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Thursday, 19 April 2012 09:33

No Snus Allowed in Sweden? EU Moves Against Snus.

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A confidential document from the EU Commission´s Health Directorate leaked today has all of Sweden in an uproar.   The document describes banning all flavors in tobacco products including Swedish Snus in the upcoming EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

It would mean the end of Swedish snus,” said EU Parliamentarian Christofer Fjellner bluntly.

Fjellner's statement was echoed by Patrik Hildingsson, Swedish Match AB Vice President of Group Public Affairs-EU.  “This would mean the end of Swedish snus as we know it today. For us, this affects our entire portfolio – a number of flavors that have been used for more than 200 years.

The world may be ending 21 December, but in the world of Swedish snus 2012 has been a year of plenty. New snus products and even new brands from Skruf AB, Swedish Match, Fiedler and Lundgren, GN Tobacco, Gotlandssnus, and Danish snus giant V2 Tobacco have added 18 new offerings at the Snus Store since New Year's day!

This trend shows no sign of slowing. In the case of Swedish Match, two new very significant additions to their product portfolio are arriving soon.

Goteborg's Rape' Lime White Portion Snus

The upcoming release of a new Goteborg's Rape' flavor caught me completely by surprise. For centuries there was only one flavor: Goteborg's Rape'. In 2006, Swedish Match added Goteborg's Rape' No 2; a lingonberry flavored snus. There have been Goteborg's special editions and recently, a 250 gram kardus package, but no new flavors.

I'm very eager to experience Goteborg's Rape' Lime for a couple of reasons. I'm told lime is a very difficult flavor to get right in a snus. Knowing Swedish Match wouldn't release anything they were not happy with, especially under the venerable Goteborg's name, I anticipating this to be one unique and special snus.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Goteborg's Rape' #2 changed names by Week 18.  Since the new Goteborg's is called "Lime" instead of "#3", GR' Lingon or GR' Cranberry would make a lot more sense than maintaining a GR' #2 product name.  The SnusCIA is pretty convinced this will happen but we'll have to wait and see at this point.

General Long Extra Strong Portion snus will also finally be available via select snus eStores soon. It was released in February as an over-the-counter product in Norway but that's pretty much the only place you could buy it.

Thursday, 12 January 2012 00:00

New V2 Tobacco snus factory starts production

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V2 Tobacco, Denmark's largest snus manufacturer, announced their new state-of-the-art snus factory came on-line earlier this week. I visited V2 in August 2011 and toured both the original factory and the shell of the new factory. Seeing the new factory in production now is just stunning. Pictures of my August visit to Silkeborg and the pictures of the new V2 snus factory taken this week are all on our SnusCentral Facebook Page under Photos.

The new V2 snus factory measures 2400 sq meters/25,883 sq feet. V2 also bought a larger portion of adjacent land for future expansion. I saw the prototype of one of their new production lines during my trip.

The New V2 Snus FactoryTo start with, the new factory has four production lines: 2 by Merz, 1 by Hauni, and 1 loose snus line. Each line is 18 meters long and cost approximately $1.8MM per line. Before the snus makes it's way to the lines, closed system automated grinding and mixing machinery takes the raw tobacco and converts it to snus. All V2 snus continues to be steam pasteurized.

Like the Swedish Match Gothenburg snus factory, from start to finish, everything is automated so human hands never touch the snus or the cans. The only exception is when it it comes to loading the sealed rolls into the master carton. V2 packs the master cartons by hand as a final quality control step.

As outfitted today, the new V2 snus factory has a production capability of around 40MM cans per year.

The first new V2 snuses which will be produced at the new factory are Nordstrommen Brandy Alexander loose snus, Offroad Coffee Supreme portion snus, Thunder Coola ES loose, Thunder Cool Mint ES portion, and Thunder Orange ES portion snus. Production of the existing Thunder, Offroad, and other V2 brands are also on the production schedule.

The new V2 snuses will start being released end of January/early February.

What I'm really interested in discovering is considering the massive upgrade from the original factory, how will the taste and quality of the V2 snus produced in the new factory compare to the old? Will the same snus recipes created on the latest advanced machinery taste the same or even better? Considering consumer feedback on the Thunder Chrome series, will moisture levels be more consistent? Will the occasional can with burst portions become the very, very rare cans with burst portions?

Logically, the answer to all the above will be a resounding 'yes'. When Swedish Match took over production of 1847 snus from PMI and the Rocker factory, The new 1847 taste was all the best of the old version with none of the bitterness PMI 1847 was sometimes criticized for. If Swedish Match had been able to continue using the classic metal 1847 cans, I strongly believe 1847 would never have been de-listed. The switch to plastic cans for production line necessities was just too radical for 1847 users at the time.

I still believe that if 1847 were reintroduced in late 2012 or early 2013, can memories will have faded and a whole new generation of snusers would embrace Philip Morris 1847 as an excellent product.

The original V2 snus factory has been completely emptied. It will be literally blasted into rubble by the Danish government sometime in the very near future. We will have pictures and maybe even video of the demolition when it occurs.

As to my favorite V2 snuses, I can't wait to taste them all over again!

Enjoy your snus!


Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
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Swedish Match today announced the the upcoming release of new General Snus, Goteborg's Rapé Snus, and the first Catch Collection snus for 2012.

On Week 5 (begins 1 Feb) Goteborg's Rape' Are Edition 2012 and GR' Kardus will be released.

Åre, Sweden is one of the top ski resorts in the world, named #1 by Condé Nast Traveller in 2008. My only attempt at skiing resulted in chaos, mass panic, and ultimately my smashing into a retaining fence. I'll buy the Goteborg's Rapé Åre Edition to impress folks at the ski lodge while describing my past Olympic Ski medals as I sip brandy while wearing a phony cast on my leg.

The Goteborg's Rapé Kardus Edition is 250 grams of loose Goteborg's Rapé wrapped in the traditional 'letter snus' or 'kardus' style. It will be available for several months.

In the General Snus brand line-up, General Strong Mini White Portion Snus will become available in Week 6 (begins 6 Feb). As the name states, General Strong Mini White will come in cans of 20 half gram white portions arranged in the unique Swedish Match star formation.

Saturday, 31 December 2011 17:01

Thunder Chrome Series Snus Discontinued

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Goodbye Thunder Chrome but Coffee Supreme will return

V2 Tobacco announced that effective 28 December 2011, they had stopped producing the Thunder Chrom (Chrome) Long + Portion Snus Limited Edition Snuses.  V2 sources commenting on condition of anonymity since they are not authorized to talk about anything to anyone,  stated lower than projected sales were the primary reason for discontinuing the Chrom Series.  Of the five Thunder Chrome offerings, only Frosted will continue to be produced in a Long + portion.

I believe it wasn't the flavors as much as the nicotine level and perhaps the moisture content of the long + portions themselves which accounted for the weakness in demand.  With no other alternatives, 12mg/portion nicotine was not a popular enough strength by itself to popularize a flavor.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 17:27

New Camel SNUS Ads: Let it Snus, FDA!

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Reynolds American launch a new series of Camel SNUS print ads today sure to ruin Christmas for the FDA.  Like their previous incarnations, these ads promote Camel SNUS as a way for cigarette smokers to quit cigarettes....without quite crossing the line FDA has drawn when it comes to telling the public the truth about snus as a reduced harm alternative to deadly cigarettes.

How long Reynolds will be able to get away with truthful pro-snus advertising will be in doubt in 2012.  FDA is in the public comment phase of the process to impose new and more deceitful rules concerning among other things, the advertising of snus and other modified risk tobacco products.  I have no doubt that muzzling Reynolds and protecting ineffective Big Pharma so-called smoking cessation products will be at the top of their agenda when the new advertising rules are written.

Convenience Store Decisions published an article on the new Camel SNUS ad campaign earlier today which is worth reading. Below are the three new ads in all their glory.  Well done, Reynolds!  Merry Christmas, Dr. Deyton.

Smoke-Free for 4 1/2 years thanks to Swedish Snus,

FORMER Smoker; CURRENT Swedish Snus User
Reporting for


Camel Snus ad - Smoke-Free Resolution 2012

Camel SNUS ad - Seasons SnusN

Camel Snus Ad - Let it Snus!

Friday, 09 December 2011 12:22

Save Our Snus! FDA Comment Period Extended

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Save Swedish Snus from FDAFDA has extended the time for public comment on the sale and advertising of tobacco products via the Internet, smart phones and other non-face to face methods.  Today, I'm on my soap box calling for your attention and action while there is still time.

ACT NOW and tell FDA it is your right to be able to legally purchase tobacco products like our friend Swedish Snus, over the Internet just like any other legal product.

Age Verification of non-face-to-face tobacco purchasers and Signature Required delivery are and have been the law of land since the PACT Act and Tobacco Control Act went into effect. "The children" are protected the same or better than those purchasing wine or other alcoholic beverages remotely.

FDA needs to understand that killing nicotine alternatives to cigarettes which ARE effective and up to 99% safer for smokers is bad public health policy and and just plain bad public policy, period.

- Tell FDA to pay attention to the FACTS concerning nicotine alternatives to cigarettes instead of the bumper sticker rhetoric of the Anti All Tobacco Extremists.

- Tell FDA to finally put the rights and health of American legal tobacco users above the lobbying and profits of Big Pharma.

- Tell FDA to stop hiding the facts inconvenient to their anti-all-tobacco zealotry and recognize that informing the adult public; not spewing propaganda tailored to their personal opinions, is part of FDA's mission and responsibility.

FDA's anti-all tobacco/anti-snus extremism will cause millions of American smokers to die before their time and cost our already overburdened health system trillions of dollars unnecessarily. Stand up for your rights as a legal adult tobacco user and tell FDA to stop trying to limit your purchasing options and range of available products.

Monday, 31 October 2011 01:27

Swedish Match Snus News from October 2011

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Swedish Match, the world's largest manufacturer of Swedish snus, was very busy in October. By themselves, the individual announcements were note-worthy but combined together as a one month snapshot, they form a completely different picture on a much grander scale. No moss has had time to grow on the trees which make up the Swedish Match forest in October.

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