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I know this is wrong stop to post as I'm still figuring this posting all out. First I'd like to tell everyone here I was able to quit Copenhagen Longcut Straight after 8 years buying a can of General White, I never dipped again. That was 2.5 months ago and have fell madly in love with Swedish SNUS only second to my kids and wife. So thank all of you for somehow getting me to find Snuscentral. I'm so great full that we in the US have 3 Swedish Snuses to buy but I'm so god blessed to find out about all of you and that we can but the flavors, brands we really love on here threw Snuscentral threw Sweden. I watch all the reviews to help me decided and I gotta give a shout out to Matt as imo he is the best SNUS reviewer in all of YouTube land and Matt I mean that and enjoy the trips you and your lovely wife take on vmV log. From the men n woman who run Snuscentral to everyone giving the reviews to the can designers and SNUS makers and all the supporters and fans, I thank each and every one one you personally. I thank you all for keeping me updated on news and merchandise new products and I could go on like Bret Farce at HOF. I worked at Constalation Brands the biggest winery in Anerica so I know how hoar every1 works and w-out us customers to SNUS Aus be sold. Let make it all our goal to saturate the American tobacco I biz with Swedish SNUS and out cigs dip cigars all out of buz and raise a Snuscentral flag in victory and pop on a few XR STRONG DLIM EHITES OR XR RAPE MY FAVORITE ID ALL (sorryOnyx) and enjoy the summer. Thank you all God bless and keep SNUSEN 24/7. #SNUSUP