Planes, trains and rental cars, oh my.  I have been a smoker for a good 25 years at least.   In recent years, I've discovered Swedish snus.   Snus helps me though those times when the Anti-Tobacco Nazi’s have forbidden my adult, personal decision to use legal tobacco products but at their own peril.   Snus keeps me from ripping their heads off for preaching at me about my use of tobacco; especially cigarettes.

Monday, 26 October 2009 14:59

No News is Good News

Swedish Match AB is in PR Emergency Mode today, Monday, October 26th.  Why?

An American researcher from Harvard, Greg Connolly, read a snus ingredient label in 2008, and found a smoking gun called "E500" which regulates acidity in food products, and has been in traditional use in snus for many decades.  It is all snus products produced in Sweden.

NJ-Black-SM1Swedish Match announced the long-awaited Nick and Johnny Black Portion Strong Snus will be released in November.  The SnusCIA Stockholm office learned two weeks ago that for unknown reasons, Nick and Johnny Black was being held back until the 0102 Lab Series was released.

Sources at Swedish Match AB, who spoke on condition we didn't tell anyone they did,  had no idea why LS-01 and LS-02 were released first.

Back on August 7th, SnusCIA released the first look and review of Nick and Johnny Black.

More information to follow.............................

SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't


The Second new Columnist This Week is Revealed.

On September 29th at the monthly SnusCENTRAL Press Conference, it was announced among other exciting news that two new Columnists were joining in it's mission to further the true and factual news about the value of reduced harm tobacco products.  The first Columnist revealed was Lars-Erik Rutqvist, MD, PhD.  Dr. Rutqvist is currently serving as Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match AB and one of the world's leading authorities on tobacco and reduced harm tobacco products.

Today, the name of the second new Columnist was disclosed.  Mick Hellwig is a Founding Member of SnusCENTRAL and a prolific writer.  His well over 1000 posts on the  SnusCENTRAL Forum demonstrate how much he loves helping those new to snus and anyone else with questions and information.

He wrote a review on Discreet Snus worthy of the Larry Waters and Friends Snus Review Section a while back.  He truly is an excellent and engaging writer.

Mr. Hellwig is also known for his opinions, his passions, and not being shy about expressing them.  You may not agree with him or you may become one of the Legion of HELLwigers.  One thing you will not be is bored or misinformed.

Big Mick, as we lovingly call him here, is meticulous in his research and has been a go-to for me on areas I'm not familiar with or if I need an objective second opinion.

Mick will writing on Snus, both Swedish and American, Nasal Snuff, and "stuff ".  Other than tobacco politics, I'm frankly not quite sure what the other "stuff" is but it will tie into tobacco somehow...or maybe not.  Big Mick is a loose cannon and I'm excited to have him firing away (as long as he doesn't hit my snus fridge!).   Welcome aboard Mick, and God save us all.

Larry Waters

LARRY WATERSSnus Central has the facts, the studies, the snus reviews, snus, a forum....everything you could possibly want.
Activist Snus Lord
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Press Contact:

Larry Waters or whomever answers the phone.
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Published in Press Releases
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 19:37

Snus, Snuff, Stuff, and Me

Welcome to Snus, Snuff and Stuff. First of all, a Thank You to Larry who, after some severe negotiations, has granted me a section of SnusCENTRAL to share my thoughts on tobacco, politics and other things that capture my ADD-riddled attention for more than a few seconds.

I found snus in May of 2008. I learned my daughter has asthma and that spelled the end of my smoking in the house.  Instead of giving up nicotine, I decided to see what this new “spit-less dip” was. Triumph Original was my first, followed by Camel SNUS. They were just enough to whet my appetite, and caused me to search the Internet to find out what this snus stuff was all about.

Andrew Adam NewmanToday, Andrew Adam Newman, an Advertising/Marketing columnist for the New York Times, published an article, A Different Camel is Back in the Glossies .

What is remarkable is that the New York Times, well known for editorializing Big Tobacco to the cleaners on a regular basis,  has painted a fair and balanced look at whether or not cigarette branded snus products in the US are meant as reduced-harm products or complementary products to cigarettes.


Thursday, 10 September 2009 16:29

New Secret General Snus? UPDATE!!

General Snus Limited Edition?

UPDATED !!!  Sept. 11, 2009

On September 10th 2009, the SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency @ release the below information, speculation and clandestine photographs.  Today we uncovered the earth-shattering "rest of the story".  Short answer: is Swedish Match releasing a new line of snus?  YES! Are the below pictures the first published of the new line?  NO.

First our original report; then the fascinating and shocking TRUTH!

Saturday, 22 August 2009 17:40 Launched World-Wide!

Snus Gear for the Snus Enthusiast and Activist!

Larry Waters; Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States and Snus Lord of the SnusCENTRAL empire, announced the launch of their latest website: "Like most of the great ideasSnusGEAR incorporated into and, the concept for SnusGEAR came from our Members." Waters explained.

"The SnusCENTRAL Members wanted clothing, mugs, keychains, bumper-stickers, hats....all related to Snus. Our Members are passionate about Swedish/Nordic snus (we call it REAL Snus) and wanted to show their passion publically. Member-Designed product are among the SnusGEAR offerings."

"Since snus is a completely discreet way of enjoying tobacco and nicotine with no spitting or mess, even someone pressed up against you in a crowded bus or subway would have no idea you were using REAL snus. Same goes for airplanes!"

Waters continued "That's the whole point of Swedish Snus....over 98% safer for smokers than cigarettes and so discreet it can be used anywhere. That makes it tough to visibly brag you're a snus user. And so SnusGEAR was born."

Published in Press Releases

EXCLUSIVE:  First Look and Taste of Nick and Johnny BLACK Portion Strong Snus!

Approximately one month ago, our SnusCIA agent in Kungälv, Sweden sent an urgent text:  'Watch the Mail!'  She has not been heard from since.

A few days later, a simple padded envelope with no return address but postmarked Kungälv arrived at SnusCIA Headquarters.  After x-rays, bomb-sniffing dogs, and a little impatience, the envelope was torn open.  It contained a single can of snus: Nick and Johnny BLACK Portion.

Sunday, 28 June 2009 17:33


Joe Camel before he became extinct.Just what happened to Joe Camel?

Joe Camel celebrates the brand's 75th anniversary. The anti-tobacco book-burners have made it difficult to get accurate information on exactly when he was created.  An early form of Joe Camel appeared in a 1963 poster so he as at least that old.

Current history states that RJR Nabisco apparently grabbed “New Joe” Camel off of some French, and then-international ads from the late 1970s as a way to commemorate the brand’s 75th anniversary worldwide in 1988.

“Old Joe” has been strutting his ‘stuff’on the Camel packs since 1913. All legal. Traditional CPG marketing.

In 1991, it was recognized by the Journal of the American Medical Association that more American five and six-year olds knew Joe Camel than knew Fred Flintstone and Mickey Mouse.

They didn’t evaluate “Wacky Racers,” “Davey and Goliath,” or “Tennessee Tuxedo,” because, if they had, they would have been caught assuming that kids born in the mid 1980’s knew lots about cartoon characters from the ‘30s and the late ‘60s. They didn't.

Mickey was fresh off a 30-year creative hiatus, and Fred and Barney were canceled for good in 1966. And guess who the Flintstones’ target audience was back then? Not kids.  Check out this commercial flashback of the past.

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