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Swedish Match to Delist XRANGE Grov and Salmiac Slim Portion Snus

Written by Larry Waters and the SnusCIA
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According to an inside source at Swedish Match speaking on condition of anonymity, Swedish Match will be discontinuing two snuses in their popular XRANGE brand:  XRANGE Grov Slim Portion Snus and XRANGE Salmiac Slim Portion Snus....

The reason can be assumed to be lower than projected sales of these two flavors.  

This announcement comes as a particular blow to me personally as XRANGE Grov and Salmiac are personal favorites; especially the XRANGE Grov Slim Portion snus.  It was my go-to snus when I needed a break from bergamot.

The XRANGE Snus Brand was a great idea

Launched in 2015, XRANGE was designed to provide Premium quality snus at a retail price not much higher than value snuses but less than their premium brand snus inspirations.  The target market were snus users in Sweden of higher priced value snuses who wanted a step up in quality and for premium snusers looking for a value.

XRANGE Grov Slim Portion and XRANGE General Salmiac Slim Portion snus were added to the XRANGE line in early 2016.  There are currently nine XRANGE Snuses (soon to seven) offerings in the XRANGE brand.  No mention was made of any new additions coming to the XRANGE brand, at least this year.

Rest in Peace, XRANGE Grov and Salmiac snus.  We hardly knew you.XRANGE Grov has been in my rotation since it was released.  I like the slim portions used in the XRANGE products and preferred it to Grov Original Portion Snus which uses a full sized portion.

Swedish Match has struggled to market a successful licorice or salmiac snus offering.  Prior to today's announcement, the venerable General Licorice Portion snus was the most recent of their licorice snuses to be discontinued.

The best licorice snus Swedish Match ever made in the opinion of many was Nick and Johnny Small Batch Licorice.  This was a limited edition snus everyone hoped would be kept as a production snus but wasn't. 

My dream would be that Nick and Johnny Small Batch Licorice comes back as an XRANGE offering if Swedish Match can keep the flavor the same.

Only Catch Large White Licorice Portion and Catch Dry Licorice Mini Portion snus remain as current licorice offerings in the Swedish Match catalog.

Time to start hoarding XRANGE Grov and Salmiac snus!

If either of these snuses are favorites of yours, it's time to start loading up the freezer.  I'll be adding a new section to my freezer for XRANGE Grov Slim Portion Snus in particular.  Hopefully Swedish Match will surprise me with a great new licorice or salmiac snus in the near future.

Until we snus again,The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency; we know things

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
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