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What Would Yoda Snus?

Written by Mick Hellwig
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For those of you who don't know me that well, I am a big Star Wars fanatic.( I really like Star Trek also, but don't hold that against me.)

During the Big 2013 Snus Summit I had the pleasure of trying what I believe would be Yoda's snus. He is little, strong and green. Even his light saber is green. I doubt he is much of a health nut, living for many years on a swamp planet, eating whatever the swamp coughed up.

Buy Nick and Johnny Green Spyke Xtra Strong portion snus at the Jedi Snus ShopI am sure he would not disagree with a portion now and then, to relax and enjoy the humidity before getting back to waiting on that darn Skywalker kid to arrive. So judging by all that and adding a little alcohol to my logic I will firmly state Yoda's favorite snus would be Nick and Johnny Green Spyke.

A portion of Green Spyke Xtra Strong snus isn't small. It is a full one gram original portion and extra strong 15 mg nicotine content. Like Yoda, it is strong in the ways of the nicotine. If you aren't careful it will bite you much like a light saber used carelessly. Swedish Match describes Green Spyke as " having the exciting flavors of cactus and citrus, with hints of oriental spices and green grass!"

I'm not sure what cactus tastes like, it was a lot of years ago when I last had any. I do know what N&J Green Spyke tastes like. It is apple. With a little tartness in the background. If you like Jakobsson's Flader/green, you will love Green Spyke.

Several of the attendees of the Snus Summit compared it favorably to an apple Jolly Rancher without the sugar. ( The fun part about that was our Swedish hosts had no idea what a Jolly Rancher was, until my darling wife went out and bought a bag of them during the Summit. I can only imagine what they thought when first hearing we all knew what a Jolly Rancher tasted like. "dumb Americans")

I've only had about half a can so far, but this almost makes up for the loss of N&J Original. SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) also approves of Green Spyke, so I guess it's lady friendly.

There is more exciting news coming out of the 2013 Snus Summit that you will be hearing here and at other blogs. I think I'll figure out Captain Kirk's snus next.


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