New Tougher Food Product Regulations for Undesirable Substances in Swedish Snus

The Swedish National Food Agency (think FDA in the US) is the authority that issues regulations for snus/chewing tobacco manufacturers in Sweden.

A revised regulation specifying the permitted content of any snus sold on the Swedish market was issued on 11 April 2016, specifying not only which additives may be used, but the permitted maximum levels for certain undesirable substances.....

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Atakan BefritsIt is time for Karolinska, the Public Health Agency and the National Board of Health to do the right thing and explain how there are near zero snus-related negative health issues actually in Sweden. Inform and leave the adults free to make their own health decisions....

Sweden has a unique responsibility to the world to rectify a 40-year old mistakes and potentially save hundreds of millions of lives. It is neither the tobacco itself, or nicotine that kills. It is the fire gases from tobacco smoking, or poor tobacco mixed with other dangerous carcinogens, which kills and destroys health.

Updated 18 August 2015 - NOTE:  This story was originally published on 29 September 2014 during the first FDA Public Comment Period on the General Snus MRTPA.  Fast forward almost 11 months and we are reaching the 31 August 2015 for the second and final Public Comment Period.  If you haven't already acted, now is the time to do so.

This article contains my 2014 statement to FDA which was published in the Federal Register.  It was just my snus story from the heart.  This is what FDA needs see. 

You can then review my 30 July 2015 General Snus MRTPA update for instructions on how to get your opinion on the record.  This is our last chance!

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
Thursday, 27 February 2014 02:08

Why Swedish Snus?

I've never been a smoker. I did the whole social smoking thing when out at a bar with friends, but that is the extent of my smoking history. Even when I would have just one cigarette when out having drinks, it was enough to make me suffer with sinus issues. In fact, all I had to do was just get around someone else smoking, and I would wind up with a cold.

Although I was never really a true smoker, I married a man who was. My husband Jason smoked unfiltered cigarettes for twenty plus years. I, being concerned for his health, tried to get him to quit many times, but it just never worked out.

I also did not like the person he became when he started to go through nicotine fits. He tried using American smokeless tobacco products, but the chemicals in them made his gum line recede, so he couldn't continue using them. Then, one day by some great stroke of luck, he discovered Swedish snus.

Published in Frau Schable on Snus

FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) members flaunt conflicts of interests

Citing a lack of scientific evidence, drug industry funded consultants (including three members of FDA's TPSAC) advocate more research so FDA can vastly increase drug industry share of nicotine market by taking it away from cigarettes, which also would create a huge untaxed and unregulated cigarette black market, and cause many smokers to inhale more smoke and increase cigarette consumption (due to nicotine compensation)

EDITOR's NOTE:  Bill Godshall checked in with some (amazingly) positive news on  Reduced Harm Tobacco as a way to cut cigarette smoking.  If only the rest of the EU would start thinking rationally...

We are off to a positive start in 2010 on cigarette replacement solutions in the EU.  In an historic first for public health, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) of the UK's National Health Service overwhelming approved tobacco harm reduction as a key component in England's ten year plan to reduce cigarette smoking by half. The US FDA should follow the UK's lead. The announcement and a news excerpt are below and you can read the full report "A Smokefree Future".

Bill Godshall

Monday, 25 May 2009 11:35

Thank You for Chewing our Gum!

It's well known that all big tobacco players are researching non-tobacco nicotine delivery systems. 

Gum and patch manufacturers, with their 12-week dependency regime products will soon have to compete with similar products that provide "the spike" vs. theirs, which simply frustrate the nicotine addict by under-delivering low, steady levels of nicotine.

Website, most likely an anti tobacco, pro-pharma site, reads like a Fox News Cigarette Fanboy's dream. Loads of official cig/dip company visuals, tar and nic content info, and the latest articles from around the world. It can also be unintentionally hilarious.

One example, a critique of "Camel No.9" describes the marketing campaign, implying that it evokes "Chanel No. 5" and stilettos, and thus attracts female minors who read Vogue and Marie Claire.   Dude?  Where's my demographic?  Whatever happened to Pokemon?

The one ‘bright’ spot for is encouragement of the use of the gums and patches with their “30-80% success rates over placebos.”


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