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Nick & Johnny have upped their snus game.

Written by Mick Hellwig
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Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White portion snus is a fantastic new addition to the line. It's so good in fact, I am considering forgiving them for discontinuing Nick & Johnny Black...

My take on N&J Small Batch snus

N&J Small Batch Licorice Slim Portion SnusI am a fan of licorice/anise flavor mixed with tobacco. I won’t touch black licorice candy. The flavor has always turned my off.

I avoided licorice snus for years. I wish I hadn’t. Most of my top 5 favorite snus have some level of licorice in them. So I was understandably excited when I heard of the new N&J offering.
I’ll get the bad stuff out of the way now. Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White is a medium portion. Each of the 20 pouches contain .8 grams with a .8% nicotine level.

That is all the bad I can find. I’d prefer a full 1 gram portion and 1.2-1.4 % nic. But that’s just me.

Recently it seems many new .7-.8 gram portions are coming out so maybe that is a trend in the market that the manufacturers see that I don’t have nearly enough information to infer.
Another slightly concerning item is the Small Batch wording. I hope that means it’s made in limited size batches and not limited availability ala the annual Kardus snuses.
I find some similarity to General Classic Licorice; maybe the same flavor on a different tobacco base.

The tobacco and flavor meld nicely and neither overpowers the other for any length of time. At press time I did not have a can of General Classic Licorice in the stash to directly compare and am basing my opinion on an admittedly faulty memory.

Regardless, Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White is a great licorice snus for those that like smaller portions. The flavor is bigger than the portion would indicate. The licorice aroma assaults you as you open the can. In the lip it fades and allows the tobacco flavor to shine through.
The label sates it is a “Stem Blended Can”. I really have no idea what that means in the world of snus. I know in the pipe tobacco genre steam blending is a method of processing tobacco to combine the flavors and give it a sort of aged taste even though it’s not that old.

Considering the way the flavors blend in this snus and the depth of the tobacco flavor I believe it may be something similar. This is all supposition as I have no confirmation from Nick, Johnny or Swedish Match.  

Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White is a great tasting new snus that will be a welcome addition to the stash as long as it’s available. (Moe is under orders to warn me ASAP if he hears it’s being delisted so I can stock up.)

So get over to SnusCentral.com and buy up as much as you can, it’s good stuff and it’ll help convince Nick and Johnny to stick with this one for a while.

Snusing off for now,


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