The calls for banning flavored nicotine-containing products has been primarily a long and vocal one when it comes to vapor and e-cigarettes.  Poking out of the eSmoke debate is a new threat that hits my community much closer to home:  a ban on flavored mint and wintergreen snus and smokeless tobacco.

San Francisco, Oakland, St. Paul, and Canton have proposed regulations to effectively slash the availability of all smokeless tobacco products and ban outright wintergreen and mint flavored dip and snus.  Since US sales of these flavors make up 60% of the total US market, this will be a huge blow to national Adult Tobacco Harm Reduction (ATHR) efforts to switch current cigarette smokers to safer nicotine alternatives.

"Medically approved" products like Big Pharma's nicotine gum are of course excluded in these new regulations.  New nicotine pouches and dissolvables which contain no tobacco like Swedish Match's new ZYN product have no such luck and fall under the proposed bans as well.

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Voting Members of FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee Chosen

FDA announced this morning that they had selected the Voting Members (the ones that count) for the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) as mandated in The Tobacco Act.

These FDA-Approved individuals are the ones who will set the criteria for Modified Risk Tobacco (MRT) products; more commonly known as Reduced Harm Tobacco. This includes Swedish Snus as well as any other non-combustible tobacco products which feel they may qualify for MRT designation.

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Friday, 29 January 2010 02:05

The Nanny States of America; Part One

Welcome to the United Nanny States of America: One nation, under the tobacco ban, divisible by the government, with liberty and justice for some, definitely not all.

When our Founding Fathers created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it was the freedom from a tyrannical government in which was the ultimate Nanny State.  Taxation without representation, laws enacted to protectTaxation-without-Representation government control over the people.  Our Founding Fathers, risked their own lives, fortunes, liberty, and freedom.  They fought to free us from such oppression.

If they could see us now, could they – or would they – not be horrified to how far we’ve fallen away from their initial vision of this country’s potential?  In the words of Benjamin Martin (as portrayed by Mel Gibson) from The Patriot, ''Why should I trade a tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?''  Is this not what we’ve already done? 

Tobacco, Guns, and Tyranny

The Constitution is based on natural law – the people’s right to govern themselves, to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness granted to all American citizens.  Your right to swing your fist ends where my face begins, right?  If this is so, then why are my rights as an adult legal tobacco user being taken away?

The following give the latest status on the current Congressional efforts to prohibit ALL Internet, Telephone, or Mail-Order delivery of Cigarettes and all Smokeless Tobacco Products including Snus to consumers within the United States of America.  Cigars are of course, exempt.


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Friday, 20 February 2009 15:43

Internet Tobacco Ban Fever Spreads to Utah

Anti-Tobacco PoliceUtah becomes the second US State after New York to propose legislation banning the Internet purchase of tobacco products in order to increase tobacco tax collection.

In 2008, Rep Weiner (D-NY) introduced the PACT Act in the US House of Representatives.  The PACT act would make it a felony, not to order tobacco over the Internet, but for all common carriers to deliver it to residential customers within the United States.  The Bill passed overwhelmingly in the House but did not have time to be considered by the US Senate before the end of the Congressional Session. 

The Pact Act is expected to be reintroduced and passed in 2009.

The Utah Internet Tobacco Ban - Click HERE to Read More

The PACT Act of 2008 and it's ramifications - Click HERE to Read More

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