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The calls for banning flavored nicotine-containing products has been primarily a long and vocal one when it comes to vapor and e-cigarettes.  Poking out of the eSmoke debate is a new threat that hits my community much closer to home:  a ban on flavored mint and wintergreen snus and smokeless tobacco.

San Francisco, Oakland, St. Paul, and Canton have proposed regulations to effectively slash the availability of all smokeless tobacco products and ban outright wintergreen and mint flavored dip and snus.  Since US sales of these flavors make up 60% of the total US market, this will be a huge blow to national Adult Tobacco Harm Reduction (ATHR) efforts to switch current cigarette smokers to safer nicotine alternatives.

"Medically approved" products like Big Pharma's nicotine gum are of course excluded in these new regulations.  New nicotine pouches and dissolvables which contain no tobacco like Swedish Match's new ZYN product have no such luck and fall under the proposed bans as well.

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Swedish Match North America (SMNA) is dramatically expanding the availability of ZYN nt tobacco-free nicotine pouch products into the western United States.  Three questions come immediately to mind:  1) What the hell is ZYN, 2) If ZYN is tobacco-free but has nicotine, why is Swedish Match making it? and 3)  As a Swedish Match snus user, why should I be interested in ZYN nt?

Fortunately, I am now in position to answer those questions and more.....

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
Monday, 08 June 2015 00:00

Skruf Snus in 2015: Buyer Be Aware

In April 2015, Skruf AB made a radical change to the snus they sold in Sweden.  The tobacco used in the six Swedish market Skruf products was changed to 100% organic tobacco from Brazil and the United States.  This is the new Skruf Ecological line.

At the same time, Skruf makes a lot more than six different snuses.  These snuses are for the Norwegian and International markets including eSnus Shops.  They are made from the same tobacco Skruf had been using prior to Ecological being released.

This is especially important for snusers buying from internet snus shops as some carry both lines.

If you are a Skruf snus fan living outside of Sweden and can't tell the difference between the Ecological and International version cans, you could be taken advantage of and/or disappointed.  This is not a consumer beware situation as much as a consumer be aware. 

Be aware of what Skruf snus you are buying and you will get what you're paying for.  Here's how......

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

The loudest sound in the Swedish snus industry lately has been the silence.  There have only been a few new products worthy of note released so far in 2015, some with little fanfare.

V2 Tobacco, makers of Thunder snus, Offroad snus, and Phantom snus will be releasing a new product in early March.  They are also busy formulating five new flavors for the next Thunder Snus Limited Edition.....


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