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Swedish Match acquires snus maker V2 Tobacco

Swedish Match acquires Danish snus manufacturer V2 Tobacco!

In a surprise announcement this morning, V2 Tobacco announced they had been aquired by Swedish Match AB.  V2 Tobacco is a privately held smokeless tobacco company, primarily active in Europe. V2 Tobacco is headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark.

To snus users around the world, V2 is most famous for their Thunder Snus line of high nicotine snuses.

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Snus News from Denmark

V2 Tobacco announced today that Thunder Berry Extra Strong Portion Snus has been discontinued effective immediately.  Disappointing sales numbers are behind the Thunder Berry delisting. 

If you are a Thunder Berry fan, run to your favorite snus store while you can.  Once they're out of stock, Thunder Berry ES Snus will vanish into snus history.

On a happier note, V2 Über Director Patrick Vogel revealed the upcoming launch of Thunder Raspberry Extra Strong Portion Snus.

Back in August 2013, V2 released the very first Raspberry flavored snus, the very high nicotine Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion Snus.  At 22mg/g nicotine, the Thunder Ultra Strong snus series is among the strongest snus currently on the planet.......

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 11:30

Offroad Long Cut Snus Limited Edition Running Out

Offroad Long Cut Red Blend Snus is History

The SnusCIA learned two days ago that Offroad Long Cut Red Blend was almost out of stock. Today that has become a reality; everyone's favorite Snus eStore has taken the product page off-line.

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Thursday, 11 November 2010 11:51

Catch Christmas Snus - Sweden's first Julesnus

Lame attempt at a Santa beard.Merry Julesnus!  Tis the holiday season once again and visions of Julesnus, or Christmas snus, dance in snuser's heads.  This year, instead of just reviewing the Gotlandsnus Julesnus and Nordstrommen Julesnus offerings, I decided to look into the history of Julesnus.

Sweden has a long history of Christmas-themed cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco, so it would seem like a natural progression to extend that flavoring to snus.  Surely in the last 200 years, someone had produced a Christmas snus; a tradition which was born again in the early 21st century.  I was very surprised by what I discovered.

There is a legend surrounding Julesnus stemming from an incident in December 1836.  It seems that Hedvig Unz and JF Ljungolf were attending the same Christmas party.

As was his habit, Unz became extremely drunk and began wildly gesturing with his mug of GLÖGG, the classic Swedish warm Christmas drink.  His arm banged into that of Ljungolf and Unz's drink splashed into Ljungolf's open snuff box of Ettan snus.

Ljungolf was incensed and stormed out of the party.  He never said if he had tasted the GLÖGG-soaked Ettan but since he never produced a Christmas Snus, it's safe to say he was not impressed if he had.

Unz was later found passed out in a snow drift and had no memory of the incident the next day.  This is a common holiday occurrence within the snus-legendary Unz family to this day and also, as a bit of trivia, Per Andersson of JTI Sweden.

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Monday, 08 March 2010 19:16

A Snus Horror Story

Mick Hellwig of SnusCENTRAL.orgBeing a fan of Phantom Blue portions and loose, I had for some unexplainable reason avoided Phantom Blue White portions. I finally threw 3 cans of White in my latest order. I then promptly avoided using them for 3 more weeks.  Turns out I may be psychic.

I was not expecting what I found when I opened them. After a day of loudly complaining to my family about the lack of quality control at V2, my adoring wife suggested I do something more than gripe. I then did something I rarely do. I took her advice.

I sent an email to Patrick Vogel of V2.  Marc Vogel answered and it led to a flurry of e-mails over the space of 2 days. Patrick is primarily responsible for the business and marketing side of V2.  His partner and brother Marc is primarily responsible for the actual making of the snus.

In honor of V2 Tobacco's decision to commemorate Swedish Snus Pioneer Lars Unz, this article is dedicated to the legendary Unz Family Snus Dynasty

Thunder UNZ VERY, VERY Limited Edition Snus:  a Commemoration Long Over-Due.

The generally accepted history of Real Snus goes back to 17th Century.  The oldest recognized brand still in existence is Ettan, first marketed in 1822.  But a very special journal secretly purchased by a member of the Nordic Museum in Stockholm challenges accepted Swedish/Scandinavian snus history. 

It covers the year 1587 and was written by a gullible yet brilliant Swede by the name of Lars Unz.  Based on his journal and folklore passed down through the centuries, many believe Lars Unz is the true inventor of modern snus.

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Thursday, 17 December 2009 17:52

EXCLUSIVE: Two NEW Thunder ES Portion Snuses!

Two NEW Thunder Extra Stark Snuses from V2 Tobacco

December 17, 2009.........Confirmed......Top Secret........Preliminary Announcement

The SnusCIA Copenhagen Office has obtained one can each of two brand new Thunder Extra Stark Portion snuses from a V2 Tobacco insider with a gambling problem. These products are post-Thunder Berry.  The cans arrived at the SnusCENTRAL Bunker this morning.  Both the cans and the snus were carefully hand-crafted and reported to have been produced in very limited it Thunder's version of Swedish Match's Kardus. This is the first V2 snus under any brand with strong historical ties to early snus history.

Sunday, 08 November 2009 15:10

Xobeloot takes on Big Danish Snus!

V2 Tobacco: The Interview

In the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson, I suddenly realized I was interviewing Marc and Patrick Vogel; founders of Denmark's largest snus manufacturers, V2 Tobacco. Why was I here again? Shuffling through my notes, I realized they were both staring at me. My mind went blank. I turned quickly to Patrick in an attempt to throw him off-guard and asked him the age old question "Cake versus Pie"?

“Wienerbrød... It is a traditional Danish desert like what you would call Cake" he replied.  Fog clearing from my mind, I responded "I don't know Patrick! I prefer pie, but I am always open to trying new things."  He smiled.  "Try some wienerbrød, I think you will like it".

Phantom Classic White Portion Snus For the last two days, I've been using a snus I'm pretty confident most of you aren't:  Phantom Classic White Portion Snus by V2 Tobacco.  The reason for my confidence?  The official release date for Phantom Classic White Portion Snus is still more than a month away as of this writing!

Not only do I have the first review of Phantom White Portion Snus on the planet, but more on the new products and brand names V2 will be releasing over the next few months!


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Wednesday, 06 May 2009 01:00

Report from Tobacco Plus Expo 2009!

As a police escort led my armoured limousine down Canal Street towards the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, you could still see the signs of Hurricane Katrina.  Scattered condemned buildings; other homes and buildings still under reconstruction, but it was still New Orleans.  Cracking the heavily tinted, bullet-proof window as we passed a group of restaurants, the mouth-watering aroma of Cajun food filled the limo.  The old cemeteries with their beautiful, yet haunting mausoleums stood as though Katrina had never happened.  It was good to be back.

Today was the opening day of Tobacco Plus Expo 2009; where tobacco and tobacco products manufacturers, distributors, retailers and VIP's like me gathered together, quoting the Show Directory, "Where relationships are established and business is done".


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