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I don't often write snus reviews.  It's not that I can't; it's just that my credo has always been in judging a snus, the mouth of each snus user is the ultimate judge for that person.

I do make exceptions when I snus is particularly offensive, amazingly good, or it has a unique story behind it.  Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus hits two of those buttons:  it's amazingly good and has a great backstory.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Keep snusing after the apocalypse

Offroad Los Kit1

The Bunker, located at an undisclosed location in Texas, USA, receive a shipment of the new Offroad End-of-the-World Snus Survival Kits.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!
Friday, 19 November 2010 17:27

SnusCENTRAL Newsletter for November 2010


SnusCENTRAL Newsletter for November 2010

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SnusCENTRAL - YOUR Source for Everything Snus
Ettan Kardus VERY Limited Edition

Ettan Kardus lös snus 2010Swedish Match is releasing a very limited edition Ettan Kardus lös snus in early December.  Just 40 boxes total are available to snus eStores.  According to Markus Ersmark of Swedish Match, only 4 lucky eStores will receive 10 boxes each!

Ettan Kardus is not to be confused with Kardus Superior Blend Vintage 2010

Ettan Kardus is packaged the way Ettan lös was 200 years ago.  Each box contains 250 grams of snus.  The Retail price Markus quoted us must be missing a zero.  We'll get back to you when we confirm it.

Price is certainly not the issue with Ettan Kardus; availability is.   Americans can thank FDA for that.

Thunder and most Offroad Limited Editions have sold out

The special 5 can set of Thunder OT portion snuses have sold out.  OT-5 will become the new Thunder Original in 2011.

The recent Offroad Longcut Limited Edition Loose Snus is almost gone as well.  The Red Blend and Apple versions are history already.  The Offroad Longcut Orange Limited Edition lös is still available as of this date, but for how much longer is unknown.

The SnusCentral Snus eStore is selling the Orange for $2.09 can/$19.05 roll while V2 Tobacco still has stock.

SnusCENTRAL on the Road!

The holiday season is generally a travel nightmare but SnusCENTRAL has serious snus business which demands we travel now.

Julls of SnusCENTRAL YouTube is preparing to leave for Florida as we speak.  He is scouting locations for his 2011 snus movie "Snus invades Miami".  No children will be allowed to view the movie when it is released, per FDA.

As Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States, Larry will be leaving for Sweden in December.  He will be attending "The Snus Event" representing the United States and will also be the keynote speaker at this year's Unz Family Reunion.  The glogg and snus will be flowing at that party!

He and Julls will meet up at a SnusCIA safe-house in Germany for debriefings and snus once all has been completed.

SnusCENTRAL Founding Member

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Other Snus Store News:

    • Retail study confirms that has snus prices so low, the authorities are starting to ask questions.  Not good for Moe Unz.

    • Christmas Special Sampler: Merry Julesnus! The perfect gift for yourself and maybe others you really like.;

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Saturday, 03 October 2009 11:35

OffRoad Limited Edition Snus - 5 New Flavors!

Confidential sources who are cousins of friends who know people at V2 Tobacco have confirmed the upcoming release of Offroad Limited Edition Snus. Those of you who have been wondering whatever happened with all the new flavors V2 presented at focus panels and blind tests in the past will now have your answer.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!


Welcome back fellow Snus Lovers!

I picked Offroad Icemint lössnus as this week's snus review for a lot of reasons but mainly because of all the questions I've received about it. I've also seen the taste compared to Jakobsson's Ice Fruit portion as well. That's when I said to myself "Snus Guy, you know the tastes are completely different! Maybe you should let the people know and do the review already!" Well, that and Mr. UNZ threatened to stop letting me do his laundry if I didn't do a review on it soon! ;>)

So with that being said, let's go and review V2's Offroad Icemint Lös!


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