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General Sterk SnusFor those of you who prefer snus with a higher nicotine content (known as Strong, Stark, or Sterk snus), the two most popular brands available to date have been the Nick and Johnny Original or the Skruf Stark. Both come in regular portions although inside sources at both companies tell me a not to be surprised to see White Portions of each in the not too distant future.........


Finland, December 19, 2008

A committee on tobacco policy set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to review a potential reform of the Tobacco Act handed in its report to Minister of Health and Social Services Paula Risikko (National Coalition Party) on Thursday.

The report proposes a number of amendments, including a complete ban on passenger imports of smokeless tobacco or snus.

In order to reduce smoking among young people, the committee also proposed banning the display of tobacco on open shelves, selling tobacco products by vending machines, and criminalising the sale of tobacco to minors. Sponsorship by tobacco companies would also be outlawed.

The proposal for banning snus entirely is a response to Sweden’s failure to prevent the use of smokeless tobacco from spreading, reports Ilkka Oksala from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
”The use of snus has become popular particularly among young people in Finland”, Oksala adds.

The sale of smokeless tobacco is prohibited in all other Union member states with the exception of Sweden and its territorial waters.

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The release this January of the first dissolvable tobacco product by a major company has some public health officials concerned.

"This is a wake-up call for the public health community," says Gregory Connolly of Harvard School of Public Health. "It's a total sea change."

For smokers who can't light up in the office or at a restaurant, a new aspirin-sized tablet, called "Camel Orb," will let tobacco melt in their mouth. The dissolvable product — arriving January in stores in Portland, Ore., Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis — is the first such product by a major tobacco company and is part of a booming market in smokeless alternatives to cigarettes as smoke-free laws sweep the nation.

"It's meeting the needs of smokers," says Rob Dunham, of R.J. Reynolds, maker of Orb and Camel cigarettes. With lozenge-like Orb, he says there's no smoke, no spit, no litter.

In the past two years, the nation's two largest cigarette companies, R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris USA, have moved into the smokeless tobacco market as cigarette sales continue to fall. Each introduced smokeless pouches or "snus, " touted as spit-free products that sit inside the mouth. They also bought smokeless tobacco companies.

"We've been very pleased with the consumer response" to Marlboro Snus, says David Sutton, spokesman of Altria Group, which owns Philip Morris USA. He says smokeless is a "growing category" with sales rising 6%-8% annually. He says cigarette sales are falling 2%-3% each year.

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Tuesday, 02 December 2008 00:00

Sweden Goes After the EU on Snus Ban

Written by

Mr. UNZ and Everyone at welcome this long over-due decision by the Swedish Government.  The EU's hasty and ill-conceived Swedish Snus Ban of 1992 made no logical sense at the time, made less sense as study after study continued to show the reduced harm value of Swedish Snus especially compared to Cigarettes, the import and export of which is not banned in the EU.

This should not be a drawn out process, as mentioned in the Swedish Match Press Release below, but especially in today's tough economic climate world-wide, but a quick and easy reversal.  We wish the Swedish Government the best of luck.

Your Friends and Supporters at &                                                         & Support Swedish Government


Swedish Match welcomes an important step to normalize trade in the EU

Swedish Match welcomes the government’s decision today to start a process aimed at ultimately lifting the ban on the export of Swedish snus to consumers within the European Union.

“The government’s move is an important first step towards the normalization of Sweden’s trade relationship with the rest of the E.U. Swedish Match looks forward to the current ban being replaced by clear product regulation that would allow us to compete with our quality products on the same conditions as other Swedish companies,” said Patrik Hildingsson, Vice President Public Affairs at Swedish Match. He was commenting on the decision by the Swedish Government to ask the EU Commission for a review of the export ban on Swedish snus in the EU.

1847 SnusThis month, I decided to mix things up a little bit. General White Portion has been my snus of choice for quite some time along with Göteborgs Rape'.

Lately, though, I've been finding myself a little bored. Unlike cigarette smokers, where (I at least) pretty much settle on a brand and stay with it for years, snus users have the occasional need to switch off to something new. Then when they ultimately come back to their former favorites, it's a new experience again.

Instead of the General White Portion, I bought a roll of Philip Morris 1847 White Portion (that's right, Philip Morris: makers of Marlboro "snus"...and don't think that didn't make me a little nervous!)


A Camel - It's pretty obvious, isn't it?I was tinkering with The Unloading Zone's underbelly the other day and ran a report on the Keywords that were bringing my readers here. I was Amazed and Saddened by the amount of times "camel snus" came up!

Fellow Swedish Snus Lovers, it worse than you thought out there in America! I googled Camel SNUS and was horrified by the numbers of articles praising it and the incredible amount of misinformation about snus on the internet!

And the comments: They were enough to make you cry. Look at what these misbegotten naive souls are saying about Camel SNUS:

Snus Reviews by Mr. UNZ at SnusCentralHi Swedish Snus Fans!

I'm enjoying a Goteborgs Rape White portion as I write this. So far, it is maintaining its standing as my #1 favorite Swedish Snus. My second choice is still the General white portion, but I'm thinking of experimenting with something new with my next order.

Last order, I tried a can of the Elixyr Power Energy portion. I need that extra kick in the morning with my coffee I used to get from cigarettes and this looked like the most eye-opening snus I've ever seen. It contains strong portion snus which has a higher nicotine level, taurin and caffeine!

Combining this with my morning French Roast coffee, I admit I was a little concerned my heart would explode. I'm happy to report it didn't.

Swedish Snus and Smokeless TobaccoIn my article, "Camel and Marlboro: When it comes to Snus, you LOSE", I described my discovery and love of Swedish Snus. I had tried the General-brand by Swedish Match and loved both the portion pack and the white portion. I figured I was all set: it was just a question of finding the best price and service.

While Google-surfing around in my quest, I came across a small Swedish snus forum that for some reason was closed to new posts but available for reading of the old posts "now that some posts had been removed". Very mysterious. While poking around the forum and reading the various posts, I learned two things new. According to a number of the posters, after a while of using your favorite snus, you get bored with it and need to change for awhile. Then when you come back to your favorite, it will seem fresh and exciting again. And most importantly, watch who you buy from.

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