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Took a quick 6 years off

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1 year 1 month ago #56362 by paulreece42
paulreece42 created the topic: Took a quick 6 years off
Howdy y'all!

Wow, an account from back in the days I wasn't afraid to use my real name on things! Ever since the Justine Sacco twitter incident, can't say I do that anymore :)

I quit smoking with snus somewhere between 6-7 years ago. Went to the doctor, he told me my blood pressure was a bit high as usual and, cancer-causing or not, nicotine wasn't helping.

So, I quit all nicotine. It was awful for 3-4 days, eventually I got over it. My blood pressure stayed the same. But whatever, I'd quit, the PACT act was coming, it was the great recession, and I could use the extra money so I wasn't starting again.

For over 6 years I never touched any tobacco or nicotine product, until a month ago. My girlfriend's been using these sucralose-laced teabags from an American company that say "snus" on it for years - no temptation there. But one day, she had half a pack of cigarettes from someone who decided to quit and was smoking one. Even before I ever smoked, I've loved the smell of a lit cigarette. I figured, heck, it's been almost 7 years, it won't hurt if I smoke just one!

Ahh, nicotine. Glorious, fabulous nicotine. I felt it rush over me, tingling right down to my fingers and toes in a deep wave of lightheaded satisfaction. Then the mental buzz came, like caffeine, but better. I was in heaven. Nicotine always was "my drug", more than alcohol, or caffeine, or anything else.

The next day, of course, I found myself with my own pack. I'd just smoke one here and there, right?

Right. It's almost a whole week before I'm back up to a pack a day, and coughing my lungs out. This goes on for a few weeks.

Until one day...

Text message from the gf: "Hey, can you pick me up a tin of snus on your way home?"

I walk into the gas station "Hello, **cough**, sorry tin of uhh... Frost Snus, I think"

The attendant looked confused, she was clearly new "Oh, that s'nuss stuff? I think I saw it over here in this little refrigerator. General or something?"

My eyes hit real snus for the first time in eons, my jaw dropped, and a life all but forgotten came flashing back to me. "What!? Heck yeah! ...Oh, and that stuff in the oblong tin next to the cigarettes, too!"

I ripped it open, smelled the sweet bergamot and tobacco, popped it in and felt the salty tingle. The next morning I woke up and my hair and pillow didn't smell like an ashtray for the first time in a month. My cough is going away.

It's good to be back.

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1 year 1 month ago #56363 by LarryWaters
LarryWaters replied the topic: Took a quick 6 years off
Welcome back, Paul! You've been missed. :-)

Larry Waters
Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States

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