If you’re looking for a snus that will replace your menthol cigarettes, then this is your new go-to snus! All I can say before jumping into the review is if you're a menthol cigarette smoker (or used to be) buy a roll of this delicious Odens White Portion Mint snus.....

Thursday, 13 October 2016 15:22

What is up with Oden's Snus and GN Tobacco?

The origins of what became GN Tobacco are somewhat murky.  What was always clear is that the initial Oden's Snus marketing plan hinged on offering the snus with the highest nicotine levels available on the market.  Everything else was secondary.

Fast-forwarding to 2016 and GNT's Q3 new product introductions, a trend had solidified into a huge change from 2009......

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Saturday, 21 November 2015 13:42

New Oden's Snus and GNT News!

GN Tobacco (GNT), makers of the popular Oden's and Islay Whisky snus brands, is on a roll.  GNT factories are running 24/7 to meet demand while new expanded facilities are under construction.

Under the Odens Snus brand, new flavors and variations are also being released one after the other....

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Olde-Ving-99-and-coffee-cup_graphicI love Odens Snus. Unfortunately GN Tobacco's other snus attempts have left me at best ambivalent, at worst, disgusted.

I was very hesitant to try Olde Ving. Part of this was because of the name. GNT used to call this snus brand Olde Viking; that is until the company which actually owned the Olde Viking brand name cried foul.

In a way, the brand name change was a good thing. Olde Viking was a particularly bad snus best known for its hockey puck sized cans.

I think they could have put a little more thought into the re-branding.... Olde Ving? Who or what is Ving?

For some odd reason I can't assimilate"Ving". My brain changes the letters and I find it vaguely dirty and possibly completely off putting. I really sort of, kinda wanted to try it, but was to scared to actually spend money buying some.

Sunday, 17 October 2010 01:00

When is Odens Snus NOT Odens Snus?

Swedish Snus Ambassador Larry WatersGajane AB, the company who created and owns the Odens Snus brand name, made the decision in 2010 to switch production of new products from the current manufacturer to GN Tobacco Sweden, AB.  Gajane owns GN Tobacco which is manufactured at the factory formerly belonging to the now-bankrupt and very forgettable snus maker Snus AB.

Oden's Snus entered the market not with a whimper, but with a roar.   In 2008, there was an explosion of high nicotine 'Strong' snus from almost all manufacturers in Sweden and Scandinavia.  Known today as Sterk, Stark, Strong, Ekstra Sterk, Extra Strong and Xtra Stark, these products were launched not so much for Swedish consumers, but as a result of snus consumer focus groups in Norway.  Norwegians liked nicotine and wanted more of it in their snus. So did snusers in Scandinavian counties were snus is banned.  So did many American snusers.

During the second half of 2008,  snus manufacturers were competing for the bragging rights for having the highest nicotine snus on the market.  That crown seemed to change hands every few months.  Ah, those were heady times!

As Christmas rolled around, V2 Tobacco was the reigning king of nicotine with 16mg/g nicotine in their hugely popular Thunder Snus brand.  Suddenly, in early 2009 and surrounded in mystery, a new brand appeared called Odens Snus.  It was distributed by a company called Gajane but no one knew who made the actual snus at the time.

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