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U.S. Customs and Border Protection As a grizzled old partisan of the Swedish Snus Wars, I've witnessed travesties of justice, science mocked while harmful profit and tax driven tobacco products flourished.  I've walked the smoke obscured corridors of the cigarette black market; both in the US and abroad.  Most of what I hear is laughter.

Post-PACT Act, the damning legislation which was going to crush the Seneca Indian Tribes of northern NY by violating their treaty rights to sell tobacco products NY tax free isn't working so well.  Latest numbers show that over 51% of cigarette and tobacco products sold in New York are Black Market goods!  Over half! 

NY is not alone in this either.  History shows that punitive taxes create and encourage the black market.

And now it gets personal.  I received a letter about 3 weeks from the Port of Cleveland office of US Customs and Border Patrol.

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency (SnusCIA) has managed to smuggle out these photos of the now-under construction Swedish Match Snus Store and Lounge. 

The store is located along the Swedish border with least that's where the SnusCIA says it is.  As you can tell, it is very dark when these pictures were taken. This was not helped by our Agent using an iPhone 5 instead of a Nokia Lumia 1020 when taking this photos.

Sunday, 09 March 2014 00:53

Mr. Barrosa, tear down this Snus Ban!

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Guten tag snusers,

Sharing snus at the Brandenburg GateI have just come back from a rather excellent trip to Berlin, the capital of Germany.  I go at least once a year as it is, quite simply, one of my favorite cities in the world.

It has always been one of my favorite places to visit.  History and culture aside, there is a vibe about Berlin that I have only felt in a very few cities in the world.

Berlin holds a special significance for me, I am of the generation that learnt about East and West Germany in school, a divided Germany, and then witnessed unification. I can still remember 9th November 1989 and watching the Berlin wall fall on TV.

I have been to Berlin whilst the wall was up and after it fell. The wall has always held a massive fascination for me; seeing two very different worlds, side by side, separated by a wall (and the death strips) was just mind blowing.

The graffiti on the wall always intrigued me.  It told so many stories, had so many messages for the oppressed people of the east, it always left a lasting impression on me.

I have made it a personal mission of mine to visit Berlin at least once a year for every year that I am on this earth. Every time I always manage to experience something new and every time it looks different...

Swedish Match US (SMUS) has indefinitely cancelled the latest planned release this month of General Nordic Mint portion snus and General Classic Blend portion snus in new-design metal cans. 

Both General Nordic Mint and Classic Blend will continue to be sold over-the-counter in the US in their original oblong plastic cans.....same snus; same cans.  Let not your heart be troubled for now and read on.....

Thursday, 27 February 2014 02:08

Why Swedish Snus?

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I've never been a smoker. I did the whole social smoking thing when out at a bar with friends, but that is the extent of my smoking history. Even when I would have just one cigarette when out having drinks, it was enough to make me suffer with sinus issues. In fact, all I had to do was just get around someone else smoking, and I would wind up with a cold.

Although I was never really a true smoker, I married a man who was. My husband Jason smoked unfiltered cigarettes for twenty plus years. I, being concerned for his health, tried to get him to quit many times, but it just never worked out.

I also did not like the person he became when he started to go through nicotine fits. He tried using American smokeless tobacco products, but the chemicals in them made his gum line recede, so he couldn't continue using them. Then, one day by some great stroke of luck, he discovered Swedish snus.

General Variation Snus: Great Snus Expectations

When I first heard about General Variation last fall, I got excited. Schoolgirl new crush excited. Finally two new Swedish Match offerings that didn’t involve fruity overly done flavors or mint. Bring ‘em on.

General Variation Smoky Oak and Rustic Blend snusAfter what seemed an inordinately long wait I got a few cans of each in January.   After using both in my usual testing ordeal I figured now was a good time to share my thoughts. I also have procrastinated for a while knowing that Swedish Match might not like what I have to say.

Sunday, 26 January 2014 16:21

The Swedish Snus Diet

Written by

Why does quitting cigarettes often result in weight gain?

Like the caffeine in coffee, nicotine is a stimulant and therefore affects the Central Nervous System. Nicotine can also suppress hunger to some degree. Therefore, why not a snus diet?

For me nicotine relaxes me. I could be bouncing off the walls but after a good strong snus or two? I calm right down. This dawned on me during my last Mom’s Gone Wild Weekend (MGWW), among a few other things. Such as why at almost one in the morning I was unable to sleep, and thought I would write.

Most people who quit smoking often become jittery, irritable, and generally unpleasant to be around due to the lack of, or craving for, nicotine. Many of these people then try to compensate for these jitters with food, often times these cravings are for some type of comfort food; something sweet or salty, with empty calories, and in turn gain weight.

The dirty little secret here is that beyond nicotine, cigarettes also contain sugar; as high as 11%.  Quitting cigarettes also means losing those spike increases in your blood glucose level and the corresponding increase in alertness and decrease in hunger.

For this reason many people who turn to these “comfort foods” tend to gain weight. Or in time go back to smoking, if only for something to do with their hands.

The Lab 13 Extra Strong Slim Portion Formula+ SnusThe Lab 13 Extra Strong Slim Portion Formula+ Snus will be available later today or early next week.  

I've known about Lab 13 for a few weeks now but couldn't discuss it.  Nothing much escapes the SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency's (SnusCIA) notice, especially at the Stockholm field office.

Lab 13 is noteworthy for it's flavor profile:  Energy Drink.  This is a first for Swedish Match but since Lab 13 was designed for the Norwegian market, it is not shocking.  The modern Nick and Johnny brand is also very popular in Norway and boasts some pretty unusual flavors.

Since the Lab Series brand; now called The Lab; called by me Lab, was introduced in 2009, it has quickly risen to the 3rd most popular brand of snus in Norway.  In the last year alone, the sales volume of The Lab brand snuses has grown an astonishing 50%!

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