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Finally, my Snus Review of Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Snus

Captain Yankee; the extra strong Americana snus by Nick and Johnny, fights for the snus oppressed in Norway!I've been asked why I'm so obsessed with Captain Yankee; this is the third article I've written about it and the official release date isn't until next week.

In large part, my fascination has to do with the strong American-style branding designed for the Norwegian market and the somewhat unimaginable flavor profile.

When we published the second article; Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion Snus: the new Nick and Johnny snus for Norway, the only flavor description we could squeeze out of Swedish Match was "a new extreme snus inspired by American flavors with a distinct taste of cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon."

Later, we uncovered another descriptor Swedish Match used for Captain Yankee:  Bringing the popular concepts of Rootbeer™ and Dr. Pepper™ to the world of snus

Based on these flavor descriptions, if anyone other than Swedish Match were the manufacturer I would have stopped right there and burned the graphics out of my mind.  Swedish Match has created some pretty amazing but unlikely snus flavors before so I moved forward on faith more than comprehension.

no. 1 - Ettan Loose Snus Limited Release 2014

no. 1 Ettan loose snus limited edition 2014Ettan Snus is famous for a number of reasons.  Created in 1822 by snus factory owner Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf, Ettan is one of the oldest active brands of Swedish snus today.

Around 1830, Ljunglöf along with his friend JJ Berzilius (the father of modern chemistry) developed and began manufacturing Ettan snus using pasteurization instead of then-common fermentation.  Ljunglöf concentrated on the enhanced tobacco flavor and high quality of Ettan. 

Berzilius recognized pasteurization as a way of eliminating bacteria in the tobacco and significantly lowering TSNA levels. Today, practically all modern Swedish snus is pasteurized based on the principals of Ljunglöf and Berzilius.

UPDATED 27 Aug 2014:  Two months ago, Swedish Snus giant Swedish Match presented FDA with a formal application that the General Snus products sold over-the-counter (OTC) in the United States be reclassified as Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTP).

I wrote an article back in February 2009 entitled The Tobacco Control Act: Wasted Taxpayer Dollars and the new Tobacco Black Market.  In the article, I previewed the first view of snus can labeling with the four now-required smokeless tobacco warning labels. 

I also went on something of a rant as to how 3 of the 4 warnings did not apply to Swedish snus and drove away cigarette smokers looking for a safer nicotine alternative.  Ignoring my arguments, FDA went forward with enacting the inaccurate (for Swedish snus) smokeless tobacco warning labels effective 22 June 2010.

In their MRTP application to FDA, Swedish Match made the same a 100,000 page long application.  Such is the challenge of justifying General Snus to FDA as being deserving MRTP status.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 06:55

Islay Whisky Snus Seminar

Written by

Exclusive Islay Whisky Snus News, Conny Andersson, and more

This fascinating video covers everything you could and should know about the amazing Islay Whisky Snus by Conny Andersson.

It covers how Islay Whisky Snus is made and two new versions being released this year.  The issue of fire-cured tobacco and TSNA's is addressed clearly with no holds barred.

Conny also reveals a brand new snus he will be releasing later this year:  La Morenita Zacapa Rum Snus!  Equally exciting, we leak the first news of two other new by Conny Andersson snuses under development.

Most importantly, this video contains a profile of the man behind the snus:  tobacco artist Conny Andersson.  He is the top designer of premium Swedish snus in the world today.  His past credits include Swedish Match's annual 600 box releases of Kardus Superior Edition loose snus.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014 14:15

Thunder Snus Limited Edition 2014 Lives Again!

Written by

Thunder Snus Limited Edition - the Resurrection

After selling out of stores in record breaking time, V2 Tobacco announced today that the Thunder Snus Limited Edition 2014 snuses will be returning in a different format next month....

Swedish Match AB, the world's largest Swedish snus manufacturer, has announced the upcoming release of three new snus editions:

  • GR' Hjortron Summer 2014 Edition
  • Grov Voltage Edition 2014
  • Ettan Retro Edition

Details are limited at this time as our SnusCIA agent was caught in the middle of transmitting this news but here is what we know so far....

UPDATE 10 Jun 2014:    After selling out world-wide in record time, V2 announced the return of the Thunder Snus 2014 Limited Edition Series....sort of.  Read Thunder Snus Limited Edition 2014 Lives Again for the details.

V2 Tobacco announced today the pending release of the Thunder Snus 2014 Limited Edition Series.  This Thunder Limited Edition Snus Series will consist of five new flavors: 

  • Thunder Snus Caramel-Vanilla
  • Thunder Snus Lemon
  • Thunder Snus Melon
  • Thunder Snus Apple
  • Thunder Snus Eucalyptus

Like the existing full-sized Thunder Snus products, these five snuses are Extra Strong in terms of nicotine with 16mg/gr.  Each can will contain 22 portions; .90 grams each...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection As a grizzled old partisan of the Swedish Snus Wars, I've witnessed travesties of justice, science mocked while harmful profit and tax driven tobacco products flourished.  I've walked the smoke obscured corridors of the cigarette black market; both in the US and abroad.  Most of what I hear is laughter.

Post-PACT Act, the damning legislation which was going to crush the Seneca Indian Tribes of northern NY by violating their treaty rights to sell tobacco products NY tax free isn't working so well.  Latest numbers show that over 51% of cigarette and tobacco products sold in New York are Black Market goods!  Over half! 

NY is not alone in this either.  History shows that punitive taxes create and encourage the black market.

And now it gets personal.  I received a letter about 3 weeks from the Port of Cleveland office of US Customs and Border Patrol.

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