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Larry Waters of SnusCENTRAL.orgWhile the US Congress and State Legislators gleefully consider increasing the punitive tobacco taxes on Americans, here's some news from Germany which should give them pause. It won't, but it should.

According to a new German customs report leaked to the press, raising tobacco taxes only encourages smokers to buy illegal cigarettes. While the report focused on cigarettes, its findings should logically apply to smokeless tobacco, snus, cigars, pipe tobacco and the rest.

The report found that smokers did not respond to government health and budget policies by quitting smoking, but by "turning even more deliberately to illegal cigarettes." German customs officials found that the increased demand for smuggled tobacco not only meant that illegal cigarettes were easier to get, but that children and young people had easier access to them.

Did anyone bother to tell Matthew Myers or the other anti-all-tobacco extremists supposedly motivated by "saving the children"?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 14:01

Thunder Chrom Edition Snus Surprise Release

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The snus world has been impatiently waiting for the long promised release of the Thunder Chrom (Thunder Chrome in English) editions from V2 Tobacco. Patrick Vogel, co-owner of V2 released a surprise announcement early this morning announcing the five new Thunder Chrom Long+ Limited Edition snus offerings will be available Week 35/36 2011.

Thunder Chrom was originally planned for an April 2011 release. As recently as two weeks ago, that had been pushed back to January 2012. What happened? Why is the Thunder Chrom Edition different from other V2 Limited Edition snus releases? The story behind Thunder Chrom may never be fully known for years, but here is what the SnusCIA has been able to uncover. It's an intriguing story about some exciting new snus.

Thursday, 04 August 2011 05:33

New Camel SNUS Ads: Taking on the FDA Status Quo

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RJ Reynolds is introducing their latest ads inviting smokers to switch from cigarettes to snus. Reynolds introduced this unprecedented advertising concept from a cigarette manufacturer at the very end of 2010 just in time for New Years Day. Subsequent variations of the Switch to Snus message were released in 2011; the most controversial and in-your-face series targeted New York City's draconian ban on outdoor smoking.

The new August 2011 ads promoting Camel's Pleasure Shift Challenge campaign, much more sedate then those prior in my opinion, has none the less thrown the anti-all-tobacco zealots into a knee-jerk hysterical uproar.

Possibly the Author...As Copenhagen struggles to recover from massive flooding yesterday, Swedish and Scandinavian snus users around the world (where legal) were stunned to discover the Snus Store at was a casualty of the floods. SnusCentral officials confirmed today that while the physical snus store is secure in Sweden, their Internet servers based in Copenhagen were off-line.

Official confirmation that was down quickly pushed other flood related news off the front pages in Denmark. TV coverage of the massive damage inflicted upon the the historic fortress Citadel in Copenhagen quickly cut away for the latest on the situation.

Either the Author or a wax replicaAt a secret Snus Summit in Chicago this past Thursday, Swedish Match previewed the long awaited General Snus marketing thrust into mainstream America to a group of America's snus elite. The "Not All Snus is Created Equal" initiative is much more than an introduction of new Swedish Match General Snus products tailored for marketing in America.

Yes, there are two new snus products (to start): General Classic Blend Snus and General Nordic Mint Snus. Yes, they are made in Sweden to Swedish Match's GothiaTek manufacturing and ingredients standards just as all the Swedish Match brands are.

Yes, for long time Swedish Match snus fans, the names may take a little getting used to. They sound so....American. They are supposed to. This campaign is not aimed at veteran Swedish snusers: it is targeted at a very specific group among those Americans who currently smoke cigarettes, use so-called American snus, or both.

With this latest General Snus initiative beginning today, Swedish Match is taking the fight directly to RJ Reynolds and Altria. They are targeting both the existing and potential Camel Snus and Marlboro Snus customers. The message is simple and clear as Swedish Match's FDA-fearing attorneys could live with. Accept that and you will understand this campaign.

Fear not, I learned a thing or two existing Swedish snus users in America will find as frustrating as I did. Of course quivering Tobacco Act fearing lawyers are at the heart of it. I'll share them with you later in this article so we can all vent together. For now, let's focus on the Not All Snus is Created Equal General Snus campaign.

Effective today, New York City cigarette smokers are banned from smoking at parks and beaches.  In a move unthinkable only a year ago, Reynolds American is responding to the NYC outdoor smoking ban by urging smokers to switch to Camel Snus.  Really; I'm not making this up.  Check today's newspapers, New Yorkers.

NYC Mayor Michael BloombergReynolds is running these two ads this week in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other major newspapers in and out of NYC as the city's new ordinance banning outdoor smoking at parks and beaches begins.

Since December 2010, these will be the sixth and seventh ads in which Reynolds is urging smokers to switch to Camel Snus.  These are the most aggressive ads yet of the Reynolds 'Break Free' campaign offering cigarette smokers an alternative smokeless product to lighting up.  The theme of both ads is "Smokers, Switch to Smoke-Free Camel SNUS and reclaim the world's greatest city".

You may remember New York City Mayor Bloomberg.  He's the guy that ordered undercover NYC law enforcement teams to Arizona Gun Shows to troll for illegal firearms transactions....yes, as in Arizona, The State of.

Click Snus by Swedish Match is being discontinued, according to SnusCIA Agents embedded in the SnusCentral Delegation to Stockholm.  I wrote about the reintroduction of Click snus back in December 2010 in article ironically called Click Swedish Snus is Back!

The delisting of Click White Portion Snus is particularly disappointing to me as it has become a regular in my current snus rotation.  I'm also sorry I used an ! in the title of the original article.  Despite the cancellation of Click Snus being leaked early by (I'm told) a drunken British blogger of some repute, I've held off talking about it for selfish reasons.  Now that my final order of Click Snus is safely on its way to me, the official veil of snus secrecy is lifted.

Ettan Snuff - Natural flavor loose moist snuff On May 2nd 2011, Swedish Match US introduced a new natural flavor moist snuff into select US cities: Ettan Snuff. Ettan Snuff joins Redman, Longhorn and Timberwolf in Swedish Match's American offerings of moist snuff and chewing tobacco. I recently spoke at length with Joe Ackerman; Director of US Smokefree Products - Swedish Match US, about the Ettan Snuff pilot project.

While cigarette use continues to decline in the United States, the smokeless tobacco category has been experiencing average 6% increases over for the five years into 2010. For the last 12 months alone, smokeless tobacco sales have grown over 10%.

This trend has not gone unnoticed in the tobacco industry (or unfortunately by the tax collectors). Of the above, Swedish snus is finally a blip on the radar but the majority of the smokeless tobacco sales in the US are of American dip and chew; moist snuff and chewing tobacco.

If you're wondering why I am writing an article about a new moist snuff offering instead of a new snus offering, I'm doing both...and neither. What the new Ettan Snuff pilot in the US represents to me is a brilliant example of a Swedish snus manufacturer proactively turning the tables on Big American Tobacco.

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