Nicotine per portion which makes it the second strongest snus on earth to date! If that doesn't make a person nervous, nothing will!

Ok, enough about my phobias. Let's review V2's latest and boldest offering, Thunder Extra Strong Original portion snus!


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