General Original Portion Snus

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Submitted by: SnusCENTRAL Staff
Manufacturer: Swedish Match
Product Description:

A powerful and elegant portion snus with peppery notes, hints of citrus zest and a balanced tobacco taste. General Portion was released by Swedish Match in 1985.  Quickly delivers the unique General experience both in terms of flavor and aroma.  Suitable for any occasion and all snus lovers.


Snus form: Regular portion snus
Snus content per can: 24 grams
Number of portions per can: 24
Nicotine: 8 mg/portion

Brand: General
Really good snus! 

On 22 Aug 2015, wrote:
General Snus is the only real snus I can buy in American stores. Thank God for General Original Portion and White Portion because they are delicious! If you can't stand wintergreen or mint and want a genuine tobacco taste General Original portion is the snus for you.

On 30 Nov -0001, Stinkypeas wrote:
General is the only Swedish snus i have tried and mini mint has to be the best a total camel frost killer but General portion is very nice with citrusy undertones.

On 30 Nov -0001, wrote:
I tried out some of that General snus. It pisses all over that crap Camel is selling plus they give you more than Camel does and charge $1.50 less than Camel. I going to be a steady customer of the General!

On 30 Nov -0001, Number 2 wrote:
I finished the LD portions a couple weeks ago and just opened up the General Original right now (both citrus pepper flavor btw)
There is absolutely no comparison. General just blows LD out of the water in my opinion.
It actually tastes good and like citrus as apposed to crappy and not like citrus.

On 30 Nov -0001, nanookofeclectic wrote:
To date my favorite is general OP. I like it a little better than the white portions; the flavor comes on a little stronger.

On 30 Nov -0001, enojy wrote:
This is the first snus I fell in love with. I had tried around half a dozen brands (mostly Swedish Match brands) before landing on General, which has been the closest I've come to my perfect snus. The salt and tobacco flavor is rich and everlasting, and the quality of General snus (portion size, amount, condition/damage) is always perfect. No broken portions, no portions splitting apart in the mouth, and I've never had a can of General dry out on me.
However, the pepper notes may be too much for some. As I said earlier, this is only close to my perfect snus. I am not a fan of pepper on my foods, so I am also not a fan of pepper in my snus. I still get a burn in the throat from General due to the pepper. However, it is very subtle, and can be overlooked (until I find something better suited to my palette.) If you are not a fan of pepper as I am not, then you may not enjoy this snus.

On 30 Nov -0001, jaysalti wrote:
Ahhhh.... what to say about General Original? This was my first attempt at a real Swedish snus. Luckily, a somewhat local tobacco shop carries the General line, and I was able to pick up a can to try out. The very first portion placed easily and sat comfortable. The flavor comes on quick and has a rather complex but well developed overall taste with moderate drip (which I like). I did not get an overly strong pepper sense, but definitely placed the bergamot and lovely tobacco and salt. Being that I was/am not experienced in snus (yet), the salt took a little getting used to, but surely does the job of melding the flavors together and enhancing the experience. Now the flavor... it just keeps on keeping on. I love that the General portions I have had (Original and Mini Mint) never seem to run out. Switching sides or a little chew to break it up seems to bring it right back to life for a good two hour session. Original made it easy to throw smokes to side as I am not able to deal with the after taste anymore.
I find the nic hit to be more of a caress. It comes on smoothly and just settles right in. Consistency is a key word for Original. Overall, a great product that exemplifies why General is on top. I can't chain snus Original as the flavor can sit just a little heavy after a while, but definitely a go to portion for me (Got one in right now).
Happy snusing!

On 30 Nov -0001, boston joe wrote:
this was my first step into the world of snus. after trying other snus' with different flavors it kinda fell to the side but i do still pop one in from time to time. has a nice smooth tobacco flavor that i find hard to describe but that could be because my taste buds haven't fully returned yet lol. but still a great snus for beginners and seasoned vets (i think) only 2 week in and waiting on my 2nd order.


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